17 Best Illusion Spells in Skyrim

If you have the patience to master it, the school of illusion Spells is a very powerful one.

It lets you walk around Skyrim without fighting any enemies. Or, even better, it can get your enemies to look out for each other on your behalf.

This makes it the ideal tool for players who like to play mind games against their enemies.

If you want to become an illusion mage, I’ve put together a list of the 15 best illusion spells for you to study.

Keep in mind that this list is based on how useful each spell is on its own. even if some spells work better together.

This list shows them based on how useful they are on their own, leaving it up to your creativity and play style to figure out how to combine their power.

17. Vampire’s Seduction

Illusion Spells

Vampire’s Seduction is like other spells that calm enemies in that it makes them less hostile toward the player, which ends the fight and lets them talk.

With a level range of 10 or lower, this spell doesn’t seem as good as most other spells that calm people down.

The best thing about Vampire’s Seduction, though, is that it lets vampire characters feed on people who are calmed down by this spell.

If you need to lower your Vamparism level before going outside, use Vampire’s Seduction on a target and feed on them right there.

It is also useful for people who aren’t vampires because it gives them time to get their resources back before they have to fight again.

16. Clairvoyance

Illusion spells are usually used by characters who are good at being sneaky, but anyone can use Clairvoyance. This spell shows the player a magical line that leads them to their closest goal.

It costs 25 Magicka per second, which is a lot, but being able to find your way around places you haven’t been before can be helpful.

You can use this even if you are working on more than one quest, but it will only take you to the closest quest objective.

Clairvoyance isn’t very useful for experienced Skyrim players, but it could be helpful for people who are new to the game or RPGs in general.

15. Muffle

This spell is great for sneaky players because it lets you move around without making any noise, whether you’re sneaking, walking, or even running.

This makes it a great tool for sneaking around the houses of people who are sleeping since they won’t be able to hear you coming even if they can still see you.

Drevis Neloren, Sybille Stentor, or Farengar Secret-Fire can sell it to you.

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14. Fury

You can target any enemy with this Novice-level spell, and if it is level 6 or lower, it will attack everything nearby for 30 seconds.

Even though it sounds strange, this is useful if he is with his friends and you want to watch them fight while you enjoy the show.

If you are a High-Elf, you already know how to cast this spell. But if you are not and still want it, you can buy it from Drevis Neloren and a few other places (mostly the ones listed above).

13. Frenzy Rune

This is a nice little change to the Frenzy spell. Instead of making a circle on the ground, it makes a rune.

You can only cast one at a time, which is a drawback, but it is strong enough to affect enemies of level 20 or lower for up to 30 seconds, so it makes a good trap.

This is a great way to get enemies who are chasing you through a dungeon to start fighting with each other while you make your great escape.

After you finish the From the Ashes quest from the Dragonborn DLC, you can buy the Spell Tome from Talvas Fathryon. This spell is an Adept spell.

12. Calm

Bring your opponents peace of mind and make them put away their weapons for 30 seconds so you can plan your escape or your next powerful attack.

This Apprentice-level spell is very helpful if you want to avoid fights early on in the game.

It’s important to remember that this spell can hurt many enemies early in the game, but it won’t work on more powerful enemies, like guards, because of the spell’s basic power level.

This book of spells can be bought from Drevis Neloren, Sybille Stentor, or Farengar Secret-Fire.

11. Fear

The most basic tool in an illusionist’s bag of tricks, this spell for beginner magicians can make your opponents afraid as soon as the spell is cast.

Unfortunately, it only works on level 9 creatures. This means that while it is a useful tool, you won’t be able to use it for long when you face stronger enemies on more difficult quests.

But if you still want it early in the game, you can buy this simple spell from all the usual places.

10. Pacify

This spell makes a powerful orb that explodes when it hits its target. The explosion affects not only the person or creature it hits but also those nearby.

And for sixty seconds, no one can fight you or hurt you in any way. A great way to slow down the pace of battle.

This spell, which is at the Expert level, can be bought from the scholar Drevis Neloren. It works on enemies who are level 20 or lower.

9. Courage

If you and your allies are getting overwhelmed by enemy forces, you can use this spell to give them courage for sixty seconds.

