12 Best Dark Souls-Themed Skyrim Mods

No one needs to be told about the Dark Souls series.

Demon’s Souls was the first of these games, but Dark Souls, its sequels, and the amazing Bloodborne took them to the top of the video game world.

And players finally got used to how hard these games were.

Skyrim doesn’t have much in common with most Souls games in terms of how it’s played (outside the fantasy settings). But that’s only true if you stop at the vanilla game.

With these mods, you can turn Skyrim into a world where Dark Souls and other games meet. Even the smallest skeletons could be dangerous in this place.

12. Great Axe

Dark Souls-Themed

Players should not be fooled by the common appearance of the Great Axe. Despite its utterly unmemorable design, it is a powerhouse of damage output with light stamina depletion.

Indeed, when it is scaled and upgraded, the Great Axe is capable of as much damage as one of the so-called legendary axes in the game, all while requiring less stamina to wield.

These axes can be found dropped by Axe Soldiers at the Gates of Boletaria and as hidden loot in the Smithing Grounds and Tunnel City.

For players new to Souls games or Demon’s Souls in particular, the Great Axe is an essential component to success in the early stages and scales well with the player throughout the game.

11. Penetrating Sword

As the weapon of choice for the ultra-challenging Penetrator boss, fans of Demon’s Souls undoubtedly understand how devastating this versatile blade can be.

Featuring a balanced weight-to-damage ratio, the Penetrating Sword’s great strength resides in unique features as a medieval Demon’s Souls weapon, boasting unparalleled reach and high-damage thrusting attack.

Like other piercing weapons, this sword scales with the player’s dexterity, making it an unlikely but effective choice for character builds that focus on strength and weapon finesse.

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In combat, this massive blade feels like an unusual mix between slashing, thrusting, and polearm weapons, so players should make sure to familiarize themselves with its diverse attacks before running headlong into a horde of demons.

10. Resplendent Armor

You need the right tools to start your Dark Souls-inspired Skyrim walkthrough.

As in, things that can kill a lot of people.

This Resplendent Armor mod adds a suit of armor that looks amazing and is based on the Dark Souls games. It even has physics!

But you also have a brand-new Greatsword that can easily cut through even the toughest skins and scales.

When traveling in this dangerous world, there is really nothing better to have with you.

9. Elder Souls ENB

The Dark Souls games have a very distinct atmosphere that’s difficult to replicate in other games.

And not just because they’re not as “dark” as the From Software titles.

But this graphics mod really takes things to a new level.

Elder Souls ENB attempts to bring some of this difficult-to-replicate atmosphere into Skyrim, and it mostly succeeds at doing so. Check out the mod’s screens and see what you think – I’d say it’s definitely worth a try for true Dark Souls fans.

Just thank Gwyn this mod doesn’t bring the same difficulty level as well, could you imagine the horror?

8. Customizable Camera

This Customizable Camera mod goes a long way to making Skyrim feel not only more like Dark Souls, but also like a much better third-person experience overall.

This mod allows you to edit the camera view in a lot of different ways, letting you come up with your own unique view – or just letting you copy views seen in other games.

If you’re looking to make Skyrim feel like Dark Souls, this is an essential mod to try.

7. Vigor

Do you know what else is essential to make Skyrim feel like Dark Souls?

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Stamina mechanics, of course!

In most games, managing stamina only means not being able to attack for a few seconds. But with this Vigor mod, having low or no stamina means attack power and speed get severely reduced.

A mod for any Dark Souls fans who really want this amazing crossover to happen.

Now with that said: anyone up for some true hardcore RPG combat?

6. Wildcat

If you’re out on a quest to make Skyrim as hardcore as it is in the Souls series, Wildcat is another essential mod to download.

Wildcat is a streamlined overhaul that makes combat far more dangerous and visceral, by making AI more responsive and aggressive.

It also increases lethality and makes a few other tweaks.

Used in conjunction with the Vigor mod mentioned earlier, it’ll feel like you are indeed playing Dark Souls!

Well, almost, but you get the idea.

5. Vigilan

Vigilant is not only one of the best Dark Souls-themed Skyrim mods ever made, but it’s also one of the best mods for the game as a whole.

And I don’t type that lightly.

There are a lot of reasons to play with the new quest added into the game by Vigilant.

But suffice to say that if you enjoy lore-rich worldbuilding, epic music, and intense bosses, you will not be disappointed here. Trust the word of a ten-time Lord of Cinder!

4. Darkend

Here’s something a little different, yet still worth checking out:

Darkend is a mod that doesn’t hide its Souls inspirations, but wears them proudly on its sleeves.

And it really shouldn’t be any other way.

The team behind this modded quest poured their souls into creating something that From Software would be proud of. And I think it works well.

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With no handholding whatsoever, plus fierce enemies out to make your life hell, and new weapons of incredible power, Darkend will leave a mark on you.

And on the Dark Soul that defines your humanity.

3. Lock-On

The lock-on system is another staple of the Souls series.

Although high-level players don’t find it essential at all, we’re normal humans around here. And without it, there’s no Souls for us.

This Lock-On mod in particular is the updated version of the original mod that introduced a lock-on system to Skyrim – but this one introduces some changes, such as the ability to target teammates (and plenty more).

Give it a try and see what you think.

2. Mortal Enemies

Combat in vanilla Skyrim can be so unfair sometimes.

And the only way to deal with something unfair is to break the system. Completely.

Mortal Enemies offers a selection of new combat changes that make everything feel more satisfying, such as improvements to archery and tweaks to enemy hitboxes.

The biggest change with this mod, however, is the removal of aimbot attacks. No more of those frustrating monsters to deal with.

1. TK Dodge

While there are many features that define the Souls experience, none are more iconic then the rolling mechanics.

As ridiculous as it may look, the dodge maneuver in Dark Souls has saved more than a few players in Lordran, Drangleic, and Lothric from getting burned to death, squashed like bugs, or sliced like butter.

And with the TK Dodge mod for Skyrim, you’re now able to avoid an untimely death by dodging attacks like you do in the Souls series.

And surprisingly, it’s just as fun too.

Not only that, but you can also use dodging to cancel attacks and blocking, effectively making combat smoother and way more engaging than before. A must-try mod for any Souls fans.