Where Do You Farm Ebony Ore in Skyrim?

There are 16 Ebony Ore sources in the Gloombound Mine in the Orc Stronghold of Narzulbur.

This is the best place to farm Ebony Ore in the game.

Then, you can use these ores to make 48 Ebony Ingots, which are needed to make an entire set of Ebony Armor.

But let’s look at how to get to this mine and how to farm these for yourself.

How To Get To Gloombound Mine?

Gloombound Mine is southeast of Windhelm in the snowy mountains, in the orc capital of Narzulbur.

You can go straight through the gate into the stronghold and ignore the orcs who say “you’re not welcome” in their stronghold.

Keep going south of the complex and cross the wooden bridge.

Then, take the path on your left to get to the opening to the mine. Inside, there will be two ways to go: straight ahead and to the left.

You can dig a single ebony vein to the right.

The road to the left leads to a vein of iron ore and three veins of ebony ore.

If you keep going straight, you’ll reach a ramp and then a road on the right. You can follow that path all the way to the end of the ramp, where there are two more ebony ore lines on your left.

Note: If you go all the way to the top of the ramp (as shown in the picture above), there is a small path to the right that leads to a dead-end tunnel. After you turn right from the ramp, you’ll see one run of ebony ore on the ground.

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So you can go straight to the dead end, where there is one iron ore vein and two ebony ore veins, or you can turn right and follow another path with wooden planks.

On this path, there will be one ebony ore vein before a right turn. If you take the right turn, you’ll find another ebony ore vein on the wall after this part.

At the end of the mine, you can find five streams of ebony ore. It can take a while to get this deep, so it’s a good idea to figure out ahead of time how much ore you’ll need.

And be careful as you get closer to this part (shown above) at the end of mine.

If you aren’t careful, the floor will cave in here, and you could fall through to the first floor.

Is There Another Way To Get Ebony Ore?

Deep in Dwarven Ruins, you can find ebony ore veins, but these tunnels are usually long and full of strong enemies, so Gloombound Mine is a much better place to farm.

If you’ve used up all the ore veins and cleaned out the mine, the veins will come back after 30 days.

Also, once you reach level 27, you’ll start to see ebony ore at blacksmiths, and once you reach level 14, you’ll start to see it at general goods stores.


What is Ebony Ore used for in Skyrim?

Ebony Ore is a valuable and rare mineral used primarily in blacksmithing. It is required to craft high-level weapons, armor, and other ebony-based items. Ebony weapons and armor are known for their exceptional durability and high damage or protection values.

Are there any quests or activities related to Ebony Ore?

There are no specific quests directly related to Ebony Ore in Skyrim. However, acquiring Ebony Ore and crafting ebony equipment can be a personal objective for players focused on blacksmithing or wanting to acquire powerful gear.

Can Ebony Ore be smelted into ingots?

Yes, Ebony Ore can be smelted into Ebony Ingots at a smelter. Smelters can be found in various locations across Skyrim, including major cities and some mines. Smelting Ebony Ore into ingots is necessary to use it in blacksmithing recipes.

Can Ebony Ore be sold for a high price?

Yes, Ebony Ore is quite valuable, and you can sell it for a significant amount of gold. Blacksmiths, general goods merchants, and some specialized traders like blacksmithing trainers will buy Ebony Ore from you. However, it’s worth considering if you want to use the Ebony Ore to craft powerful equipment instead of selling it.