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It takes away their fears and doubts and gives them a new sense of bravery. And a small boost to their health and strength.

This spell can be bought from Farengar Secret Fire, Drevis Neloren, or Sybille Stentor.

But if you don’t want to spend gold on it, you can also find this book for free on Treva’s Watch.

8. Rally

This is a spell to make your followers stronger. It creates a power orb that explodes when it hits something, giving everyone hits more health and stamina.

All of this happens while they are still fighting, which is great if you want your followers to take care of the enemies in a room while you work on something else.

Ask Drevis Neloren or Sybille Stentor for this spell.

7. Rout

If you don’t want to get into a fight, this spell is a great way to clear a path without even taking your sword out of its sheath.

When you cast Rout, enemies level 20 or lower will run away from combat for 30 seconds, giving you plenty of time to do the same.

Or, if you want, you could go hunting in a good way.

This spell can be learned from Drevis Neloren, the Master of Illusions at the College of Winterhold.

6. Frenzy

When you cast Frenzy, you make a ball of energy that you throw at your enemies. And it goes off when it hits something, so you can hit more than two people at once.

This is one of those spells that you have to be careful with because of how explosive it is. If you hit an ally by accident, he could turn against you for the duration of the spell.

It affects enemies with a level of 14 or less, making them attack anyone nearby for 60 seconds until the effects wear off.

You can only buy this Adept-level spell from Drevis Neloren or Sybille Stentor since they are the only ones who sell it.

5. Hysteria

Hysteria is a Master-level spell that makes enemies run away in fear when they see how strong you are.

If enemies up to level 25 get caught in the spell’s powerful wave, they will run away from combat for sixty seconds.

This is a two-handed spell that takes a while to cast but does a lot of damage. So make sure you won’t let a bunch of attacks hit you while you’re getting ready to cast it.

Once you finish the quest Illusion Ritual Spell, you will get this spell.

4. Invisibility

This spell makes you completely invisible for 30 seconds, so you can sneak into and out of combat and go anywhere you want.

Keep in mind that if you touch an object, attack someone, or use a spell, the effect will end right away, so plan.

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Also, even if people can’t see you, they can still hear your footsteps, so don’t run or step too loudly when you’re sneaking around.

This is only for Expert illusionists, and Drevis Neloren is the only place to buy it.

3. Call To Arms

A Master’s spell for selfless people.

When you cast it, everyone caught in the blast gets a boost to their combat skills, health, and stamina that lasts for more than ten minutes.

This makes it a useful spell for players who rely on their allies a lot when fighting tough enemies.

Keep in mind that you need two hands to use this spell and that it takes a while to charge up, leaving you open to attacks during that time.

It’s important to remember that illusion spells like this one can be helpful for both enemies and allies.

However, boosting health and stamina with a spell like this can hurt you if you use it on enemies by accident.

So be careful where you cast it unless you want to give your opponents an advantage on the battlefield by catching them off guard.

After you finish the Illusion Ritual Spell quest, you can get this spell from Drevis Neloren.

2. Mayhem

When you cast this spell, all enemies in the area of the blast will start fighting anyone nearby, whether they are humans, monsters, or even animals.

So, this Master spell will cause the chaos for which it is named. This makes it easy to attack targets or get away without being seen while your enemies are busy fighting each other.

After you finish the Illusion Ritual Spell quest line, you can buy this fun little Spell Tome from Drevis Neloren. It comes a bit later in the story, but it’s well worth getting if you can.

1. Harmony

The Harmony spell is the best illusion spell you can use to show everyone how good you are at illusions.

It lets you send out a wave of green magic that makes enemies calm down.

This spell is strong enough to stop strong enemies for sixty seconds, so it can end most fights you face in the game. You have a lot of time to plan and carry out your next step.

It is so strong and useful that if you are getting beat up in a fight, you can cast it and run away. It even works on guards, so you can use it if you want to do something they wouldn’t like.

This spell is also great if you want to go on a peaceful run or don’t have time to fight your way through a bunch of minions to get to your real goal.

No matter what you want to do, this disarming spell is perfect for any master illusionist and a good one to have.