12 Best Redguard Mods in Skyrim

The people of Hammerfell are some of the best warriors in all of Tamriel. But Skyrim doesn’t seem to honour their greatness in the right way.

Yes, you can make a Redguard character that is badass. But for a game of this size, there isn’t a lot to do in it.

If you play Skyrim on a PC, however, things are very different.

With these mods, playing as a Redguard will be more immersive than ever. You’ll feel more like a warrior who doesn’t bow to anyone.

12. Gray Cowl of Nocturnal Alikr Flora Overhaul

The town (really an Imperial colony) was being baked in the sun, and I noticed this after completing the mod’s main quest. That’s a lethal amount of heat to be immersed in here.

I started up CK and gathered some of GKB’s tree resources.

Thus, I have planted a lot of vegetation in and around the colony, as well as in the various oasis found throughout the desert. In the same way that Skyrim Flora Overhaul improved the rest of the game.

Since this is still a work in progress, I need to locate additional areas where I can plant additional palms. The Mummy Returns fans might also appreciate the little details I worked into Mora Sul’s Oasis.

11. Tentapalooza for Campfire

Campfire-related accessories, including player tents, furniture, storage, follower tents, and pet beds, all with a specific theme.

Vampires, shamans, and relic hunters can all find something to their liking here.

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10. Azarik

Redguards are some of the best fighters in the game, so no one should be against having one as a companion.

This friend is a skilled barbarian named Azarik who is very good at using two-handed weapons and bows… He has a lot of weapons, and with them he can beat up any enemy.

Just go to The Winking Skeever in Solitude and ask for his help. Your enemies will vanish as if they had never been there.

Probably one of the best followers you could install that had been changed.

9. Forge of Warriors – Redguard Weapon Boost

If getting a Redguard to join you on your quest isn’t enough, why not become one yourself?

Redguard Weapon Boost adds four new custom weapons that are made from scratch and fit in with the story.

And since we’re staying within the canon, you can only make them if your character is a Redguard.

This is how life works: to get something, you have to give something else up…

8. Hammerfell Bandits

A change in appearance and armour can do a lot to make a group feel new again.

The Hammerfell Bandits mod adds more than 100 new Redguard mercenaries, all of whom have unique armour that doesn’t look like anything else in the game.

The mod also adds three new outfits that can be made and a new scimitar for when you get tired of just looking at shiny new things and want to do something.

7. Shandar

What a Redguard does in his life doesn’t really matter.

Leader or follower, they are always real badasses.

Shandar, a modded Redguard follower with unique gear and 2K resolution textures that make him look so badass that bandits and other bad guys would rather stay poor than fight him in battle, proves this even more.

6. Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

Gray Cowl of Nocturnal is about more than just the Redguards.

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But you should play it no matter what, because you probably won’t find a better modded quest than this one.

It’s hard to say why you should download and play this new adventure without giving away a lot, so just take my word for it: it’ll keep you busy.

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal is as big as any of the game’s DLC, and the way it fits into the story of the series is so clever that you’ll want more from this great modder.

5. Farinelli’s Hammerfell Armory

You need a trip to the armoury to make your Redguard adventures in Skyrim feel new and exciting again.

The Hammerfell Armory mod by Farinelli is great.

It brings together all of Farinelli’s Redguard item mods and makes a few changes to make them fit in better with the rest of the game.

I think that this is a must-have download for any Redguard game.

4. Realistic Redguard

Redguards in Skyrim look like they should. But only if we’re talking about characters that the player makes and controls.

The NPCs are not very good.

With the Realistic Redguard mod, the NPC Redguards look more like real Redguards and less like the other races in the game.

The mod doesn’t have any effect on female characters, which is a shame.

But this is because women don’t look very good in Hammerfell clothes.

Don’t blame the modders, blame the people who made the game.

3. House of the Redguard

Adding new sets of weapons and armour for the Redguard isn’t enough to make the game truly immersive.

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You’re missing something. The same as a custom house!

The House of the Redguard is another important mod to try if you’re playing a Redguard character, since it gives you a home with a lot of details.

And it has unique buildings and items that will make you feel like you are part of one of the oldest races in all of Tamriel.

2. Warmonger Armory

Warmonger Armory is a great mod, and not just for Redguards. It’s a great mod in general, no matter what character you play.

The main goal of this mod is to add new Armor, Weapons, and Clothes that fit with the series’ classic archetypes and fit in well with the story.

I say that if you want to save the world, you should always look your best.

1. The Redguard Expansion – Prologue – Exotic DLC

Skyrim is not getting more DLC. You might be a sad Redguard because of that, eh?

Don’t worry, fellow warrior: modders will take care of you.

This Redguard Expansion DLC is a new adventure that takes place on a group of tropical islands called “The Chain.”

You can find new items, quests, NPCs, and more on these islands, just like you would expect from any official DLC. There’s a lot to discover and a lot to love.

You should get this mod right away and look through it to see what you can find. Even if you’re not playing a Redguard character, you might want to try this one.

There’s something for everyone on The Chain.