8 Best Nocturnal Mods for Skyrim

The majority of us have the concept that the “ideal” or “canon” Dragonborn is a brave hero whose only goal is to prevent Alduin from capturing Skyrim and enslaving the populace.

But what do we actually do when we play the game? We adore Daedric Princes in all directions. It plays a key role in practically every main questline!

You only have one soul to sell to the devil, which is regrettable. Who will it be then?

There is just one option, in my opinion:

The Mistress of the Night, Nocturnal Mods, and the guild of thieves’ patron.

If you’re still unsure, maybe these Nocturnal-enhancing tweaks may give you the extra motivation you need to fully commit to the night.

8. No to Nocturnal

Nocturnal Mods

The fact that you must take Nocturnal’s Oath in order to become Guild Master has always irked me about the Thieves Guild questline.

Why can’t a thief succeed with cunning and tenacity instead of giving their immortal soul to the Daedra?

If you’re playing a Nord, or even worse, a Nord Stormcloak, this may be very disastrous for you. You are aware of their opinions about Sovngarde.

Simply saying “no” to Nocturnal by SoupDragon allows you to reject the oath.

Even if you won’t become a Nightingale or get access to the Twilight Sepulcher, you will still succeed in leading the Thieves Guild and receive Karliah’s Bow as payment for your victory over Mercer.

7. Nightingale’s Nocturnal Gear

Nocturnal’s Gear by Ferogain will see to it that those of you who desire to serve Nocturnal into the afterlife are duly compensated.

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I am aware of your thoughts.

You have Nightingale gear already!

That is accurate, but what sort of rogue requires less expensive illusion spells? Why in the world do you have Frost Resistance?

If you ask me, it’s all rather useless.

With improved stats and practical enchantments, this mod replaces the Nightingale armor and weapons with ones that are worthy.

6. Corvus – Swords of Nocturnal

She’ll probably continue rewarding you as you get better at serving Nocturnal.

In Corvus – Swords of Nocturnal, creator Tartaross gives us an example of what he envisions that would entail.

This modification adds a single-edged falchion blade to the European design. The Nightingales’ emblem is shown in brilliant silver on the sheath’s all-black leather construction.

To accommodate various playstyles, the sword is available in one-handed and two-handed forms.

However, Nocturnal won’t simply extend you her goodwill.

You have to earn the Tokens of Nocturnal that you need to make these weapons. They’ll presumably be discovered when completing Thieves Guild quests.

5. Noctoral Archmage Robes

Possibly the most gorgeous piece of clothing in Skyrim is Nocturnal’s robes.

These robes appear seductive but are cozy and ideal for lounging and sleeping in.

If you don’t mind people thinking you’re an exhibitionist, you might wear them to a formal occasion because they have a posh appearance.

You’re the Dragonborn, so no worries! As long as you save the planet, nobody will care.

These robes are made available to the player by modder Alexraptor, but you have to work for them.

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They take the place of the female Archmage’s attire, hence obtaining them requires becoming an Archmage in Winterhold.

4. Marryable nocturnal adherent

Even though working for Nocturnal is a privilege, what about becoming married to the Night Mistress?

A Daedric Prince is roughly comparable to a Dragonborn, in my opinion.

She has a femme fatale appearance that is hard to equal, making her one of the sexiest characters in Tamrielic mythology. Nocturnal personifies the enigmatic quality that is said to be necessary to be appealing.

By adding an avatar of Nocturnal wearing her distinctive robes to the Bannered Mare, this Nocturnal follower mod by Split Horizon enables you to hire and even marry her.

3. The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal

The famed thief Gray Fox, whom you encounter during a protracted questline in TES4: Oblivion, is known for wearing the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal, a Daedric artifact.

The Nightingale gear is available to you as a gift from Nocturnal in vanilla Skyrim, but the Cowl is regretfully not present. Herein lies the value of Iceberg’s mod.

This modification adds a fully functional cowl that performs all the functions of the original and some additional ones.

It tracks a different criminal bounty while you wear it because everyone will think you’re the fabled Gray Fox.

Additionally, it makes it easier to creep about, carry a heavier weight, and see foes through walls.

2. Nightmare Portal HD

In the original version of Skyrim, we only “really” interact with Nocturnal when we summon the Night Mistress in the Twilight Sepulcher as part of the Darkness Returns quest.

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If you’re a true Nocturnal fan, what better way to welcome her arrival than by providing a deserving portal?

Nocturnal’s Gateway HD by GRY is a brilliant mod that enhances the textures of the portal, making them more beautiful and detailed.

More moss is covering the stones, and the three moon emblems have a lighter blue hue that lessens their holographic appearance.

1. Umbral Embrace: A Nocturnal Visual Overhaul

Even though it lasts only a short while, finally getting to know Nocturnal “in the flesh” during Darkness Returns makes the entire questline worthwhile.

With Umbral Embrace by HeartAttackMan, it might even be better.

Already gorgeous in the base game, Nocturnal. She is, nonetheless, the “Night Mistress.”

She’s meant to resemble the night itself!

Her appearance has been completely altered by this mod to something much more enigmatic and strange.

Her garment is made of energy that is as dark as the deepest darkness, and her skin has the icy glimmer of the moon.

You will experience a mixture of awe and fear as you gaze into her eyes, which are as brilliant as stars, and you will understand what it’s like to summon a Daedric Prince.