15 Best Conjuration Spells in Skyrim

Since the beginning of the game, conjurable entities have been in Skyrim, and numerous mods have added to this.

However, Skyrim already contains a wide variety of Conjuration Spells, and players will come across opponents throughout the game who were created via Conjuration spells.

The following foes are some of the toughest ones the Dragonborn will encounter in Skyrim, and some of them have prerequisites before summoning.

Because they can constantly reappear after being defeated, conjurable entities can be among the most terrifying monsters in the franchise. These are Skyrim’s top summons.

Fans and new players alike are constantly searching for the best ways to play because Skyrim’s popularity is still growing ten years later.

We’re here to select the greatest options, whether you’re looking for the best spells overall, the best summons in the game, or the strongest Atronach to bring.

15. Create an Ash Guardian

Conjuration Spells

Ash Guardians are stationary turrets with powerful ash-related attacks. These Ash Guardians are capable of annihilating foes at close quarters or melee opponents.

Keep in mind that the Ash Guardian needs a Heart Stone to become friendly with you. But even with a Heart Stone, it can be called out in the middle of a battle and be a great diversion.

This weapon does not count towards your summoning allotment because it is connected to a rune.

In general, this late-game Conjuration spell is a reliable way to deal extra damage in a close-quarters battle.

14. Bound Sword

This clever spell summons the Daedric Sword’s ethereal manifestation. It requires 93 magicka to cast and deals 9 basic damage.

Not bad for a conjuration spell of beginner level! Although the spell only lasts for 120 seconds, it will cause you to sheathe your sword.

This spell can be purchased for 49 gold from any court wizard, although it can also frequently be found in treasure boxes and on enemy mages.

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13. evoke the familiar

Another inexperienced spell will conjure an ethereal wolf for you to fight for 60 seconds. You can cast the spell anywhere, and the familiar will show up.

Casting the spell requires 107 magicka. The cost of this spell is 49 gold, which you can pay to any of the court wizards.

You will begin with this spell if you are a Breton in Skyrim.

12. Flame Atronach

The Flame Atronach, the first of our apprentice-level conjuration spells, has a health of 200 and requires 150 magicka to cast. It is resistant to fire, such as Fireball, as you might anticipate.

The spell has a 60-second duration, and if it isn’t slain before then, it will explode, inflicting fire damage on everyone in its radius, including you.

You can buy this spell tome from any of the court wizards for 99 gold.

11. Soul Trap

A spell called soul trap is helpful for two reasons. For those of you who don’t know, Soul Trap entraps souls in a soul gem.

Then, a soul gem can be used to recharge existing enchanted weapons or to enchant weapons and armor at an arcane enchanter.

This is especially useful if you require a black soul gem to rid yourself of your vampire tendencies.

You need a large enough empty soul gem in order to employ soul trap. You cast soul trap on your target, and before the spell’s durational effect expired, you killed it.

If you’ve been successful, a confirmation message will appear on the screen.

Soul Trap may be purchased from court wizards for 100 gold and requires 100 magicka to perform.

10. Call Arvak

You can only use this spell if you own the Dawnguard DLC, which you can get as a prize for discovering Arvak’s Skull in the Soul Cairn.

Casting this spell will cost 136 magicka and call forth the undead steed Arvak. If you ride him and stay on, it will last permanently instead of for 60 seconds.

9. Bound Bow

The bound bow spell summons an ethereal Daedric Bow with 100 arrows, similar to the bound sword. This spell cost 206 magicka to cast, and the damage rating of the arrows is 24.

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Sheathing it will disperse it, or it will vanish after 120 seconds, just like the bound sword.

Most court mages will sell you this spell for 335 gold. Additionally, this is concealed beneath a lamp in the northwest corner of Fort Amol (northeast of Ivarstead).

8. Make Frost Atronach appear

As a spell of adept level, the Frost Atronach is superior to the Flame Atronach. It lasts for 120 seconds and requires 214 magicka to cast.

It will have a health of 667 and detonate inflicting frost damage if it expires before the end of the 120 seconds.

The magic tome costs 347 gold and is available from Phinis Gestor at the College of Winterhold. A conjuration level of 40 is required.

7. Dremora Lord

The Dremora Lord is perhaps one of the greatest spells in Skyrim, and it makes for a useful sidekick in battles. Casting this expert-level spell requires 358 magicka.

The Dremora Lord will be equipped with thick armor, a Daedric greatsword, and have a health value of 345. It can compete with a Draugr Deathlord.

The spell tome is available from Phinis Gestor at the College of Winterhold for 1900 gold. You must have a conjuration skill of at least 65.

6. Make a Storm Atronach.

The Storm Atronach is an expert-level spell that is more potent than Flame and Frost. Casting the spell costs 322 magicka and lasts for 120 seconds.

It will burst with storm damage if it is slain before the 120 seconds are over.

Storm Atronachs employ Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning and have 241 Health, 197 Magicka, and 147 Stamina.

If you have a Conjuration skill of 65 or higher, you can purchase a spell tome from Phinis Gestor at the College of Winterhold for 1900 gold.

5. Fearful Zombie

Phinis Gestor at the College of Winterhold can sell you this expert-level spell for 630.

The powerful dead body is brought back to life for 60 seconds with a spell that costs 302 magicka to perform. It will then convert into blue dust.

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4. Daedra

This expert-level spell has the ability to drive away conjurations. It costs 215 magicka to cast and has a 20% success rate.

The conjuration will suffer 40 damage and become staggered if the spell fails.

For 620 gold, you must reach conjuration level 70 in order to buy this from Phinis Gestor in the College of Winterhold.

3. Dead Thrall

Similar to the Dread Zombie magic, this master-level spell permanently brought a dead body back to life. As long as they aren’t killed or banished, they will fight for you and defend you.

These thralls can be reanimated after they pass away since they won’t transform to blue dust. Casting the spell costs 618 magicka.

The following are a few of the top thralls who excel in combat:





Lort Sild

the Warlock



To be able to acquire the spell from Phinis Gestor for 1270 gold, you must successfully finish the Conjuration Ritual Spell.

2. Conjuration Ritual Spell

As soon as you reach level 90 in this talent, you can begin the Conjuration Ritual Spell.

To begin this quest, you must talk with Phinis Gestor.

He can be found on the bottom floor of the Hall of Countenance in bed between the hours of midnight and seven in the morning.

You may find him at the Arcanaeum starting around midday.

1. The Phinis Gestor

After some conversation, he will show you how to cast the spell Summon Unbound Dremora, which you must then cast from the roof of the Hall of Attainment.

The fact that you then have to defeat this Dremora again shows that nothing in Skyrim is ever that simple.

It may be defeated most effectively using shock damage or by deploying a follower to divert its attention while you take it out from a distance.

Making it submit will get you a Sigil Stone, which you should present to Gestor.

You will receive the Flame Thrall tome as payment from him, after which you can buy the other 3 master conjuration tomes.