15 Most Badass Armor Mods For Skyrim

Many games get people interested by making it sound like they can do almost anything.

In other words, they don’t just give you fantasy worlds to get lost in. They also give you the chance to be a badass hero in these uncharted places.

Skyrim is known for how easy it is to become a powerful badass if you put in the time.

You can also ask some mods to help you with the process.

So let’s take your coolness to the next level with these amazing handmade armor sets that are based on the story of the Dragonborn.

15. Alfheim Knights

Most Badass Armor Mods For Skyrim

Skyrim is still one of the most popular games to play, and Elves are still one of the most popular races to play as in the game.

But the elf gear in the base game leaves a lot to be desired, and none of them stand out as being especially good and worth buying.

This is fixed by the Alfheim Knights mod, which adds new Elven armor sets and weapons that are both beautiful and safe.

All of these new sets of armor can be made with Elven smithing, and the hardest part of this mod will be deciding which set you like best.

14. Ritual Armor Of Boethiah

Skyrim has many quests you can do to gain unique items and armor. The Daedric Prince of lies and betrayal gives one of these suits of armor.

Even though the base game armor you get when you finish the quest Boethiah’s Calling is amazing, we dare say that this armor mod is even better.

According to lore, this set of armor was made by cultists of the dark Daedra, and only the Champion of Boethiah can make it.

Ritual Armor can be made in the Sacellum of Boethiah after you become the Daedra’s Champion. It can’t be upgraded, can be enchanted, and can be worn by both male and female characters.

13. Armor Of Intrigue

The Armor of Intrigue is one of the most detailed and adjustable armor sets on the Nexus. You can change it to fit your play style better.

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This mod adds the basic armor, bags, pouches, daggers, potions, lockpicking tools, and five different kinds of satchels that you can make. Every piece adds something useful, and nothing is just there for looks.

Even though this armor mod is only for male characters, it can be one of the best armor mods to download, and it might even make you want to play as a male character if you haven’t before.

12. DreamBurrows Regal Assassin Armor

If you really want to look like a scary assassin, this is one of the best armor mods you can get.

All you have to do to use this mod as a retexture of NoseGoblin’s Assassins, Rangers, and Thieves gear is install it.

This set was made to look like the classic armor from some of the Assassin’s Creed. Its gilded design makes you feel like the real boss of the Dark Brotherhood.

11. Warchief Armor

The Warchief Armor mod adds a full set of armor that fits right in with vanilla choices, even though it is a mix of Orcish, Nord, and Tribal armor.

This armor set is perfect for players who want to live out their dreams of being a fierce barbarian marauder king. It comes in light and heavy versions for both male and female characters.

10. Stormlord Armor

Armor in Skyrim tends to have a dark and gritty edge, that almost lets you feel how cold they must be just by looking at them.

Well this Stormlord Armor by Christian Paskota achieves the same kind of chilly appeal, with dark metal and subdued dyes.

It looks like something ancient Stark lords would wear in Game of Thrones – or what I would expect a Nord king like Ulfric would wear to battle against the Empire.

With this armor on, the large pauldrons give you a buff look, regardless of your actual size.

It projects the might and authority of a bear, and it’s undeniably badass.

9. Klear – Odin Valhalla Rising Rogue

If you’re not afraid to step away from Skyrim’s familiar style, consider this gorgeous divine warrior armor by Klear.

The Odin Valhalla Rising Rogue armor combines a roguish style with materials and grandeur worthy of the Norse pantheon.

Plus this outfit can be worn in different ways for different effects.

Whereas the full suit looks decidedly mystical and almost alien, take away the helmet and the armored boots, and you’re looking like a powerful witch.

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Who says you can’t be sexy and badass at the same time?

8. Black Sacrament Armor

Another excellent option for badass roguish women is the Black Sacrament Armor by AmethystDeceiver.

This skin-tight cuirass protects the wearer without restricting movement.

Plus the optional hood and mask can hide your identity and help you overcome nasty weathers like blizzards or sandstorms.

