18 Best Skyrim Waifu Mods of All Time

As the community ages and Skyrim’s 10th anniversary comes and goes, one thing becomes clear: waifus are a big part of everyone’s dream fantasy life.

If you look at the most recommended mods on the Nexus, you’ll see what I mean.

Waifus are more than just large-sized dolls without souls.

Instead of just adding a bunch of fake girls to your Skyrim, you should look for the one who makes your heart sing.

Let me tell you about some of the best waifu mods to improve your love life in Skyrim.

18. Eli’s Waifu Mod

This mod adds Telana, an Imperial half-elf dual wield rogue character, as a follower in “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” Telana specializes in stealth, possesses all relevant perks, and does not have any magical abilities.

She is a standalone follower, requiring no additional mods to appear as depicted in the provided screenshots.

Please note that Telana cannot be married in the game, as she is already devoted to another character named Rumarin.

17. Cutest waifu NA

This mod provides a preset character that players can use as a starting point for creating their own character in the game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” The preset is designed to work well for both male and female characters.

By using this mod, players can save time and effort in character creation by utilizing the provided preset as a foundation. It serves as a template or reference for designing a unique character appearance.

Whether players want to create a male or female character, this mod offers a helpful starting point to build upon, making the character creation process more convenient and enjoyable.

16. BTRH Waifu

This mod is a standalone modification for the game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” and it alters the female non-playable characters (NPCs) in the base game as well as the expansions “Dawnguard,” “Hearthfire,” and “Dragonborn.”

The mod is designed in a way that it can be used independently, meaning you don’t need any other mods to use it.

When installing the mod through the Nexus Mod Manager (NMM), you have the option to install all the modifications at once or select and install them individually based on your preferences.

Overall, this mod aims to enhance and change the appearance or behavior of female NPCs in the game, providing a unique experience for players who choose to use it.

15. Bijin Wives

Camilla, Ysolda, Sylgja, Temba, Taarie, Muirir, Senna, Grelka, and Morwen all get a whole new look thanks to Bijin Wives by Rxkx22.

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They’ll go from looking old and worn out to having smooth skin and beautiful features.

It’s important to know that this mod only affects their face, hair, and skin. If you want a different body type, like UNP or CBBE, you’ll have to get something else.

If you like this mod, you should also check out Bijin NPCs, which gives almost every named woman in the game a similar look.

14. Lilly – Female Courier Replacer

The courier is a unique character you’ll meet several times throughout your journey.

He’s not a very interesting person, unless you turn him into a hot girl.

This great mod by AlpineYJ changes the vanilla mailman with Lilly, a hot runner who dresses well and doesn’t take her job as seriously.


Well, you can get her to join your group, but then who will bring the mail?

Lilly has a full voice, which makes getting mail much better for me. If you want to meet her when she’s not working, go to Belethor’s in Whiterun.

13. Female Cicero

In the same vein as our previous mod comes a Cicero replacer that’ll turn the creepy old assassin into the closest thing Skyrim has to Harley Quinn.

A female Cicero may feel a bit weird for some. But you have to admit the scene where you run into Cicero by the side of the road is much more realistic this way.

I mean, who’d want to help a creepy jester?

A hot jester, on the other hand…

She has an attention-grabbing custom body and outfit, and all of Cicero’s lines have been feminized for consistency’s sake.

Cicero plays a sizable role in the Dark Brotherhood questline, and I find it much improved by Mouton’s genius genderbending mod.

12. Loonashadow

I love elf girls – especially in universes like The Elder Scrolls where being an elf goes far beyond just the pointy ears!

Loonashadow is a painfully cute wanderer born of a Bosmer mother and Dunmer father.

She has a unique look with crimson eyes and skin white as snow.

Other than her looks, this elf shines for her dialogue – fully voice acted by NexusMods user Loonashadow. Yes, this is a self-insert mod, but a damn good one!

She’ll comment on whatever hold or city you’re visiting, and may decide to share her self-authored poetry whenever you’re resting from your adventures.

11. Frozen in Time – Definitely Not Another Snow Elf Waifu Mod

New female followers are delightful.

But I like mods that make me work for the goods.

Frozen in Time by W. Skeever brings a challenging quest to reanimate an ancestral Snow Elf warrior and help her remember her past.

It’s a dark story involving ancient Dwemer tech and a crazed necromancer. Overcome the battles and puzzles, and you’ll recover a gorgeous Elven follower and a portable player home.

10. Vilja in Skyrim

Since Skyrim has been out for more than 10 years, Oblivion is pretty much a thing of the past.

Still, those of you with yellow bones might remember one of the best mods for this Cyrodiil journey ever made.

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Vilja was a Nord alchemist who was known to journey with Kvatch’s hero. She was always up to something and had a funny accent from the North.

Emma, the game’s original author, returns to Skyrim with Vilja and brings Vilja’s great-great-granddaughter with her as a follower for the Dragonborn.

You can also get the Vilja Remastered mod if you want to give her a new high-poly face.

