11 Best Skyrim Transformation Mods

Skyrim gives players all the power they need to save the world and become the true savior.

But not all of these powers are the same. This time, the shapeshifter got the short end of the stick.

But players shouldn’t be too upset because modders can do things that Bethesda can’t.

All shapeshifters on this side of Tamriel have a lot to be happy about thanks to the amazing modding community.

They can now get rid of their old Werewolf skin and change into almost anything. Even a chicken if that’s what they want.

I wouldn’t suggest that, though, unless you want to make your enemies laugh until they can’t breathe.

11. WereGargoyle


Werewolves? Werebats? Wererats? Nah.

WereGargoyles? Oh yes!

The WereGargoyle mod isn’t as advanced as some of the other Skyrim mods.

But if you don’t want to play a very different game, it’s a very good one.

Just put the mod on your computer and try to turn into a werewolf. Believe me, people will be left with their mouths wide open.

10. Demon Werewolf

I turn around for just one second, and someone has turned Skyrim into DOOM!

This mod replaces the Werewolf transformation with a terribly scary Demon transformation that grants not only double the attack power, but also the ability to summon a fearsome hellhound.

Hell is empty, and all the demons are here now.

9. Demon Werepanther

I have no idea what a Werepanther is doing in Skyrim, or why it even exists for that matter.

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But I will turn into one all the same. I’m addicted to transformation spells, what can I say.

This Demon Werepanther, like the WereGargoyle mod above, replaces the regular Werewolf transformation with a Werepanther transformation.

This also grants double attack power and some new sound effects, too.

Not a massive change, to be honest, but one that’s good enough to spice your 1000th Skyrim playthrough.

8. Dragon Lord Transformation

The Dragon Lord Transformation mod isn’t going to win any award for originality.

But when a mod is so good, is there anyone who truly cares?

With this installed you can transform into a Dragon Lord.

Or rather, into two Dragon Lords: a warrior Lord who’s incredibly good at sneaking around and regenerating health, or a mage Lord who can conjure the Dragon Hammer with ease, and unleash some truly destructive magic spells.

Which form will you choose?

Don’t tell me: I’ll get it by checking out the destruction you’ll leave in your wake.

7. Master Shapeshifter

Turning into gargoyles and Dragon Lords is all well and good.

But try transforming into a chicken and complete the game. Now that would be hardcore.

If you’re out to impress your peers all over the world, you should not waste any more time: get your video recording software open, install the Master Shapeshifter mod, select the most absurd creature to turn into, and try to complete Skyrim.

I’ll be waiting for a full playthrough video to check out.

6. Royal Bloodline

Vampires are always cool, but their epicness reaches new heights in Skyrim with the Royal Bloodline mod.

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While this mod doesn’t introduce anything completely new, Royal Bloodline does bring enough changes to the Vampire Lord to make the transformation feel fresh, exciting, and incredibly more powerful.

I mean, among the new perks is an ability that lets you fly around. Yes, in the air. How cool is that?

5. Advanced Skyrim Overhaul

Tired of the Werewolf transformation?

Tired of it not being as powerful as other modded transformations?

No matter where you stand, we have the perfect mod right here.

Advanced Skyrim Overhaul is an amazing mod that introduces new transformations with unique abilities, as well as new abilities for the vanilla Werewolf transformation.

This finally turns it into a true force of nature.

Sure, you’ll end up being so overpowered that the game will turn into a walk in the park. But it’s way too satisfying to obliterate all sorts of enemies.

4. Undeath

You know what they say:

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

And the fantastic transformations you get form the Undeath mod is exactly what happens when you get face to face with a powerful necromancer, specifically when his followers decide to pick up his insane, inhuman research.

The world may hate you for it. But you’re not going to care too much, with the terrifying power of an undead Lich at your disposal.

3. Wrath of Nature – Path of the Druid

The Path of the Druid is a long and hazardous one.

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A path where a simple Dragonborn has to learn to control powers that are better left untouched.

But touching the untouchable is exactly what needs to be done to obtain true power!

By completing the four trials included in the Wrath of Nature – Path of the Druid mod, you’ll learn four different transformation spells that’ll let you turn into a frost wolf, flaming tiger, earth bear, and healing tree spirit, all coming with unique powers that will break all of Tamriel…

And the game as well!

2. The Burning Skies

This is it. No transformation mod will make you feel as powerful as The Burning Skies mod.

And if you’re a true Skyrim fan, I really shouldn’t need to explain why.

Burning Sky introduces a dragon transformation that lets you turn into a real, full-fledged dragon.

This thing can soar the sky, burn enemies to cinder, and do all those things that dragons love to do, including hopelessly break the game.

What about stealing cattle, you say? Give this mod a go and you can tell me.

1. Wrath of Nature – Champion of Kynareth

Did you know that mods can have sequels too?

Sequels that are just as good as the original, actually.

The Wrath of Nature series continues here with The Champion Of Kynareth mod, a transformation mod that adds four more transformations tied to elements: aquatic creature, flying wasp, brooding spider, and a decadent yet malevolent demon.

Be careful when turning into that last form, though. You may feel an irresistible urge to destroy everything.