21 Best Skyrim Husbands & How To Marry Them?

One of the newest parts of the Elder Scrolls series is the ability to get married. It was first added to the base game Skyrim.

That means you can get married without buying any DLCs. If you haven’t done that yet, you’re missing out on a lot.

There are a lot of wives in the game, so women who want to be wives don’t have to worry about running out of “stock.”

But if you want a male spouse, you should look on the other side of the island. Skyrim has a lot of them.

There are a lot of men waiting to be your Husbands, and each of them has its own perks. So, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best Husbands in Skyrim.

Remember that you need to buy the Amulet of Mara and talk to Maramal in the Temple of Mara in Riften before you can propose.

He charges 200 coins for the amulet and also plans the ceremonies for any upcoming weddings.

How To Get Married In Skyrim?

Talking to Maramal in Riften is the first step to getting married in Skyrim. He is preaching at the Bee and Barb inn when players first get to the city.

You can talk to him if you want to know more about the Temple of Mara. The Dragonborn can get married in the temple after the conversation is over.

Along with Maramal’s blessing, you also need an Amulet of Mara. You can also buy the Amulet of Mara from Maramal, but it will cost you 200 gold.

You can also find it pretty often as random loot all over Skyrim, or you can get it as a reward from Dinya Balu when you finish the quest Book of Love. Dinya will give you a quest if you talk to her at the Temple of Mara in Riften.

21. Odfel

Odfel, the miner, lives in Shor’s Stone in his house.

He lives with an Orc, and for some strange reason, they don’t get along very well.

But it should be easy to live with both of them because they mostly stay to themselves. This miner is quiet and great for someone who might be a little shy.

20. Athis

A Dunmer in a warrior group like the Companions isn’t common, but Athis is living proof that it can happen.

He is the only Dunmer in the Companions, and as soon as the Dragonborn walks into Jorrvaskr for the first time, he gets into a fight.

As a follower, Athis is a great choice for the first 25 levels of the game, just like most regular Companion followers.

The good thing about having him as a spouse is that he can teach you One-Handed skills.

To get married to him, the player must finish all of the quests in the Companion quest line and become the Harbringer.

19. Belrand

Belrand might not be the most attractive partner in the game, but his level cap of 40 makes up for it.

He will be a good help to the Dragonborn for the first 40 levels. He is especially tough because he uses both spells and sword skills to trick his enemies.

Belrand’s dialogue and comments also show that he has a lot of personalities, which makes him a lot of fun to be around.

Hire him as a mercenary for 500 gold if you want to marry him. With the Amulet of Mara, he can get married after that.

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18. Gregor

Gregor is another housecarl in the game. He is best at fighting with Heavy Armor and with one hand.

The Dragonborn should do jobs for the Jarl in Dawnstar to become the Thane of the Pale. This will allow them to recruit him and maybe even marry him.

Gregor is a good choice for a partner. His level cap is 50, so he should last the player at least half the game or more, depending on how long it takes them to finish all quests and DLCs in Skyrim.

Even though he’s just a simple housecarl and might not have much personality, he’s a great choice.

17. Halbarn Iron-Fur

Halbarn Iron-Fur is a great spouse, so go to Solstheim to meet him. He is very strong and knows everything there is to know about blacksmithing.

In fact, once all of his quests are done, he becomes a pretty good merchant who you should visit often.

Halbarn can also get married, but it takes completing two whole quests to do so.

After getting the Thirsk back from the rieklings, the Dragonborn must bring him 10 stalhrim ingots and 15 ebony ingots. Still, it’s all worth it because his level cap is so high, at 60.

16. Calder

Calder is another housecarl in the game. Housecarls can seem a bit dull and lifeless, but Calder looks very different from the other housecarls and human NPCs in the game, which makes him stand out a lot.

In true housecarl style, Calder’s level is capped at 50, so he will be a follower and spouse for just over the first half of the game.

But he’s not the easiest housecarl to get. To become a Thane, you have to talk to Ulfric (if the Civil War questline hasn’t been finished), buy Hjerim, which is one of the most expensive homes in Skyrim, and do a few small quests in and around Windhelm. The player is the only one who can say if he’s worth all that work.

15. Scouts-Many-Marshes

There aren’t that many Argonian husbands in Skyrim, but Scouts-Many-Marshes is the best one of those that are there.

He is a very peaceful person, and you can find him right by the river outside of Windhelm.

He works as a blacksmith, but since he’s only level 4 and has the blacksmith character type, he can’t be hired as a follower.

But what makes him valuable is that he can teach the Light Armor skill. This means that players who specialize in this area might find him to be a very useful spouse.

After the Dragonborn first talks to him and helps him with a quest, he can ask him to marry him.

14. Stenvar

Want a partner who won’t back down from a fight? Candlehearth Hall in Windhelm is where you want to go.

The Dragonborn can find an old and skilled mercenary named Stenvar at the last table on the second floor. He can be hired for 500 coins.

He can reach a good level cap of 40, so he will be a good follower and spouse for the Dragonborn for the first 40 levels of the game.

After that, he should stay home and take care of the shop. The cool thing is that he can also join the Blades if asked, and you don’t have to do a quest to marry him.

13. Marcurio

Marcurio is one of the few powerful mages who wants to spend the rest of his life with his wife.

He can be found at the Bee and Barb inn in Riften. He usually sits on the bench to the left of the bar counter on the first floor. He is a hired gun who costs 500 coins to hire.

Marcurio’s level cap is also good, and he will level up with the Dragonborn until he reaches level 40. This makes him a pretty strong follower in the first half of the game.

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He can join the Blades and knows a lot about the Destruction school of magic, which makes him a great damage dealer but a weak partner for a ranged fighter.

