16 Best Horse & Mount Mods For Skyrim

In Skyrim, having a horse is a popular thing to do.

But if you look at the game to see what’s different, you won’t find much that’s worth mentioning. Sure, it was probably pretty cool to be able to ride dragons… but even so.

Mounts seem a little too sad for my taste, and it’s about time a few mods fixed that.

This list is an attempt to gather all of the coolest mount mods, from simple horse upgrades to hellish creatures you can ride through the Plains of Death.

You’ll wonder why mounts are so boring, and then you’ll wonder why the hell you have so many strange mods installed.

In any case, before installing most of these mods, you should make a copy of your save game. And if you want to uninstall them, don’t forget to unmount them first, or your game might crash.

Just a few small things to watch out for before the fun starts.

16. Arvak Replace

We though vanilla Arvak looked just fine and in line with its place of origin.

However, many people thought him a bit underwhelming and decided to give him some visual touch-ups.

Well, Arvak replace mod does much more than touch the skeletal horse up and straight-up makes him a hulking armored horse fit for a Warcraft death knight.

As you can see in the screenshots, it’s insanely detailed and looks absolutely badass. 

15. Creatures of Hell

Creatures of Hell adds a whole new bunch of mounts that range from “chill” hellish beings to some of the most terrifying creatures that you’ll ever see.

You’ll get to ride over 60 new creatures, which is pretty cool on its own. But that’s not all that this mod does.

You will also have the chance to use them as followers, so whenever you decide to go into battle they will support you in your fight.

Hellish creatures don’t discriminate – they’ll kill other hellish beings or heavenly entities alike.

14. Warbound – Unique Horses

There’s nothing that says “I’m ready for war” like having your trusty steed wear armor that suspiciously looks like a giant pillow.

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This mod adds a horse called “Warbound” to the game, which seems to be more than ready for war.

The horse’s textures look fantastically well done. And you’ll prefer riding this one into the battle over any other horse in the game.

I’m still unsure about its weird-looking armored saddle, but hey nothing’s perfect right?

13. Monsters Mounts Dragonborn

This might not be one of the best-rated mount mods, but holy crap. These look absolutely astounding.

These creatures aren’t hellish like the ones that come in the Creatures of Hell mod. But they are super creepy and they move in totally unique ways.

Some of the monsters you’ll be able to mount are absolute units too. Looking as massive as they can be without achieving the size of a dragon.

Do keep in mind, however, that you’ll need the Solstheim DLC if you wish to mount any of these mighty beasts. Try not to fall off while dismounting them, though!

12. Huskies and Co

Oh yeah, huskies!

Not only that – ARMORED HUSKEYS!

This amazing mod gives you the chance to own huskies that will go into battle with you. Or that you can actually ride into battle yourself!

The armored husky summoning technique has to be one of my favorite additions to the game that I’ve ever seen.

I mean, look at this thing. It’s so cute and deadly at the same time.

There are also other dogs on this mod to check out, but seriously – take a look at those huskies, man.

They are too damn cute to pass up.

11. Horses of Skyrim

One of the things I liked most about Red Dead Redemption 2 was its masterful horse system where horses came in various different races, colors, all that good stuff.

I can’t tell you that this mod adds something similar to Skyrim. But it does give you many more horses to find out in the wild.

There are also new saddles to spice things up and break away from the traditional look that the game has.

So overall, a must-have for horse lovers.

10. Mini Dragons

Sure, you can ride giant dragons across the skies of Skyrim. But have you ever given any thought to how cool you would look riding miniature dragons around as if they were horses?

I sure as hell never gave any thought to it. But when I came across this mod, I instantly knew this would be a keeper.

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Just look at how a miniature Death Dragon looks and tell me this mod isn’t worth it. I dare you.

9. Bears Mounts and Followers

Nothing says “I’m a badass Nord” more than riding a damn bear into battle.

Or even ride it around the towns of Skyrim.

This mod allows you to add bear mounts to the game, including the legendary Dovahbear which is basically a giant grizzly with the Dovahkin helmet from the cover.

Yes, seriously. Check it out yourself and see what you think.

8. New Armored Horses

Now this mod truly solves two issues at once.

The first is the horse variety in the game which is catastrophically low. New Armored Horses adds a whole bunch of new horses to the game (5 to be exact), and all of them have a cool-looking set of armor that ranges from iron to Daedric.

The second issue it solves is that, in order to obtain these horses, you need to summon them.

They come through a portal that you can call upon whenever you want. And you can just as easily dismiss them to avoid death in battle.

It’s by far one of the coolest horse mods for this game. But especially for the level of detail in gameplay and model design.

7. Frost Horse White Retexture

Do you like Frost? Well so do I.

And apparently, so does the creator of this mod.

This is a small mod that simply replaces the basic texture of Frost with a much more detailed one.

And it takes a spot on my list just because this trusty steed deserves some recognition for its special damage.

6. Forest Mounts and Followers

Man, this mod truly evokes some fantastic Druid vibes.

I feel so in touch with nature when riding some of these majestic creatures. And I absolutely love it.

Generally I’d say these mounts fit almost any playstyle, and they are made by the legend that brought us the Creatures of Hell mod to boot.

As you can imagine, the textures of these creatures are just as detailed as the Creatures of Hell.

I’m not sure what it is about some of these animals, but they just make me happy to boot up my game.

Is it the pretty colors maybe? Or the fact that they look super realistic yet magical at the same time?

5. Fully Flying Dragons

This mod allows you to fly virtually every single type of dragon in the game.

You can even fly Alduin if you want!

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I mean, the creator of the mod went all-out with it.

He even added some dragons that you shouldn’t be able to see in the game(some of which are really buggy). In any case, the all look super cool and some of them have really unique redesigns.

I think you’ll want to try out this mod even if you’ve already settled for another mount.

Take over the skies with some of the best dragons in the game and you’ll never even bother with horses(well, not as much).

4. Monster Mounts

Killing skeletons is cool and all, but how come you can’t ride them into battle?

Why is logic a thing in Skyrim?

I want to get on the shoulders of an undead corpse and ride them around all day!

Monster Mounts allows you to live some of your craziest and stupidest fantasies in the fantastic world of Skyrim.

Take control of the most fearsome monsters in the game and diminish their roles to being nothing but your trusty steeds (or the undead equivalent of them).

I’m pretty sure this mod is not lore-friendly at all. But it’s just too much fun to let it pass without a solid ranking here.

3. Hale – Horse Retexture

My God, what are these damn HD horses doing in Skyrim?

The retextures shouldn’t even be possible, yet here we are.

If you want vanilla horses to look like photorealistic versions of the actual animals, then you might want to give this mod a try.

The textures are fantastic and almost put to shame a lot of the other detailed texture mods.

2. Big Cats and Mount Followers

Tigers, Lions, and other felines are now mount options in Skyrim thanks to this amazing mod.

It basically allows you to summon a bunch of creatures that would very well fit in World of Warcraft, but they don’t seem too out of place in Skyrim either.

Then you can ride them around like you broke out of the zoo. You know, a typical Sunday.

1. Ride Sharing

 This is not exactly a typical mounting mod.

But it is one of the best additions that mounts can have in the game.

Ride Sharing allows your companion to ride into battle with you in the same horse!

There’s no need to buy an extra horse for that idiot you asked to follow you around. Insteadmake them hop onto yours and save some dough.

Your enemies won’t be to happy about it though.