12 Best Riverwood Mods for Skyrim

Riverwood is one of the most famous places in the video game world.

After more than 10 years of Skyrim, billions of games have gone to Riverwood and helped its people with their problems, whether it was by getting back valuable family heirlooms or spreading rumors to help a stranger win over a girl’s heart.

If you’re still playing Skyrim after all this time, I’m sure the riverside forest town has a special place in your heart.

When you go back to Riverwood, the best way to spice things up is to modify it a lot, and the following mods will help you do just that.

12. Galaxy’s Riverwood


This mod is designed to enhance the town of Riverwood by adding performance-friendly details that make it more visually appealing and engaging.

While keeping performance impact minimal, the mod introduces various subtle elements and improvements to make Riverwood a more interesting and immersive location.

These additions aim to enhance the overall atmosphere and charm of the town without sacrificing gameplay performance.

By installing this mod, players can enjoy an enhanced Riverwood experience with improved visuals and a greater sense of immersion.

11. T’Skyrim – Riverwood

This mod serves as an addon for the popular mod “JK’s Skyrim” and specifically focuses on enhancing the town of Riverwood.

It introduces various improvements and additions to Riverwood’s layout, buildings, and overall aesthetics.

These enhancements aim to make the town more visually appealing and immersive.

By installing this mod, players can enjoy an upgraded version of Riverwood with enhanced details and a more vibrant atmosphere, seamlessly integrating with the JK’s Skyrim mod.

10. Riverwood Flowering

In the canon, the Dragonborn flees from Helgen on the 17th of Last Seed, which is right at the end of Summer and the start of Autumn.

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But what if you want the start of your trip to feel more like spring?

Riverwood Flowering can help give the first town on the Dragonborn’s way the look of spring by covering it in blooming flowers.

For the most fun, this mod is meant to work with the Leaf’s Rest player home mod.

9. Beginner’s Shack in Riverwood

I’ve always disliked how you’re basically forced to buy a house in Whiterun if you don’t want to carry a ton of stuff around until you find a better home.

This Beginner’s Shack in Riverwood – created by prolific home designer Elianora – can serve as the perfect basic home for a fledgling adventurer who doesn’t like city life and needs a base of operations a little bit sooner.

The home is designed to cover all your basic needs without feeling inappropriate for a humble adventurer freshly escaped from the executioner’s chopping block.

8. Northbourne NPCs of Riverwood

The NPCs of Riverwood are some of the most memorable in the game – if only because they’re the first the average player meets.

Northbourne NPCs of Riverwood gives all of these familiar faces a total high-poly makeover for increased realism and attractiveness.

It comprises male and female NPCs of all races, including all-time favorites like Sven and Faendal, their beloved Camilla Valerius, and the undercover Blades Grandmaster Delphine.

7. Unique Locations – Riverwood Forest

Unique Landscapes was one of the most important and well-liked mods for TESIV: Oblivion. It changed the natural beauty of Cyrodiil in a great way, and if you’re playing the game in the 2020s, you must have it.

Unique Locations: Riverwood Forest does the same thing to the woods around Riverwood, adding new hills, ruins, rivers, and trees to change the look of the area.

From Helgen to Pelagia Farm, including the road from Riverwood to Bleak Falls Barrow, this area is affected.

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When you go back to the town, you’ll find a thick forest and brand-new places that will make you question everything you know about Riverwood’s surroundings.

6. CD’s True Forest of Riverwood

If you want an even thicker, more varied forest around Riverwood, this mod by Crazy Dave is the way to go.

True Forest of Riverwood aims to make the forest surrounding this humble lumber town feel wild and untamed with new trees of varying types and sizes, smaller flora, and many immersive details like fallen trees and tree stumps.

At least now you’ll know where the lumberjacks got all those logs we see in the lumber mill.

5. Anna’s Riverwood Cabin

After going on countless adventures and earning some cash, your Dragonborn may want to retire to the mountains for a quiet life – and what better place than the friendly town of Riverwood?

Anna’s Riverwood Cabin offers the Dragonborn a modest home in the outskirts of town between the towering mountains and the fresh crystalline river that gives the town its name.

On the inside, it’s much like every other Riverwood home, except it has every crafting station the Dragonborn could need – plus plenty of storage space.

One of my favorite parts is the terrace overlooking the river, where you can sit down to enjoy a loaf of bread and drink some wine while enjoying the view.

4. Riverwood Keep

On the other hand, your Dragonborn may have grown used to big halls and fancy decorations after getting to know so many Jarls and powerful people.

Since they saved the world, it’s only fair that they get their own castle. It should be easy to defend against the many enemies you’ve made along the way and as luxurious as Solitude.

The Riverwood Keep mod by Lazz adds a beautiful castle along the river a few meters downstream from the town.

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Not only does it look grand from the outside, but it also has a throne room, a loft with a pool, and a lot more.

There are also places for your servants, friends, and any children you might decide to take in.

3. JK’s Riverwood

JKrojmal is probably the most well-known name in the Skyrim urban modding scene. This is because he has made changes to almost every town in the province, both big and small.

JK’s makeover of Riverwood was one of the first, and it is still one of the best for this town by the river.

This mod makes Riverwood more interesting and real, but it doesn’t change the style of Skyrim too much.

The building elements and style haven’t changed, but there’s a lot more to see and it’s easier to get around town.

If you like this mod, you should check out JK’s Riverwood Trader, which has everything.

2. Kato’s Riverwood

If you’re not afraid of straying from the vanilla style, Kato’s Riverwood is a fantastic overhaul that’ll make the town feel more alive and even a little bit festive.

This mod focuses on adding decorations and clutter all around town to make it feel lived-in and less barren than in vanilla.

I get it’s a small town where everyone works most of the day, but nothing stops them from keeping their surroundings attractive!

1. Riverwood Redeveloped

Riverwood is just a little mountain town.

Still, you’d think that this nearby town would get a lot more business and wealth after Helgen was completely destroyed.

Riverwood Redeveloped shows a slightly more advanced town with better facilities, roads, and stronger defenses against threats from the outside.

Even though it’s not as nice as Whiterun or Riften, this mod makes Riverwood a better place to live. It tells people about many beautiful places that tourists and locals would love to visit, and it makes every trip through Riverwood more interesting and enjoyable.