18 Best Skyrim New Lands & Locations Mods

One of the best things about Skyrim additions like Dawnguard and Dragonborn was the chance to go to new places.

Even though Skyrim is still a popular game that gets updates every few years, Bethesda hasn’t added any new content in a long time.

Good thing the bad guys never get a break. And modders keep making awesome new stories for the Dragonborn.

So let’s look at the best mods that add new lands and places for you to conquer with Thu’um, blades, and magic.

18. Kamdoon

Skyrim New Lands & Locations Mods

This mod creates a new world called Kamdoon, inspired by the creator’s experience playing Oblivion and Skyrim.

It has taken over 7 months to create and is a large map.

The mod offers a unique and different experience for players looking for something new.

An update is currently in progress.

17. BlackLand

This mod, called Summerset Isle, adds 10 to 20+ hours of new gameplay to the game Skyrim.

It introduces a new island, village, dungeons, quests, NPC’s, spells, mini-games, survival modes, secrets, and Easter eggs.

When players start the mod, they receive a new spell tome called “Teleport to BlackLand” which teaches them the “Teleport to BlackLand” spell, allowing them to teleport to the new location.

16. Summerset Isle

Summerset Isle is a fan-made expansion mod for the game Skyrim.

It follows the story of the Arch-Mage of Winterhold, who is summoned to the land of the Altmer.

The mod features mystery and heroic fantasy elements with quests that allow players to explore, make choices, and mistakes.

The decisions players make in the game will have consequences for the game’s story and outcome.

15. Land of Vominheim

Back when I first played Skyrim, I remember reaching the northern coast and wishing I could just grab a boat and sail out to sea in hopes of finding new lands to conquer.

Venjhammet’s Vominheim makes that dream come true.

This mysterious volcanic archipelago lies north of Dawnstar and was first settled by a powerful necromancer during the last Dragon War.

As such, there are dark energies and remnants of macabre rituals scattered everywhere around the island.

This mod doesn’t include an overarching questline. But there are many interesting NPCs, exciting treasure hunts, an all-new player home to explore, and lots more.

14. The Republic of Maslea

Halfway between Tamriel and the mysterious lands of Akavir lies the Republic of Maslea, a unique tropical nation founded in the First Era by a splinter of the Cyrodiilic Alessian Order.

Once a fearsome oceanic superpower, Maslea is now a chaotic land whose people remain divided by race, social standing, and ideologies.

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Its architecture is equal parts basic colonial structures and grand palaces with intricate decoration.

You’ll get many hours of fun out of Anthelius’ Maslea.

There’s a branching storyline, over a dozen side-quests, and detailed lore to discover.

13. The Haven from The Cold and Dark

I’m not usually a fan of the cold climate and desolate environments that are so common in Skyrim.

If I had my way, I’d rather go on a colorful adventure through lush tropical forests.

This new land by NevahNevah gives us a little pocket full of warmth and lush greens in the form of The Haven – a group of islands settled by the Bosmer and located somewhere between Summerset and Hammerfell.

There’s not much to do other than taking in the scenery – but when it’s this beautiful, that’s more than enough.

12. Bruma

The BeyondSkyrim team has been working tirelessly on expanding Skyrim beyond its borders for years.

It’s a massive undertaking with little to show for progress – but what it does have is impressive.

Bruma is the northernmost county of Cyrodiil, a cold land where Imperial culture meets the harsh climate.

Fans of TES IV: Oblivion will love a new chance to explore Ayleid ruins and socialize with educated Imperial citizens, rather than the rough and tough Nords.

There are over 70 residents with unique dialogue and storylines to uncover, all fully voiced.

This unofficial expansion is also full of new quests to complete, and new dungeons to conquer, with an all-new set of Cyrodiilic equipment.

Plus with new music and a very distinct personality, Bruma is easily the best new land to visit.

11. Falskaar

AlexanderJVellicky’s Falskaar was one of the first new land mods ever released for Skyrim Special Edition.

It features over 20 hours of fully-voiced questlines, challenging dungeons, and interesting locales.

Falskaar is a mystical land beyond a portal, settled by some very surprised Nords several hundred years ago.

Now you’ve opened the portal, and set an ancient prophecy in motion.

There are complex quests, new books, spells, shouts, weapons, and armor scattered over a new territory the size of three Skyrim holds.

10. Darkend

I started playing Dark Souls around the same time I started playing Skyrim, and I love both games a lot.

Skyrim let me flee from my boring real life into an epic fantasy world. Dark Souls, on the other hand, showed me that darkness and trouble would be even worse in a fantasy world.

I still have bad dreams about the first time I met a Capra Demon…

Jkrojmal’s Darkend combines the dark atmosphere, buildings, and hungry people of Lordran with the free-form gameplay of Skyrim.

Stay alive, keep going, and take the riches that are deep inside the Island of Pharos.

You can even mix Darkend with other mods that are similar to Soulsborne to make a real Skyrim mashup.

9. The Shire

It’s hard to understate the influence of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings in all fantasy worlds created ever since – including Tamriel.

