18 Best Argonian Mods in Skyrim

Do you like Argonians as much as I do? Then you need to look at these modifications.

I’ve put together a list of the best add-ons that you can install to improve your experience as an Argonian player.

Some of these add-ons are things you didn’t even know you needed, but they make the game much more enjoyable.

Some of these mods don’t directly change your character, but they all make the game better for you as an Argonian.

They’re so different from other toys that it’s fun to play with them. And I love everything that the modding community has made that has to do with lizards.

There are some very bad mods out there, but don’t worry, I’m not including them on my list.

18. Argonian Exports

Argonian Mods in Skyrim

Black Marsh has very little presence in Skyrimwith only passing references to the endless swampy homeland of the Argonians made in books and in dialogue.

Argonian goods are different than most, being made to adapt to the marshland environment, and in-lore their alcoholic drinks are the stuff of legends thanks to Argonians’ hardy bodies.

The Argonian Exports mod brings some of this Black Marsh culture and flavor to Skyrim, specifically just outside Solitude.

The merchant has his shop on the Saxheel, an Argonian trade ship docked in the Solitude harbor.

Players can buy Argonian weapons and armor, Argonian Ale, furnishings and accents, as well as the rare commodity Hist Sap.

17. Amazing Race Tweaks

Argonians are given an absolute litany of new powers and skill modifications with their custom version of the Amazing Race Tweaks mod, mostly to do with their connection to the Hist.

New abilities include the return of Shadowscale, the near-invisibility ability from Oblivion, the Protective Scales ability which adds melee weapon resistance, and the Histsight and Histskin powers for underwater sight and enhanced healing, respectively.

In addition to all of that, Argonians are also given a much faster swim speed thanks to their tail, a damaging poison cloak, higher health values, better Restoration bonuses, as well as the addition of Poison Resistance and Weakness to Frost.

They are given huge bonuses to Restoration and Sneak, while Block, Destruction, Illusion, and Lockpicking receive minor bonuses.

16. Breastless Argonian Females

One problem with Argonians throughout The Elder Scrolls series is the presence of breasts on females.

This is explained in-game through various stories involving how the sentient Hist created the Argonians, but ultimately it just doesn’t make much sense for humanoid lizards to have mammalian breasts – perhaps they were given human-like breasts to make them less alien, but many players believe them unnecessary.

15. Marsh Armor

What kind of Argonian wouldn’t want to represent their roots by carrying a Heavy Armor of the Black Marsh into battle?

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This mod adds an armor that is meant to be worn by Argonians, which means to represent the swamplands from which they come.

I know that many of you don’t play as Argonian warriors.

But if you’re tired of going around killing people or stealing stuff in a sneaky manner then this mod is going to suit your game quite well.

14. Argonian Snake Eyes

We’re all reptiles in this blessed day, so why not create an Argonian character with the same eyes that a snake has?

With this mod you’ll be able to access different eye styles for your Argonian character during the character creation menu.

But you may also edit your character while in-game after installing this mod if you wish to edit your current Argonian and not start over again.

It doesn’t break the lore-friendliness of the story at all, but do avoid it if you don’t like creepy things – your character is going to look eerie when you apply these eyes to it.

13. Argonian Fins

I’ll never understand why adding fins to your character stopped being a thing in Skyrim, when it was such an amazing feature to have in previous Elder Scrolls games.

They just looked so cool and I used to add them to all of my Argonian characters (which means all of my characters, as I absolutely love Argonians).

You might argue saying that Argonians who live in colder temperatures don’t need fins. But I’ll rebuff your argument because it doesn’t make sense.

In any case this mod makes your Argonian capable of growing fins once again. And you’ll be able to set them up on your character while in the creation menu.

12. Dread Tentacles

Argonians don’t have hair – it wouldn’t make sense for a lizard or any water creature to have it (and I’m not talking about mammals).

However some creatures do have tentacles.

Now let’s say that these tentacles grew out of your head.

It would look like hair, right? That’s absolutely right my friend.

The Dread Tentacles mod adds just that to the game.

Time to make your Argonian look like a discount version of Bob Marley with one of the sleekest hair mods that I’ve seen in all of my years playing and modding this fantastic game.

11. Argonian Improvements – Horns

Horns leave a lot to be desired – especially when it comes to their clunky textures.

This mod, however, completely changes the way horns look by adding fully customized textures and changing the ones that come with the vanilla game.

