12 Best Overhaul & Total Conversion Mods For Skyrim

I’m as passionate about the home of the Nords and the various civilizations as anyone else who is still playing Skyrim after more than ten years.

I’m constantly seeking for mods that would broaden my perspective or alter some aspect of the gameplay to recreate the sense of wonder and discovery I had while initially playing through The Elder Scrolls V.

There are a lot of fascinating new projects, including Skywind and Skyblivion, but only a small number of these major projects have produced any noticeable results.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for overhauls and total conversions that you can actually play through rather than just waiting for them to be released.

12. Khemri Troops Overhaul


This mod for Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord is a comprehensive overhaul that modifies the default soldier tree and introduces new elite units.

It aims to enhance the gameplay experience by reworking the progression of troops and providing players with more powerful and specialized units to command.

18 Best Warriors in Epic SevenThe mod offers a refreshed and diversified gameplay dynamic by altering the existing soldier hierarchy and expanding the roster with elite warriors.

Players can expect a more immersive and challenging military campaign with this mod installed.

11. Face Overhaul

This mod aims to enhance the visual appearance of non-player characters (NPCs) in a video game by making them more proportionate.

It focuses on addressing any disproportionate features or unrealistic body proportions that may exist in the base game.

By modifying the NPC models, the mod aims to create a more visually appealing and realistic representation of characters within the game world.

This can contribute to a more immersive and enjoyable gaming experience for players.

10. Skyrim Flora Overhaul

The majority of your time in Skyrim is spent traveling over the wide plains of the Empire’s northernmost region.

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With 18 new tree species, over 65 additional varieties of grasses and smaller plants, and considerably taller trees, the Skyrim Flora Overhaul delivers a more detailed and immersive recreation of the natural world.

Additionally, you’ll see a greater density of trees, enabling you to recreate your own “Into the Woods” fantasy in Skyrim.

Even if you’ve played through the game multiple times, you’ll feel like you’re entering undiscovered terrain because there are over 180 new textures for trees, plants, and grasses.

9. The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

Todd Howard claims that at least a portion of the upcoming Elder Scrolls game will be set in Hammerfell, a desert location.

Even if the (doubtful) release date is believed to be 2025, as a devoted TES fan, I can hardly contain my excitement.

Playing through The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, a robust quest mod that transports you out of Skyrim and into this arid landscape, is one method to get some of this Hammerfell fever under control.

This DLC-sized mod offers brand-new missions, NPCs, and an entirely new desert region with cities and dungeons that are ready for you to explore over the course of more than eight hours.

8. Skyrim Redone

Changes to gameplay can significantly increase a game’s replay value because it serves as the framework around which creators weave storylines and create entire universes.

Skyrim Redone invites players to play through the full game from start to finish while making significant adjustments to the races, perks, standing stones, fighting, and survival in general.

My favorites among the upgrades are the expanded adversary variety and improved combat AI. Combat is considerably more interesting and less easily manipulated because stamina is much tougher to manage.

The best thing, though?

You may select what you want and don’t want because everything is modular.

For those of us with large load orders, this mod also includes a ton of compatibility updates to popular mods, some of which we’ll cover later in this ranking.

7. MediEvil: Hero of Gallowmere (LE)

In the 1998 classic hack-and-slash game MediEvil, Sir Daniel Fontesque plays a brave skeletal knight who saves the kingdom of Gallowmere from the evil wizard Zerok.

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Fans of this PlayStation classic will like MediEvil: Hero of Gallowmere, a Skyrim Legendary Edition DLC-sized extension that recreates the game’s first four stages.

It has exquisite hand-crafted landscapes that truly transport me to the PSX era.

The setting, riddles, spooky music, and unusual equipment—including your own amputated arm—distinguish this from the core Skyrim experience. It’s brand-new, everything new!

6. Skyland – A Landscape Texture Overhaul

You must look at Skyland – A Landscape Texture Overhaul if you want a brand-new viewpoint on the entire Skyrim experience.

This patch adds unique, AAA-quality textures for the landscape of Skyrim that were created using photogrammetry data for a realistic, almost lifelike appearance.

The majority of the game is covered by these high-resolution textures. If you’re using a system that can handle the native 4K resolution of Skyrim Special Edition, you must have them.

Any screenshots made with this texture pack compete with National Geographic.

5. Chanterelle – A Savage World

You’ll enjoy Chanterelle if you play Skyrim for the survival aspect or just to lose yourself in a beautiful natural setting while lounging on your living room couch.

This mod distinguishes itself from other “new land” mods by emphasizing nature alone. Chanterelle is entirely devoid of any signs of a living civilization; instead, it is home to hundreds of diverse animal species and stunning native vegetation.

Chanterelle is a large area that is ideal for camping, hunting, exploring, and simply leading a simple life as a survivor in nature without having to worry about dragons, civil wars, or anything like.

4. Beyond Reach

Let’s say you get tired of replaying the same Dragonborn quest in Skyrim.

In that case, a holiday in High Rock might be of interest to you.

To label Beyond Reach a “vacation” would be a little deceptive, though.

This mod adds a lengthy, 20+ hour adventure set in The Reach’s High Rock side. It has over 25 dungeons, new NPCs with distinctive language, complex and intensely emotional quests, factions, and more.

The main characters of this depressing tale, which departs radically from Skyrim’s majestic heroic quest, are curses, plagues, and human strife.

3. Combat Gameplay Overhaul

Back then, Skyrim’s combat was arguably the most criticized feature.

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You simply put on your best weapon, swing at your opponent until you run out of stamina, then open your menu to drink potions or consume enormous amounts of food to keep going after your adversary.

The Combat Gameplay Overhaul will transform your life if you’re looking for something more subtle.

The addition of dodge rolls, leaning, grip switching, mid-air combat, and even the ability to dual-wield two-handed weapons will no doubt excite many of you.

2. Legacy of the Dragonborn

One of the popular in-game pastimes of the Skyrim community is hoarding and collecting, which is at the center of Legacy of the Dragonborn.

It features a sizable museum in Solitude’s capital that is devoted to the life and work of the Dragonborn; you’ll have to gently fill it up as you progress through the game. Additionally, you’ll gain the new ability of archaeology, which will make it easier to unearth more relics over time.

The Explorers Guild is a new faction, and the main mission, which revolves around ancient artifacts, is complicated.

Even some of Skyrim’s most well-liked modifications have exhibit space in the museum, integrating them and assisting you in crafting your own narrative relic by relic.

1. Enderal

I’ve already covered significant renovations and additions.

However, there is really just one excellent comprehensive conversion for Skyrim.

Enderal hardly qualifies as a mod.

It’s so seamless to play through that it feels like a brand-new game.

Although it uses the same engine as Skyrim, practically everything else is brand new.

You’ll travel around a sizable, fully developed open world with its own lore and history. The landscapes are meticulously hand-crafted and feature a variety of topographical features, such as barren deserts, dense woods, humid jungles, and more.

The classes and skills, as well as the housing system and survival mechanics, have all been updated.

The engaging plot and its complex, extremely human characters, waiting to be found over 120 hours of excellent gameplay, have to be one of the best features.