11 Best Uthgerd the Unbroken Mods For Skyrim

It could have happened at the Bannered Mare, in Whiterun’s streets, or by the stables.

No matter what happened, it’s likely that you’ve fought with Uthgerd the Unbroken.

The only reason I made it through the first time was that I had a Healing spell and a lot of Potions of Minor Healing before I ran into Uthgerd.

Since then, I’ve been ready before talking to the grizzled Nord fighter, who went on to become one of my favorite followers.

Uthgerd is a fierce fighter who is good with one-handed weapons and dangerous with a bow. He is also a good choice for a wife.

But a fighter never stops getting better. And changes can help Uthgerd be as good as she can be.

11. Uthgerd Face Changes

Uthgerd the Unbroken

This mod changes the appearance of Uthgerd the Unbroken in Skyrim to make her look younger and more attractive.

If you also want her to be able to commit crimes with you without reporting you to the guards, you can check out the author’s other mod, Uthgerd Updates, which includes this mod and additional changes to her morality.

10. Uthgerd the Unbroken

This mod is a visual overhaul for the NPC/Follower named Uthgerd the Unbroken in the game Skyrim.

It changes her appearance, including her face and body, but does not affect her armor, shield, or sword. The mod fixes a bug that caused her to appear with a black face.

9. Esl pretty redhead follower or Iona Uthgerd Sofia Lydia Serana replacer

This mod is a customization option for a character’s appearance in a video game. It adds a new preset face, which features a redheaded character named Ginger.

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The mod can either replace an existing character’s appearance with Ginger’s, or allow the player to use Ginger’s appearance as a follower character.

Additionally, the face preset is designed with high levels of detail, or “poly,” which means it will look more realistic and complex than other character models in the game.

8. Uthgerd the Buddy

Uthgerd is a fantastic travel companion, but getting her to follow you can be a tall order for a mage, a rogue, or any other character type who’d suck at bare-handed combat.

Generally, you can get around it one way or another, but it can break your immersion.

These “squishy” characters would benefit the most from a stalwart protector like Uthgerd, so a mod like Rjinthematrix’s Uthgerd the Buddy is a must for anyone planning a long-ranged/magic playthrough.

This mod simply skips the brawl, making Uthgerd a potential follower from the beginning. Just imagine she’s your pen-pal or something!

7. Uthgerd the Criminal

The one reason you might prefer to travel with Lydia rather than Uthgerd – other than the apparent age difference – is how ridiculously loyal Lydia is.

Uthgerd, on the other hand, will turn on you at the first sign of violence toward innocents and other illegal behavior.

The Uthgerd Updates mod by SterkOks is an easy way to brainwash Uthgerd into abiding by your less-than-virtuous moral compass.

Uthgerd may be an honorable warrior, but she’s also human.

Maybe you gave her some cash on the side. Or perhaps she’s in love with you.

Either way, she won’t immediately attack you the next time you accidentally steal a Rabbit Haunch.

6. Uthgerd Refreshed

I understand the people who overlook Uthgerd as a potential travel companion because of her age.

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She could pull a muscle in her lower back from the weight of the armor.

And what if she forgets we’re allies next time she gets up in the morning and decides to kill me?

Uthgerd Refreshed by Roniellio helps clear your doubts about this experienced swordswoman by tampering with the space-time continuum and bringing back a younger Uthgerd.

The mod also makes her essential, better at sneaking, and fixes her combat stats to match her equipment. Specifically it makes her good with two-handed weapons rather than one-handed.

5. Chao’s Good-Looking Uthgerd (LE)

I respect Uthgerd too much to call her ugly.

But most of us wouldn’t approach her looking for love at the Bannered Mare.

Chao’s Good-Looking Uthgerd changes this unfortunate reality by transforming this brawl-loving lady into the quintessential Nord bombshell.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also gives her the skimpiest steel armor that Skyrim has ever seen.

This new-and-improved Uthgerd also had her one-handed/two-handed confusion fixed for better immersion.

Get this mod and turn Uthgerd into a young adventurer fledgling who’s just been rejected from the Companions, rather than the bitter old woman we get in vanilla Skyrim.

4. Maximillian’s Uthgerd

Another solid mod to make this mighty follower just a little bit better-looking without losing her scars or hair color is MaximillianPs’s Uthgerd.

MaximillianPs cites his inspiration for this mod to be Uthgerd’s Italian voice-actress, who sounds fairly younger than vanilla Uthgerd looks. For him, it’s just fixing an immersion issue for Italian players.

To be honest, she even looks a bit Italian, though that might be my brain playing tricks on me.

3. Younger Uthgerd

Now if you want to take Uthgerd’s youth to the extreme, you can’t go wrong with Younger Uthgerd by Cicada3301.

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This version of Uthgerd is just too cute to be true.

Her facial features have been changed to give her baby-smooth skin, delicate features, and the tiniest mouth. She really looks like she just turned 18 and decided to explore her newfound independence by becoming an adventurer.

Uthgerd the Unbroken?

More like Uthgerd the Spring Breaker!

Make sure you have Bijin Skin and CBBE installed for the best results.

2. Pandorable’s Warrior Women

Creator Pandorable is known for beautifying almost every character in Skyrim, and for some famous modded followers like Sofia and Kaidan.

Of course, Uthgerd couldn’t be left out.

The Warrior Women pack overhauls Uthgerd and Mjoll, making them both look just a little bit like Fox News anchors.

The mod includes versions with and without wrinkles for both ladies, but it definitely works best with the wrinkles.

It gives Uthgerd the look of a 40-something gym mom who knows who she is and how much she can bench-press. And that’s the kind of energy you need in your staunchest protector.

1. Bijin Warmaidens

But the best thing you can do for Uthgerd and most other warrior ladies in Skyrim is installing Bijin Warmaidens by Rxkx22.

In Japanese, “Bijin” means something like “beautiful person”.

This mod honors its namesake by beautifying 22 dangerous women, including Lydia, Aela, Adelaisa, and Uthgerd.

This is by far the most appropriate overhaul for Uthgerd’s appearance, making her as attractive as a Hollywood actress without taking away her warrior’s gaze.

It’s like a younger Sandra Bullock playing Uthgerd the Unbroken.