8 Best Sapphire Mods for Skyrim

Traditional Skyrim wife choices like Ysolda or even Lydia are easy to fall in love with.

But after a few times, you start to want to meet other people.

Sapphire, a Nord in the Thieves Guild, is one of the most interesting women in Skyrim. She has a tough attitude and a negative view of life because she had a hard childhood.

Everyone has problems in Skyrim, but Sapphire has had it the worst. She was born into poverty, taken by bandits when she was young, and tortured while in their “care” until she cut their throats and joined the Dark Brotherhood.

She no longer plays with the DB. But Sapphire is the only person in Skyrim who will understand what it’s like to be a part of both the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild.

Let’s look at some mods that can help your new friendship or relationship with Sapphire go more easily.

8. Sapphire Circlet

Sapphire Mods

This mod, known as “Archmage’s Circlet,” introduces a new item to the game: a circlet that grants archmage enchantments.

This special circlet can be purchased from a trader in Whiterun, one of the major cities in the game.

The circlet provides enchantments that are typically associated with the title of an archmage, such as enhanced magical abilities, increased spellcasting effectiveness, or unique magical bonuses.

By wearing this circlet, your character gains the benefits of being an archmage, allowing for more powerful and versatile magic usage.

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It offers an additional option for players who enjoy playing as magic-focused characters and want to further enhance their magical capabilities in the game.

7. Sapphire Standalone Follower

This mod, called “Standalone Follower Customizer,” allows you to create a unique follower based on your personal character.

It provides a standalone companion that you can customize to resemble your own character’s appearance, abilities, and playstyle.

The mod offers various options for customization, including selecting the follower’s race, appearance, skills, and even their dialogue.

It allows you to have a personalized companion who closely resembles your character, adding an extra level of immersion and connection to your adventures in the game.

6. Sapphire Castle -SE by LGG

This mod is called “Elegant Whiterun Base” and it provides a more refined and spacious home for both the player and their followers in the Whiterun area of the game.

The mod enhances the existing base and makes it more aesthetically pleasing with elegant furnishings and decorations.

It also expands the available space, allowing for greater customization and personalization.

Overall, the mod aims to create a more luxurious and comfortable living environment for the player and their followers near Whiterun.

5. Sapphire Revamped (LE)

Sapphire is a beautiful woman, no doubt. It’s one thing that makes her stand out in the Thieves Guild. But that’s just plain Skyrim talk.

If you want Sapphire to be really pretty and not just “the best of the bunch,” you need a makeover like Choco2114’s Sapphire Revamped.

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With this mod, the Nord thief gets a sculpted SevenBase body and a more polished face.

Her lips are full and inviting, and her bright blue eyes will make you feel like you’re in a trance as she stealthily takes your wallet out of your pocket.

4. Marriageable Sapphire (LE)

After spending some time with Sapphire, maybe going on a few missions, and listening to her tragic backstory, it’s easy to fall in love with this jaded gal.

I mean, it’s not like your relationship with the vanilla marriage partners is all that deep, right?

Sapphire prefers to remain single in vanilla Skyrim, but Marriageable Sapphire by Killumati will help you change her mind.

Once installed, Sapphire will be happy to join her life to yours – and she’ll fight to the death to protect you.

3. Nether’s Follower Framework

Marriageable Sapphire is quite useful, but it only works in Legendary Edition.

If you’re playing Skyrim Special Edition like most people, you’ll need something like Nether’s Follower Framework.

This mod greatly expands follower functionality, allowing you to have up to 10 companions at a time and giving them a lot more autonomy.

They’ll walk around places, use crafting stations, and order drinks at bars.

It also makes Thieves Guild members recruitable as followers and lets you marry them – effectively making Sapphire an eligible partner for the Dragonborn.

2. Diversity – A Character Overhaul

Skyrim has many character overhauls, but Pat Mahoney’s Diversity remains one of my favorites, thanks to its natural-looking faces.

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Instead of making everyone into a supermodel, this mod respects the Skyrim way of life. NPCs have scars, dirt, and wrinkles, but they look more like real human beings, with more believable proportions and less unnecessary ugliness.

One of the most significant changes for Sapphire is how this mod brings some color to her face.

She looks healthier, her lips don’t look sickly white, and she now wears dark warpaint around her eyes, which helps keep her identity hidden while wearing a mask.

1. Bijin NPCs

If you don’t care that much about characters looking realistic and just want a beautiful lady thief, Bijin NPCs is the way to go.

While most characters look like movie stars in Rxkx2’s Bijin series, Sapphire keeps a down-to-earth look – that of a hard-working woman who’s just a little bit tired of the fight for survival.

Still, business has been good. And she now finds the time to do her makeup before showing up at the Ragged Flagon. The Skeleton Key must be doing its work!

This mod also embellishes Vex, Karliah, and 11 other NPCs not exclusive to the Thieves Guild.