Skyrim Special Edition: 17 Best Custom Voiced Follower Mods

Skyrim includes an incredibly entertaining follower system that provides the Dragonborn with a traveling companion.

Over time, though, the game may start to feel unimpressive due to the few companion selections available.

You should be able to choose from a variety of new characters on this list of the top 17 Skyrim fan mods to accompany you on your next playing.

The 2016 release of Skyrim Special Edition has lasted longer than most games.

This longevity can be largely attributed to the Skyrim modding community, which keeps the game interesting.

Since a lot of work has gone into the follower mods for Skyrim, they frequently rival some of the best companions in the base game.

17. Inigo

Follower Mods

On the nexus modifications website, Inigo, a cunning Khajiit warrior, is one of their most beloved friends.

He will keep you entertained throughout your excursions with his over 7000 lines of custom-voiced speech.

When Inigo interacts with other NPCs in Skyrim, he experiences a really immersive experience.

Additionally, he modifies his speech in response to the decisions you make as you advance.

He can usually evade most of the game’s traps because of his skill in sneaky circumstances.

Additionally, he doesn’t help you in quiet while his voice raises questions.


Few modders in Skyrim Special Edition will exhibit the level of character growth that Lucien does.

When you first go out on your adventure, he may not appear to be the most proficient fighter, but he quickly picks up both his abilities and heroic demeanor.

The 5000 lines of original custom-voiced dialogue that Lucien includes have a growing theme exactly like the character.

This is perhaps the best companion character arc you will discover if you’re looking for one.

15. Fantastic Follower Mods SE

Due to the numerous features, it adds to the follower system, even though this patch does not introduce any new non-player characters to the game, it is still the most popular follower mod for Skyrim Special Edition.

The “Amazing Follower Tweaks SE” mod enhances the system’s usefulness by enabling you to control your followers’ attire, teach them new spells, transform them into werewolves or vampires, alter their fighting techniques, and more.

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As with the majority of Skyrim mods, before using one, make sure it is compatible with any other mods that are already installed and running in your game.

14. Hoth

The extremely unusual follower Hoth is a trophy-wearing bounty hunter.

Along with having his own plot, Hoth also creates objectives for the player based on where they are.

These are contracts for bounty hunting, as opposed to the tasks given by a normal quest giver, which Hoth acquires through time.

This implies that he will frequently have work for you to accomplish.

Hoth is a solitary follower with all of his voices.

He is particularly special in that he even comes with bespoke gear, including his weapon.

13. Standalone Fully Voiced Follower Recorder

One of the most intriguing Skyrim mods is Recorder by potasticpanda.

She is a student sent to Skyrim to document the exploits of the Dragonborn.

She attends an obscure academy.

Throughout your journey, this amusing travel companion will keep you entertained with her wit as you try to figure out where she came from.

Anybody who appreciates video game characters using meta language in their dialogue will enjoy this particular mod.

12. Skyrim’s Vilja

This patch deserves to be as well-liked as it is on the Nexus Mods website, without a doubt.

In addition to the tens of thousands of lines that come with her adventures, Vilja is a custom-voiced companion who comes with over 6500 lines of conversation.

Vilja offers several questlines, one of which is for love and marriage, as opposed to one long one.

You’ll be engrossed in this and all the potential talks for a very long time.

Her reaction to you will depend on what you say to her and how you treat your surroundings.

Although she is a rather skilled fighter, you have the option of changing your strategy based on the circumstances.

11. The Green Song (Auri follower)

This is one of the few followers in Skyrim who is as devoted to a certain culture as they are.

Auri will give you a quest that is focused on Bosmer culture while you travel with her and will continuously inform you about it.

Auri does an excellent job of carrying out the fundamental duties of a follower while also making fun of your deeds.

She also interacts with NPCs in Skyrim in interesting ways. With the appropriate tweaks, this can even apply to modified NPCs.

10. Your home is my home.

This mod for Skyrim SE is not your typical follower mod.

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It adds a nice new element to the game that enables you to offer each of your current followers their own home instead of giving you more followers.