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It’s just one of those little things that you might not even care for if you don’t play Argonian (or even if you don’t put horns on yours). But it does make a world of difference and it’s instantly noticeable one you add them to the game.

A great QOL improvement!

10. Argonian Retexture

This mod basically makes Argonians look a little bit more “reptile-ish” by improving the textures of each skin tone and adding new scales and other shenanigans to the basic textures of the game.

Again, a small change, but hugely noticeable if you’ve been playing Argonian for a while.

9. Argonian Sneak Tail Twist Fix

Dude why do Argonian tails look so bad when you enter sneak mode?

Shouldn’t they look a bit more natural? Yes, in fact they do.

I do not like how they look at all. The creator of the mod thought the same as me, and I’m really stoked for it – he managed to create a fix that makes Argonian tails look far better whenever you crouch (read that as: enter sneak mode).

No longer will the tail of your Argonian twist awkwardly whenever you crouch – it’s time for you to go over that assassin or thief playthrough once again and notice the massive difference!

8. Argonian Mercenary Armor

Alright, I know that Argonians aren’t necessarily built to be warriors.

But this armor will make you change your mind on that regard.

The Argonian mercenary armor might as well be the only armor in the game that truly suits an Argonian fighter, and it makes them look as badass as any other warrior in the game. If you’re going to play as an Argonian rogue knight, this mod is a must-have among any other armor mods for Skyrim.

7. Raptor Feet

As you might’ve noticed, many of the mods that I picked for this list aren’t really major changes for Argonians.

However if you’ve played the race for as long as I have, you’ll probably notice the difference as soon as you install them.

Such is the case for the Raptor Feet mod, which makes the feet of your Argonian characters look like as if they were the feet of an ancient velociraptor.

As I said, it’s a small change. But quite a cool one for any long-term Argonian player.

6. Argonian Boy Mod

I find it extremely racist that Argonian kids are not common.

In fact, why on Earth can’t we even adopt an Argonian kid?

Do Argonians only reproduce on the Black Marsh? Actually don’t answer that, I’m not as enriched in the Skyrim lore to know whether this is true or not. But I digress.

This fantastic mod allows you to adopt an Argonian kid, who is very well-detailed and works to fit most types of players.

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It’s a pretty cool kid, and it fits an Argonian playthrough quite perfectly. Also kudos to the creator of the mod for calling it “my little hatchling”. I found that really funny.

5. Darkwater Den

A house fitting for an Argonian, but in Skyrim? Count me in!

This mod adds the Darkwater Den to the game, which is basically a marsh-looking house that will make any Argonian feel like they belong there.

The creator of the mod put a lot of effort into it, as he made it based on the Black Marsh content that you find in Elder Scrolls online, so it truly feels like you’re on the homeland of the Argonians.

There’s a lot of detail put into this mod and it’s not only one of those “swamp-looking” houses. You’re going to have everything you need to have a comfortable life here.

4. BAT – Bigger Argonian Tails

If tails were a sign of strength, most Argonians would probably be seen as sissies.

The Bigger Argonian Tails mod changes that, so all of you who judge the power of an entity on the size of their tail (I don’t know why would they do that, but there’s all kinds of people in this world) might start looking at Argonians differently.

Crappy jokes aside, the BAT mod increases the size of Argonian tails in a natural way.

So they look much better without feeling “out of place” in the world of TES.

3. Whiter Teeth

This mod does exactly what its title suggests.

It whitens the teeth of Argonians and Khajit to make the tone much more brushed, if you know what I mean.

Gone are the days of yellow teeth in the game – that’s reserved for the brutes that are the Nords. Argonians might be beasts, but they aren’t savages!

Not all of them, anyway.

2. Drachis Argonians Mod

Imagine if Argonians looked more like dragons and less like lizards – how cool would that be?

It’s time for you to find out by downloading the Drachis Argonian Mod, which retexturizes every single Argonian in the game as well as in the character creator to make their skins look like the scales of dragons.

1. FAR – Forgotten Argonian Roots

The fact that I’ve decided to put a retexture as the best mod on this list is probably enough to tell you how fantastic it is.

The textures look so good that you’ll think Bethesda put them there.

It basically adds a lot more diversity to Argonians, as the name suggests. It’s as if they had roots from other places in Cyrodiil!

Highly recommend this for any Aragonian playthrough.