12. Vorstag

Another mercenary who can be found in Skyrim is Vorstag. His home is the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth.

His Nordic armor and bright war paint make him easy to spot. Just like all the other mercenaries in the game, Vorstag costs 500 gold coins to hire.

His level will also be capped at 40, which means that as you level up, it’s usually best to leave him at home instead of taking him with you.

Vorstag can get married almost right away without having to do any quests, and he can also join the Blades like many other mercenaries.

Since he is a warrior and specializes in heavy armor, he is a pretty good follower for any ranged character.

11. Torvar

Torvar isn’t easy to get along with. He is a member of the Companions. At first, he is nice, but as the Dragonborn moves up in the guild, he gets a little bit jealous.

So, once the Companions have finished the quest Glory of the Dead, he can get married.

Torvar is a typical fighter from the North. Even though he likes to use two-handed weapons like hammers and axes, he is skilled with one-handed weapons.

Torvar loves alcohol more than anything else, and he talks a lot about drinking and getting drunk. But hey, he might be the only one for some Dragonborn.

10. Revyn Sadri

Go to Windhelm’s Gray Quarter, which is where poor Dunmer lives away from the rest of the city’s people.

There, players will find Revyn’s shop and learn that he is an honest salesman who doesn’t like thieves.

In fact, he doesn’t like thieves so much that he’ll give players the job of giving Viola Giordano a stolen golden ring back.

If the player gives the ring to Viola without being seen, Revyn will be open to marriage and give the Dragonborn some Speech training.

If the player gives the ring to Viola face-to-face, Revyn’s shop will be taxed more and he will dislike the Dragonborn because of it.

9. Roggi Knot-Beard

Roggi is a good man who works hard and is honest, but he isn’t very special.

He can be found in Kynesgrove, where he works at the Steamscorch Mine, and sometimes at the Braidwood Inn at night.

When you meet him, he will tell you an interesting story about how one of his ancestors started Kynesgrove but lost his shield in a cave.

Then, Roggi will send players off to find this legendary ancestral shield and bring it back to him. After that, he will be available to be married.

8. Ghorbash the Iron Hand

The player could also marry an orc if they wanted to. The player will meet Ghorbash at the Orc Stronghold of Dushnik Yal, which is close to Markarth.

He was once sent away from his people, but he misses going on adventures in the wild.

But since orcs usually don’t leave their people because it would be a shame, he needs to be convinced to come along on the trip.

Alternatively, players can fight him and if they win, he’ll follow them and they can then marry him.

7. Romlyn Dreth

Romlyn is the best person for anyone who loves mead and wine. He is a Dunmer who lives in a house in the city of Riften and sells illegal liquor. Players can sometimes find him at the Black-Briar Meadery or the Bee and Barb.

Once they meet him, he’ll ask them to help him sneak some mead to an innkeeper in Ivarstead named Wilhelm.

Players can either go along with his plan or try to stop it by telling Indaryn about him. If they help him, he will be free to get married.

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6. Perth

Perth is the man players should look for if they want another hard worker for a husband who also doesn’t look too bad. Head to The Reach, where Soljund’s Sinkhole is.

He owns this mine and will immediately ask the Dragonborn for help with a Draugr problem.

Once the whole place is clear, players can go back to him and tell him the good news in exchange for some gold. Then he’ll be free to get married.

5. Quintus Navale

Not all husbands have to be strong. Some can do just fine if they are smart and clever.

Quintus Navale is definitely in the second group since he works at The White Phial in Windhelm and helps his moody master run the shop.

When players walk into the shop for the first time, they will hear a fight between Quintus and his master, Nurelion. This will tell them to look for the famous White Phial.

Unfortunately, the item is broken, and in order for Quintus to fix it, he will need snow that won’t melt, mammoth tusk powder, and a briar heart. Once the players have finished the whole quest, they can marry him.

4. Balimund

Due to the fact that he is a blacksmith, Balimund is one of the best choices for a husband. Go to Riften, where he works on his forge near the town market.

When you talk to him, he’ll ask you to bring him some Fire Salts for his forge.

Once the ingredients have been found and brought back to him, he can then be married.

The best part is that the Dragonborn now owns his things and can use his forge whenever they want.

3. Farkas Or Vilkas

It’s hard to say which of the two brothers in The Companions is the better husband, but since getting their trust is the same for both, we’ve decided to put them together.

During the main questline, when players first get close to Whiterun, they will see a group of people fighting a giant.

They can choose to ignore them or help them, and then they will be asked to come to Jorrvaskr in the city to see them.

Here is where a player’s journey as a member of The Companions starts. Farkas and Vilkas can’t get married until they finish the main quest line for their faction and destroy the Silver Hand.

2. Onmund

Some might wonder why Onmund is on this list, but the fact that he is a Nord who wants to study magic at the College of Winterhold makes him a very interesting character.

When players first enter the College, they will be a fellow students and talk about how hard it was for them to convince their family that he was meant to be a mage.

When the player has finished the quest, Under Saarthal, the first part of the College’s questline, they can talk to Onmund to get his personal quest.

He’ll ask the player to get an amulet from Enthir, and Enthir will ask the Dragonborn to find him a staff. When both quests are done, Onmund will be free to be married.

1. Argis the Bulwark

In Markarth, players must become Thane to get Argis as Housecarl. This means helping five people in the city and buying the local house in the city, Vlindrel Hall.

It costs 8000 gold to buy the house and another 4200 gold to fill it up.

Helping civilians quickly would be easiest if you killed Nimhe, the spider Calcelmo talks about, gave Degaine a drink, killed Alain and Nilsine for Muiri, killed enemies in the Hall of the Dead, and brought Lisbet the statue of Dibella that had been stolen.