7 Skyrim Cat Girl Follower Mods

If you had to compare Skyrim to an anime or manga, it would be like an Isekai, in which a hero who doesn’t know he’s going to a fantasy world gets taken there.

A cat girl is something that can’t be left out of an Isekai or any other anime or manga with races other than humans. or four.

Skyrim does have the Khajiit. But I’m talking about cute and sexy catgirls who mostly look like human women except for their eyes, whiskers, ears, and maybe a little bit of fur.

Modding is the only way to add cat girls to Skyrim. And after more than 10 years, there are a lot of cute cats with mods waiting to go adventuring.

7. Fluff’s Hybrid Khajits

Cat Girl Follower

Before we go hunting for felines beyond the borders of Skyrim, we should take a look at the catgirls Bethesda gave us: the Khajit.

We like catgirls because they’re the epitome of cuteness and visual appeal, but female Khajit aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing.

Fluff’s Hybrid Khajits attempts to make them more attractive by downplaying their animal characteristics and driving them straight into proper catgirl territory.

This mod is ideal if you’ve never given the Khajit a chance due to their beastly appearance.

6. Sita the Khajit Ranger

Once you’ve made all female Khajit into bonafide catgirls, every Khajit mod is technically a catgirl mod too.

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Sita the Khajit Ranger by AceRoller is one of the best examples.

This fierce archer wants to prove not all Khajit are liars and cheats. What better way than helping the Dragonborn – a prophesized hero – save the world?

Ahh, if only she knew what I do when I’m not following the main story quest…

5. Miqo’te Followers

Fans of Square Enix’ Final Fantasy XIV will recognize the adorable Miqo’te, a race of beautiful cat-eared people from the world of Hydaelyn where the game takes place.

Miqo’te society is based on “harems” led by a “nunh”, or a powerful Miqo’te who’s either defeated the previous leader or left off to form their own harem.

This mod by Yakisoba-pan makes you the nunh to two sexy and cute Miqo’te ladies who’ll follow you around, helping you take care of business and generally being the prettiest thing in your vicinity all the time.

4. Miri – Hybrid Khajit Follower

The Miqo’te are definitely adorable catgirls, but they’re a bit too cute for the kind of bloody & disturbing adventure the Dragonborn finds themselves in every day.

If you want a catgirl who looks like she can fend for herself, consider Miri – a Khajit & Wood Elf hybrid who fights “unarmed”… and by “unarmed” I mean she produces ebony daggers from under her sleeves.

Regrettably, Miri doesn’t yet have a follower quest or any voiced dialogue.

But she’s drop-dead gorgeous and will definitely help you out during your travels.

3. Twenty-Eight Friendly Cats

Some people feel like Skyrim gets way too easy with followers.

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On the other hand, traversing the cold by yourself is a lonely experience.

Boringvlin’s Twenty-Eight Friendly Cats gives you the best of both worlds through a diverse group of cat followers that serve as your cute and cowardly travel companions.

They’ll liven up your surroundings with their meowing and other funny cat behaviors – but when danger approaches, they’ll vault to safety, hiding behind a rock far away while you deal with the threat.

I know it’s not strictly a cat girl mod.

But some of these cats are definitely female, and I couldn’t pass up a chance to feature this hilarious mod.

2. M’rissi’s Tails of Troubles

Anyone who’s been trying follower mods for a while knows there’s no catgirl like M’rissi, a now-legendary Khajit with an emotional rollercoaster of a storyline.

Creator KreaQ really pulled no punches when designing M’rissi’s questline.

There’s amnesia, torture, and necromancers, but also humor and heartwarming moments that’ll make you regain faith in humanity – or whatever race you choose to play as.

While she does look pretty damn good, M’rissi’s personality is her main appeal.

She changes as the story and your relationship progress, you can teach her combat moves, and she updates her outfit to fit her surroundings.

If you like M’rissi but don’t love her visual design, consider Fluffy’s M’rissi Replacer and the more Western-styled M’rissi Renewed for an improved look.

1. Nekohime – Catgirl HPH Character Preset

This mod is a preset for the character customization mod “Racemenu” in the game Skyrim. It allows players to create a character with a High Poly Head that is designed to look like a catgirl, or a humanoid with cat-like features. Specifically, it is designed for a race in Skyrim called “Khajiit,” which are a feline humanoid race in the game.

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In order to use this preset, players must have the Racemenu mod installed, as well as any other mods that the preset requires. These requirements may include other mods that add new hairstyles, eye textures, or other features that the preset uses to create its unique appearance.

Once all the required mods are installed, players can apply the Nekohime preset to their character in Racemenu, and customize it further to their liking. This can include adjusting the character’s facial features, skin tone, hair color, and more.

Overall, this mod is designed for players who want to create a unique and customized character in Skyrim, with a distinctive cat-like appearance.