These homes can be located anywhere you like, including unique player residences that you include in the game.

If the follower whose home it belongs to is following you, this mod even enables fast travel to any of these residences.

9. The Funny Fully Voiced Follower, Sofia

One of the most amusing characters in the game is Sofia, played by John Jarvis.

Your interest is maintained throughout your interaction with her because of her sharp wit and quirky attitude.

Depending on where she is and what her present objective is, her speech will vary.

After giving her some booze, you can access a different set of personalized conversations for her.

8. The girl with the Dragon Heart, Mirai (Skyrim Special Edition)

Mirai, who can be found in Markarth, is a terrific friend and may make your postgame much more fascinating thanks to a fulfilling personal mission.

She advances her summoning all the way to a frost atronach as she develops alongside the player.

You will be rewarded for taking the time to get to know her by her complex personality.

With over a thousand lines of the original dialogue and the wisdom to avoid circumstances that call for a lot of stealth, the Standalone Follower mod for Skyrim Special Edition is a great addition.

Not only is Mirai a fantastic travel companion, but she is also a very skilled stealthy one.

7. Ultimate Follower Overhaul SE, or UFO

The wonderful quality-of-life mod “Ultimate Follower Overhaul” increases the utility of your followers.

You can alter the appearance and functionality of your followers thanks to the expanded conversation choices.

Now, among other things, you can ask them to unwind for a moment, don a different outfit, or even perform a spell from the inventory.

With this mod, you can obtain 15 additional followers and give them horses to ride. Major cities and stables both house these horses.

You will also gain access to a few cool follower features, such as changed level caps, dual-wielding, creeping, and marriage.

6. Friends and supporters

This mod may be for you if you don’t care too much about follower missions and just want a lot more allies to select from.

The 12 new followers included by this mod each have a specific area of expertise and travel to different parts of Skyrim.

These NPCs include frost magicians and unarmed combatants.

5. Reimagined Livia Salvian: A Custom-Voiced Follower

With more than 1500 lines of speech, Livia is a fascinating follower.

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She contributes an intriguing body of narrative to your game, and her own questline gradually unveils more about her persona.

Your relationship with Livia may alter as you play the game and advance.

Conversations you have with her may be impacted by choices like joining the dark brotherhood.

4. Kaidan

Unlike many of the people on this list that follow him, Kaidan is more interested in the romantic side of your relationship.

By merely speaking to Kaidan while wearing an amulet of Mara, you can pursue this if you so want.

Kaidan not only has the potential to be a romantic interest but also has his own missions.

These quests will delve into Kaidan’s narrative.

By selecting the appropriate discussion topics during your voyage with him, you can engage in them.

3. Dialogue Add-On for Serana

This patch improves one of the best companions from the original Vanilla Skyrim rather than introducing new followers to the game.

The “Serana Dialogue add-on” patch enhances Serana’s immersiveness by enhancing her functionality and conversational choices.

She has almost 3000 new phrases that are delivered with excellent voice acting, and she can sing lore-friendly songs so you’ll never get bored.

With all the innovative features that this redesign adds, Serana might genuinely feel like a new friend who still has all the qualities you adore about her.

2. Extensible Follower Framework, or EFF

This mod adds its own distinctiveness while assisting in improving the usefulness of followers in Skyrim.

The “EFF” patch adds a tonne of really helpful features to the game, including the ability for followers to ride horses, unwind, dual-wield, harvest particular goods, and much more.

The level cap increase that this mod adds to the game is what makes it genuinely unique.

EFF, in contrast to most mods, lets you add up to 100 followers at once.

This could significantly affect how you play and progress through the game.

1. The Secret Philosopher: Aurlyn Dawnstone

The veteran sorcerer Aurlyn might make an interesting sidekick for the player character.

As you chat with her at various locations throughout your play, you can learn more about her intriguing past.

She has more than 1000 lines of individually voiced dialogues.

Aurlyn performs reasonably well in close combat, but she really shines when using ranged weapons.

She has access to plenty of potent spells that will help you out in combat because she is a sorceress.