11 Best Dragon Ball Mods For Skyrim

The first time I used two hands to cast the Flames spell, I couldn’t help but think it looked like Kamehameha from Dragon Ball.

It could have also looked like Ryu’s Hadoken or almost any other kind of energy beam, but the first thing that comes to mind is always Dragon Ball.

It made me wonder what it would be like to fly around Skyrim and fight dragons where they live, blasting them with Ki and punching them down like a Super Saiyan.

Skyrim has mods that let us do all of these things and more.

11. Dragonball ki blast and power up

This mod changes the effects and sounds of fire spells in a game to make them more like Dragon Ball.

Fire spells are now energy blasts with ki blast sound effects, and the fire cloak now gives a Super Saiyan-like power-up effect and Goku sound.

There may be conflicts with other cloak spells, and fire storm and flames now have an energy effect and a dust cloud animation. The mod comes in three file versions: ki blast, power-up, or both.

10. Kamehameha in Skyrim

Let’s start with the Kamehameha, one of the most important parts of Dragon Ball.

This concentrated Ki attack was the first one shown in the Dragon Ball series, and it has been shown again and again in DBZ, DBGT, and DBS.

In Skyrim, you’ll have to learn ASchoe311’s Kamehameha from Master Roshi, just like in the show, but you won’t have to go see him in person.

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Instead, you can read a book called Master Roshi’s Teachings to learn everything you need to know about this secret move.

Just remember that this “spell” is pretty much too strong. It’s best to save it for the toughest enemies, like dragons and their priests.

9. DBZ Scouter (LE)

I know many of you have remained staunchly attached to Skyrim Legendary Edition, and some of the best Dragon Ball mods are exclusive to this classic release.

One example is Volvaga0’s DBZ Scouter mod, which introduces these iconic power level-measuring devices into Skyrim.

Other than looking absolutely fabulous and making you feel like Vegeta during his first appearance, these Scouters will highlight any nearby lifeforms – much like the Detect Life spell.

It’s also available in 5 colors, so you could totally make your own version of Frieza’s Elite out of Skyrim followers – the Dovahkiin’s Elite, if you will.

8. Goku’s Gi (LE)

Backsteppo’s Dragon Ball Outfit is another iconic Legendary Edition mod bringing Goku’s classic training gear into The Elder Scrolls V.

This mod is simply a perfect combo with something like the Kamehameha.

Get a little bit creative during character creation, and you could play through Skyrim as Goku, just ending wrongdoers with willpower and the Kamehameha.

Alternatively you can throw on the included Super Saiyan wig and just conquer Tamriel in the name of the Saiyan Empire.

7. Dragon Ball & Naruto Spell Pack (LE)

If the Kamehameha left you thirsty for other Dragon Ball abilities in Skyrim, look no further than Luheu1’s Dragon Ball & Naruto Spell Pack for Legendary Edition.

This incredible mod includes a whopping 20 moves from Dragon Ball, including Vegeta’s Big Bang Attack, a few kinds of Kamehameha, and several Super Saiyan transformations.

And that’s just the DBZ stuff!

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If you also like Naruto then you’ll be trying out new moves for ages. So many Rasengan varieties…

The mod was put together by someone who really loves anime, and it shows – so check it out!

6. Bulma Follower

We all know the Skyrim modding community loves their waifus.

And Bulma is one of the most old-school anime characters anyone could have a crush on – so, of course, there’s a Bulma follower for Skyrim.

This incredible mod created by Jinxxed features two different outfits and appearances for the turquoise-haired heroine.

One style is her classic look from the Dragon Ball anime, while the other is a more revealing bikini + shorts combo somewhat reminiscent of Launch (the blonde, SMG-shooting version).

You can only use one of these at a time, so choose carefully. I’m a bit of a fundamentalist, so I’d definitely go with Classic Bulma for my game.

5. Chi-Chi Follower

Also hailing from the first Dragon Ball series comes Chi-Chi, the daughter of the Ox-King and Goku’s future wife.

Well, that’s only half true.

The armor and hairstyle featured in this mod are based on her original Dragon Ball look, but this follower is an adult. If anything, it’s DBZ’s adult Chi-Chi trying on her old attire.

In the source material, Chi-Chi has incredible strength inherited from her father, the Ox-King.

Mod creator Jinxxed stayed true to the character’s background here, making her a tanky brawler whose armor enchantments power up her bare-handed strength.

4. DBZ Overhaul Project (LE)

The current Skyrim modding community has achieved a level of quality standards I never thought I’d see – but everything comes at a cost.

Back in 2012, the modding scene was wild.

Only then could something like Rigormortician’s Dragon Ball Z Overhaul Project come about.

This ambitious mod aims to make Skyrim’s combat as exciting as DBZ’s by giving the Dragonborn the ability to fly, launch energy beams, and throw punches like a Saiyan.

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More importantly, these new abilities are all accompanied by DBZ sound clips.

Every punch, every Ki blast, and every Kamehameha sounds just like the show.

3. Kakarotty Saiyan Follower

While the previous mod will make your gameplay the most like Dragon Ball Z, it’s not necessarily the best way to go (or the most fun).

That honor should go to Kakarotty – the Saiyan Follower by MightyChopsticks.

This fantastic mod adds two new followers to Skyrim: Kakarotty, and her dark twin Kakarotty Black.

Kakarotty is loosely based on Goku. She’s excellent at hand-to-hand combat and will even send her foes flying back with some moves. She also has increasingly powerful transformations from Super Saiyan and beyond.

On the other hand, Kakarotty Black can only become Super Saiyan Rose, and fights using energy blades.

Fortunately these abilities and transformations are also available as spells and equipment for the player.

Who needs the Dragonborn when you have three Saiyan heroes?

2. Dragon Ball Auras and Techniques by Darkfoot

This mod enhances the racial powers and shouts in Skyrim to provide auras and buffs inspired by Dragon Ball techniques like KaioKen and Super Saiyan transformations.

The buffs give up to a 2.5x increase in effectiveness and a health regeneration effect, simulating the aura and boosting defense and resistance.

The Dragon Aspect Form is the equivalent of the Super Saiyan transformation.

1. Dragon Ball Outfit Re-texture

This mod is a re-texture of Backsteppo’s Dragon Ball Outfit for Skyrim, specifically for Goku’s outfit.

The Kamesenryu outfit is not changed. The mod has also been updated to include a dark version of the Vegeta outfit.