Once you’ve put this armor together, it’ll be the only one you want to wear – but first, you’ll have to retrieve each part from different areas of the map, all protected by powerful creatures.

Can’t be a badass if you don’t earn it!

7. Imperial Tribune Armor

Imperial loyalists among you will love the Imperial Tribune Armor – a flashy and gloriously ornamented high-ranking military armor the Romans would be proud of.

The high-quality materials, rich red dyes, and detailed adornments project an image of a wealthy nation – and power doesn’t get more explicit than an eight-pack sculpted onto your chest piece.

Creator Gypsymama included heavy and light armor versions to accommodate a broader range of playstyles.

6. Wind Ruler Armor

Dark Souls veterans or Elden Ring hypebeasts will love 4thUnknown’s Wind Ruler Armor.

It’s an ancient-looking set fit for a mighty knight from a fading era.

The full-face cover, curly horns, and the white hair flowing from the helmet into a braid give it a mysterious and almost surreal aura.

You also get a badass sword with obscure markings on the blade – surely in the language of a forgotten culture.

I’d imagine this would pair nicely with some other Dark Souls-esque mods.

But you can also check out the HDT SMP Patch to give every little string of tattered cloth (and your magnificent braid) physics-based movement that’ll make you look next-gen as hell.

5. Alternate Daedric Armor

Say what you will about dealing with Daedra – but if there’s one thing you can expect from most Daedric lords, it’s unbridled badassery.

This also applies to Daedra-related items like the Masque of Molag Bal or the vanilla Daedric armor set.

But mods exist to take everything one step further, and 4thUnknown’s alternate Daedric Armor turns the badassery up to eleven when it comes to sinister Daedra champion gear.

The mod also changes the look of the two-handed sword and dagger of the Daedric set to match the new armor.

4. Kynreeve Armor

Another decidedly cool take on the Daedric concept is the Kynreeve Armor – created for the classic custom Dremora follower, Kynreeve Kahl.

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This plated armor gives the wearer a full-metal look that feels futuristic, despite featuring lore-friendly materials and crafting styles.

Any character wearing this alternate Daedric armor has the menacing aura of a scorpion, and an outer shell like a turtle’s.

Modder Elleh made this available in light and heavy armor versions, though it’s human male-only.

But you can find a version with female support right here.

3. Armors of the Velothi

I’m a sucker for weird armor.

It’s easy to look cool with a glistening silver plate, rich colors, and pointy horns on your helmet – but it takes courage to try something new.

Armors of the Velothi by Pulcharmsolis lets us explore the culture of the Velothi Mountains just north of Riften, a region inhabited by the direct descendants of the ancient Chimer.

The mod includes 8 new Velothi armors that bring the aesthetic sensibilities of Morrowind into Skyrim.

These armors are inspired by insects, which looks alien in Skyrim, but makes a lot of sense in the strange land the Dunmer call home.

Tap into your enemies’ fear of the unknown with these exotic fits.

2. Archmage Khadgar’s Robes

Until now, most of the armor sets we’ve featured were meant for close-quarters melee combat.

While magic users are in no way obligated to forego the protection of plate and chain mail in favor of delicate robes, some of you might want something that makes your magic proficiency evident.

Archmage Khadgar’s Robes are perfect for masters of Magicka who’ve already claimed fame and respect from the College of Winterhold and seek to prove themselves in more dangerous adventures.

This set comes in both “Armored” (light armor) and “Mage Friendly” (cloth) versions.

So you can choose which one works better with your specific perks.

1. King Crusader Mega Pack

Rounding out our list here sits a menacing suit of armor fit for a Demon Lord – a spiky and somber dark Templar outfit complete with a crown of thorns.

Fans of LotR might find it familiar – and that’s because it looks an awful lot like the Witch-king of Angmar’s armor.

Initially, I thought it couldn’t get any more badass than this.

Then I found these Heavy War Regalia accessories for the King Crusader armor.

But in addition to looking immensely powerful, this King Crusader Modpack also grants you a new spell with the ominously biblical name of “Locust Storm”, and several blades matching the style of your new threads.