9. Mirai – The Girl With the Dragon Heart

I’ve never been a fan of playing as a mage. I’m more of an up-close-and-personal kind of guy.

Still, I always appreciate good magical back-up – and you’ll struggle to find a stronger arcane warrior than Mirai by Kaleidx.

This adorable but lonely girl starts out guarded and distrustful of the Dragonborn.

After all, she’s known nothing but abandonment ever since she was a little girl – all because of her power.

Befriend her as you travel together through the gelid land of Skyrim to help her unlock her real power, and you’ll have a blast chiller of a follower.

Go a bit further and you can even marry her.

A girl with a dragon’s heart is just a perfect fit for the Dragonborn.

8. Caesia – Borne of Magic Revamped

Another mighty sorceress with a passionate personality is Caesia, a boastful and mysterious follower who’ll reveal herself to you slowly throughout your adventures.

Caesia was initially meant to be a character in Shezarrine: The Fate of Tamriel, a seemingly abandoned quest project by creator Anbeegod.

Fortunately, Caesia is 100% standalone, and her story is primarily independent of the original project.

7. Auri – Song of the Green

I’m a little bit jealous of how close the Bosmer are to nature. And after I got Waribiki’s Auri, I started to be jealous of their women.

This brave Bosmer adventurer will be happy to travel with you, checking out new areas and killing your enemies with a well-placed arrow.

You can leave it at that, or you can talk to her, learn more about the Bosmer culture, and finally help her with a small quest.

You can also try to find love, but getting married is not an option.

6. Neisa – Definitive Edition

One of the biggest risks of traveling with a drop-dead-gorgeous follower is the possibility of their looks distracting you in the middle of combat.

Luckily, PandeaWork’s Neisa is sturdy enough to handle all the aggro while you stare at her… intricately detailed armor.

Yeah, that’s what we’re all staring at.

Neisa grew famous fast among modding enthusiasts due to her gorgeous looks, but she’s also one of the few tanky followers.

She’s perfect for anyone playing a mage or a rogue who can lob arrows and spells at your enemies while she keeps them distracted.

I don’t know what’s bigger – her cleavage or her health bar.

5. Sofia – The Funny Fully Voiced Follower

Nothing is more beautiful than someone who is funny.

Sofia, by John Jarvis, is a follower with a strong voice that will make you laugh out loud.

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Sofia is cute, but she is also a bit strange. She’s always making trouble, and she’s a tsundere who tries to hide how much she likes the Dragonborn.

It’s all about the chatter in this mod. Sofia has something to say about every important place, and she’ll even talk about certain tasks.

She can also sing a few songs.

Plus, Remastered Sofia can make you look better, and this mod will give high-poly heads to other characters in her questline.

4. Recorder

Another iconic waifu follower (waifollower?) with excellent humorous dialogue is Recorder, created and voice-acted by the talented PotasticPanda.

If you fell a world-eating dragon with your Thu’um, but nobody was there to watch it, did you really save the world?

Recorder is a student from a far-away academy sent to Skyrim to document the rise of the Dragonborn. She’ll follow you around from Riverwood onward, providing witty commentary and being an all-around sweetheart.

She can sing, half her lines are video game references, and she can become your lover – if you give her a good adventure to, well, record!

3. Triss Merigold

Triss Merigold needs no introduction for CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher fans.

Also known as Merigold the Fearless, she’s a powerful sorceress who’s as beautiful as she’s dangerous – and she’s a romance option for Geralt in The Witcher 3.

This mod by Zzjay brings her to Skyrim as a powerful follower and possible lover.

She has fully voiced dialogue (straight from TW3), and comes with a couple different outfits.

This mod is based on Zzjay’s Triss Merigold Race mod, so if you’d rather play as the red-haired sorceress then try that out!

2. M’rissi’s Tails of Troubles

Catgirls have been the Internet’s favorite fantasy race for decades.

And you won’t find a better catgirl waifu in Skyrim than M’rissi.

This mod by KreaQ introduces a massive branching questline spanning around 8 hours. There are three main possible outcomes, along with a wide array of minor “endings” to your adventure with M’rissi.

All dialogue is fully voice acted, and there’s a lot of it.

M’rissi is a complex character whose relationship with the Dragonborn will evolve in response to your actions and dialogue choices.

I can confidently say you won’t find a follower/quest mod as emotionally intense as M’rissi’s Tails of Troubles.

Hopefully you’ll come out the other side with a happy Khajit waifu.

1. I’m Glad You’re Here – Follower & Spouse Appreciation Mod

Regardless of who you choose to spend the rest of your in-game life with, what matters is that you treat each other with the love and support you deserve.

Regrettably, spouse interactions in vanilla Skyrim are pretty basic.

“I’m Glad You’re Here” fixes that by opening up loving dialogue options and letting you hug your partner to protect them from the cold winds of northern Tamriel.

The mod also improves your relationship with your friends and kids, helping you live out your ideal fantasy family life with the waifu of your dreams.