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Getting a chance to visit The Shire as the Dragonborn feels like coming full circle.

Creator TheBawb puts the player in control of the story.

Your choices throughout its 30+ hours of gameplay will determine the fate of this mythical land.

The size of this all-new region is remarkable, and every inch serves a purpose.

There are towns, camps, and events that make The Shire feel alive – and it helps that most content is fully voiced.

8. Haafstad & The Border of High Rock

I’ve always been frustrated at how you can see well beyond the invisible limits of the game.

I want it all! Let me through!

Creator Joopvandie decided to take all of this available land and do something great with it.

Haafstad and The Border of High Rock lets players travel further west than previously possible in vanilla.

First, you’ll come across the Nordic island of Haafstad – and from there you can take a ship to the Lordship of Pinemarch and the Coast of Kirkmore, both located in High Rock.

This mod is full of content to discover, including followers who’ll show you around, NPCs to chat and trade with, and several quests to complete.

7. Folkstead & The Border of Hammerfell

In the area west of Falkreath lies the border with Hammerfell and the Principality of Morreath.

Creator Joopvandie continues using all available world space beyond Skyrim’s borders to expand the experience and give us a taste of the rest of Tamriel.

This doesn’t only add the new Principality of Morreath and some lands in Hammerfell, but expands Skyrim’s territory past the previous limits.

There are two all-new Nordic towns complete with NPCs, quests, and a fully voiced follower.

6. Nyhus & The Border of Cyrodiil

Easily my favorite of Joopvandie’s border expansions is Nyhus and The Border of Cyrodiil, which expands The Rift to the south and lets us cross over to the central imperial region.

The main appeal of Grondal – the expanded Rift lands – is the abandoned castle you can take as your player home.

Further southeast, in Nyhus, you’ll find a community of hardy Nords dealing with Thalmor incursions and hungry Vampires.

It’s also possible to visit two small Morrowind areas – the village of Pryai, ruled by House Redoran, and the island of Tel Eyrith, where you’ll find your own coastal player home.

5. Beyond Reach

What we know as The Reach is, in fact, not the whole story.

Only the Eastern Reach lies in Skyrim.

The rest is in High Rock, and can’t be visited in vanilla Skyrim.

This little lore detail served as inspiration for modder Razorkid, who decided to explore what lies beyond the border.

Beyond Reach is a massive new land, equivalent to the size of three Skyrim holds, housing an action-packed adventure involving Orc raiding parties, insane cultists, enraged Forsworn, and a descent into hell.

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Along with all-new colorful characters with unique voiced dialogue, there are also new weapons, armor, and enemies to try them on over 25 dungeons!

4. Phenderix Magic World

Before I played Skyrim and learned about the tough world of the College of Winterhold, I only knew of Hogwarts as an example of a school of magic.

It goes without saying that the College was bad.

Phenderix was the one who was hurt the most, so he chose to build his own school from the ground up to look like Hogwarts.

Phenderix Magic World is a crazy-huge mod that adds hours of exploring magical lands, custom followers, over 170 new spells, a ton of new arcane arrows and weapons, and 16 quests with boss fights to try out your new powers.

True fans might also want to add some other mods with Harry Potter themes. You will not be let down.

3. Wyrmstooth

One of Skyrim’s most recent new land mods is Wyrmstooth, a narrative-driven expansion by creator Jonx0r.

After the East Empire Company hires you to slay a dragon who’s been targeting trade routes, you’ll find your way to the island of Wyrmstooth and command a group of mercenaries to raid one of the largest dungeons in Tamriel.

Explore the land, purchase a castle, hire your own staff, and lead them in battle against any unforeseen arrivals.

This will be the most fantastic dragon hunt of your life as the Dragonborn.

2. Midwood Isle

The Dragonborn has already had more than his fair share of ancient prophecies and lands to save.

But once they see the beauty of Midwood Isle, they might be willing to do it again.

This gorgeous island sits far to the Northwest of Skyrim and High Rock, beyond the borders of Tamriel.

It’s a mysterious land settled by the Sonmer – or Sun Elves – who need your help to grapple with the divine forces that loom over Midwood Isle.

The mod includes fully-voiced NPCs, new shouts and spells, custom weapons & armor, and even a player home.

But even if it didn’t have all those extra goodies, visiting Midwood Isle would still be worth it just for the aesthetics.

1. Chanterelle – A Savage World

There are tons of mods meant to make Skyrim closer to a survival experience.

But try as you might, the regular flow of things will always catch up to you in one way or another.

That is, unless you leave for Chanterelle.

This gorgeous land untouched by civilization is almost the size of Skyrim, making it the largest new land mod in the list and probably overall.

Instead of cities and factions, you’ll find hundreds of animals roaming the land – many of which you have never seen before in TESV.

The mod is meant for survival playthroughs with mods like Campfire, Hunterborn, and Frostfall.

There are many map markers to discover, NPCs to trade with, and even a couple dungeons and caves to tackle for glory.