13 Best Dunmer Mods For Skyrim

The Dunmer, oh yes. Also called “Dark Elves” or “people who would be discriminated against in real life,”

I think they’re one of the best races in Skyrim because they’re a good mix of good and bad in a way that not many other races can match (perhaps Orcs, but you get the point).

In any case, those of us who like to play with the Dunmer feel like Skyrim doesn’t do them much justice.

With the help of some kind Reddit users, I have put together a world-class list of mods to make a fantastic collection of in-game changes that will help you take your Dunmer experience to the next level.

I mean, these mods won’t take you as far as the world of Morrowind. But this list will help you feel more at home as a Dunmer in Skyrim, which is a cold, desolate place.

13. Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim

Some of the most impressive mods created by Skyrim‘s huge modding community add completely new spells and abilities to the game.

Apocalypse – Magic of Skyrim holds the honor of being the most-downloaded custom spell addon on the Steam Workshop, and as a Destruction-focused Dunmer, there’s a lot to take advantage of in its 150+ new spells.

Spells like Bolide (a distance-based firey boulder), Dragon’s Teeth (an area-of-effect ground-based spell), and the very Dunmer-fitting spell Volcano (which spews lava from a specified point) all show just how diverse the spells of Skyrim can be.

As a Magicka-attuned race, Dark Elves will find much to their liking in every new offering from each school of Magic.

12. Dark Elf Amazing Race Tweaks

The Amazing Race Tweaks series of mods are among the most-used addons in the Skyrim Steam Workshop as they build racial immersion without breaking the game.

Dark Elves are given access to their Ancestor’s Wrath as a lesser spell, their fire resistance is increased and now restores Magicka too, and they are given a huge 25% Weakness to Frost.

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Additionally, Dark Elves are given the Ancestor’s Power and Knowledge to improve Destruction (and other Magicka skills) hugely, as well as an increase to one-handed weapons with the Ancestor’s Fighting Style skill.

They are given large bonuses to Destruction, One-Handed, and Sneaking, while Alteration, Conjuration, Illusion, and Restoration all receive small buffs.

11. Dunmerized Gray Quarter

The Gray Quarter of Windhelm is a place where many Dunmer refugees ended up after the events of the Red Year, partially thanks to Vvardenfell being so close to the Windhelm docks.

While Nords are extremely wary of Elves in all their forms, the Gray Quarter was established to house these Dark Elves – though being segregated doesn’t mean they are protected from racism.

The Dunmerized Gray Quarter mod seeks to make that little corner of Windhelm feel more Dunmer than Nord to match the culture of its inhabitants.

Featuring many designs and buildings from Solstheim, this mod makes Windhelm feel a little bit more like home for a Dark Elf, even if there isn’t much of a Morrowind to return to eventually.

10. Old Attius Farm Revived

Looking for a place in which to move your Dark Elves?

If so, you’ve found the best mod for it. This adds a completely new house to the game, fully designed with Morrowind architecture.

You’ll be able to move your family here if that’s what you wish (it has children’s beds and it’s Hearthfire compatible).

Not only that, but this mod also introduces a new architecture style to the game – one that isn’t present in Skyrim at all. It kind of breaks the feel of it, but it does fit the life of a Dunmer like no other house mod I’ve ever seen.

9. Tribunal Robes and Masks

We all know that Dark Elves are known as some of the best mages in the world.

As such, this mod adds a ton of amazing pieces of gear and magical equipment that suit the life of a Dark Elf as seemingly perfect as possible.

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It’s one of the best mods out there for Dunmer builds. And one that, in terms of clothing, complements the game’s Dark Elves almost to perfection.

Fashion and beauty matter – even if you’re going to spend your days raiding dungeons, killing the innocent, or liberating Skyrim from tyranny.

8. Severin Manor Improvements

The Severin Manor is one of the game’s best vanilla Dunmer homes.

This modifies the manor it to make it much more appealing for your custom build. Give your Dunmer a good place to live in!

7. Morrowind Warpaints

Well, this mod isn’t anything out of the ordinary.

But it does make it so Morrowind warpaints replace the traditional overlays of the game’s original face paints. It’s a great mod to help your Dunmer characters feel more like their Morrowind kin.

6. Dawn of Windhelm

Windhelm is the one city in Skyrim that has a massive and rich Dunmer history.

But the vanilla game doesn’t do justice to it.

This mod, however, completely reinvigorates Windhelm and gives it the cultural significance that it should have – both for the Dunmer and for the Nordic aspect of its culture.

5. Ordinator Armor

Oh, yes. This was one of my favorite armors in Oblivion, and you can now wear it in Skyrim thanks to this incredible port.

You really need to check it out for yourself – it leave you reminiscing of the days when you were called “the hero of Kvatch”.

And you’ll likely be wearing this for a lot of your playthrough, too.

4. Ashlander Camp New Zanaib

There were many of these camps in the Wastelands of Morrowind.

But now you can find one of them in Skyrim thanks to this mod. Be warned, though: they are a bit dangerous.

But they do give you the Morrowind vibes that any Dark Elf would love.

3. Fine Goods from Morrowind

So apparently, some Dunmer from Morrowind has made his way into the Market at the Rift.

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You can pay him a visit, and if you like what he sells, you might decide to pay him with actual coins as well.

He’s brought a bunch of stuff from his homeland, which he’s going to sell you for a very fair price.

As you can probably guess, all of the items that he sells are fully based and inspired by the Dunmer culture. They’re great additions to the game and to the wardrobe of any character, but especially so if you’re playing with a Dark Elf.

2. Morrowind Imports

Brand-Shei, Revyn Sadri, and the New Gnisis Cornerclub will become hotspots of Morrowind culture. Why here?

They all now sell you stuff related to the region of Morrowind that’s directly related to the Dragonborn.

Don’t worry, though: the stuff sold by these vendors will not be removed from the game – it will stay there, but it’ll be complemented by additional pieces of Morrowind wares. Well, once you get this awesome mod installed.

It’s time to make your Dunmer dress up like a real Dunmer. Make your race proud – but try not to get too angry at the looks they give you in down. They know not what they do.

1. Moon and Star

So, Moon and Star takes the first spot on my list for one reason: it’s by far one of the best quest mods that I have ever tried out.

Not only that, but it’s completely related to the history of the Dunmer and Morrowind itself.

You’ll feel as immersed into the story as possible, in a way that not many fan-made mods are able to accomplish.

I don’t want to spoil anything about this mod, but for a Dunmer playthrough you need to check it out. And if you do, get ready to have your mind blown by one of the craziest stories. Certainly one of the craziest that I’ve ever witnessed in all of these years playing Skyrim.

It’s actually pretty wild how some members of the modding community can come up with this stuff – and I love it.