12 Best Nordic Armor Mods for Skyrim

All things Nord in The Elder Scrolls V are based on Nordic culture, which is a great place to look for ideas for new weapons.

The Nords of Skyrim look like the Vikings of Northern Europe. They have fair skin and are mostly blonde. Their skills as fighters are the stuff of legends.

But even brave fighters need gear that will protect them from dangerous blades, and mods are the best way to find something better than your average Iron and Steel set.

Check out the following mods if you want the best clothes that Nordic and Viking heroes would wear.

12. Nordic Hunter light armor

“This mod introduces a new set of light armor, specifically designed for hunter and ranger characters, into the game.

The armor adheres to the lore and aesthetics of the game world, allowing players to immerse themselves in the role of a hunter or ranger more effectively.

It provides an alternative option for players seeking a visually appealing and thematically appropriate armor set for their character.”

11. Nordic Spellweaver Armor

“This mod enhances your character’s appearance and presence as an arcane-wielding badass in the game.

It adds new visually striking robes, accessories, and effects that align with the theme of wielding powerful magic.

By using this mod, players can fully embody the role of a formidable spellcaster and visually showcase their mastery of arcane arts within the game world.”

10. Nordic Hauberk

We’ll start with a chain mail hauberk that looks like what a real Viking from the 9th to 11th centuries would have worn.

Based on the quality of the materials and the use of chain mail, this well-made hauberk was probably worn by a famous fighter.

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The mod adds 9 hauberks with different color and material combos.

The chain mail can be light, dark, or rusty, and the sleeves can be checked or striped.

Check out Nordic Helmets for the full historically correct look of a Nordic warrior.

9. Vannord Carved Nordic Armor & Weapons

Vannord Carved Nordic Armor & Weapons is a must-have if you care more about flashy armor and epic weapons than about being true to history.

This mod adds a magical glow to the ornamental carvings on the Nordic Carved armor set, which was added with the Dragonborn update.

The bright power coming from the new Nordic Carved armor moves through a wide range of colors, like the aurora borealis. These colors include red, green, blue, purple, and yellow.

Make sure you add some strong spells to back up this dramatic look.

8. Nordic Wanderer’s Equipment

Plate armor is usually pretty big, which is something I’ve never liked.

I like how fantasy cartoons and JRPGs often have slim, form-fitting designs.

The Nordic Wanderer’s Equipment mod adds a new set of steel armor for both male and female characters that blends classic Nordic materials and colors with a modern design philosophy.

It gives up on reality and stylizes the armor, but only a little bit. You won’t look different from the rest of the world, but you’ll be the best-looking explorer wherever you go.

If you like to play as Argonian or Khajiit characters, you should get the beast race support patch.

7. Nordic Adventurer’s Armor

The Nordic Adventurer’s Armor is the way to go if you’re willing to try something more sumptuous.

This armor is designed around an intrepid adventurer braving dangerous catacombs and arcane powers beyond human comprehension for the promise of epic loot.

It’s a patchwork of carved plate, expensive-looking furs, and intriguing accessories plucked from the hands of defeated Draugr in the most ancient caves in Skyrim.

When I think of the Dragonborn – an untiring hero thirsty for glory, power, and new experiences – I picture them in this kind of armor.

6. Ancient Nord Armory Extreme

If you want to know where the current forging practices of the Nords come from, just look at the armor worn by the undead Draugr who roam the catacombs in the area.

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The Ancient Nord Armoury Extreme adds a lot of new types of Ancient Nord armor, which are spread out in leveled lists so that you can get them while playing normally.

It adds more than 25 new things, from generic pieces of armor to named items with powerful spells and flashy looks.

The Ancient Helmet of the Unburned and Everscorch and the Flaming Greatsword are my best new items. They make you look like Azor Ahai from A Song of Ice and Fire, but in Tamriel.

5. Black Bear Ancient Nord Armor

Another fantastic Ancient Nord variant not included in the previous pack is the Black Bear Ancient Nord Armor.

This set looks a lot more protective than the average Ancient Nord equipment. There’s black leather where the Ancient Nord armor used to expose your skin, and thick bear furs protect you from the cold.

It features three helmet variants for added customization and a special Berserker Armor stripped down to the bare minimum protection to expose your shredded abs and bad-ass war paint.

You can also choose an all-black color scheme or a more balanced brown leather palette.

4. Nord Tribal Armor

Contrary to popular belief, Nordic life is not just about war and fighting.

There’s also time for exploring, traveling, and learning – all activities where chainmail or plate armor might be less than ideal.

The Nord Tribal Armor offers a light armor alternative in style reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla’s Vikings. It features stylish tunics and plenty of furs to keep you warm.

Get it for rangers, herbalists, and anyone who needs protection from the cold Skyrim wind.

3. Nord Raven Battle Armor

Another armor set drawing inspiration Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is the Nord Raven Battle Armor.

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It’s modeled after the equipment worn by Raven Clan warriors during the Viking Expansion, and it’ll serve your Dragonborn against the dangers of Skyrim just as well.

The armor’s materials and general design aren’t far from vanilla Nord styles. A little bit more refined, but you’re probably Thane of at least four holds by now – you’re expected to look good.

The mod features a hood and a lowered hood, so you can enjoy your character’s hairstyle without losing the helmet armor slot.

2. Nordic Leather Armor

The Nordic Carved Armor is probably the coolest-looking vanilla armor in the entire game – and many mods use it as a base for something new.

Nordic Leather Armor takes the best parts of the Nordic Carved set and updates them by cutting down on the steel plate and replacing it with leather.

The result is a gorgeous lightweight armor that makes you look like an adventurous badass in a high-fantasy universe.

What really brings it all together is the high-quality textures, featuring intricate ornamental details and natural wear throughout the entire set.

1. Nordic Round Shields

One of the most well-known things about Viking fighters is that they liked to use small, round shields that were called “rond” because of their shape.

The Viking fighter had more freedom of movement because these shields were made of light wood and could be stacked to make an impenetrable shield wall.

Like Viking shields from the past, these Nordic Round Shields have brightly colored sigils and designs that show the wielder’s heraldry, loyalty, or divine protection.

Here, you can try out a huge number of different shields. With 48 different logos, several buckles, and some unique types of metal reinforcement, there are a lot of different ways to use it.

And if you like this mod, check out Nordic Shields of the Companions and Nordic Round Guard Shields to give your fellow Skyrim natives shields that are worthy of their history.