10 Best Tropical Skyrim Mods

Skyrim is such a fun game that you could play it for hundreds of hours without getting bored.

But if you play for long enough, you start to realize how boring the default setting is.

You may have even come to the conclusion that it’s time to move on.

And with the following mods, you can turn Skyrim into a lush, beautiful tropical land where the sun never stops shining and people never stop partying.

10. Skyrim Tropical Style Suit for Demon Fet

Tropical Skyrim Mods

This mod is a conversion of LouisWolf’s Skyrim Tropical Style Suit for the Demon Fet Body, which is a skinnier and more well-endowed version of the SeveNBase BombShell.

The mod is TBBP-BBP compatible and has a working weight slider.

The original elements of the mod are preserved, and only the meshes are altered to fit the Demon Fet Body.

9. AceeQ tropical Skyrim edition edited by tamikonelf

The AceeQ Tropical Skyrim Edition mod is a modification for the game Skyrim that replaces the snowy and icy landscapes with tropical environments.

It features new textures, grasses, and plants, as well as retextured buildings and animals. It also adds new weather and lighting effects.

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The mod is not compatible with other mods that alter the landscape, flora, grass, trees, or cities and towns, but should work with most other mods. It is recommended to load this mod last in the load order.

8. Tropical – Spring – Summer – Grasses and Plants

Colorful Grasses and Plants is a mod that adds extra grasses and plants for a more colorful and dense foliage in Tropical/Summer/Spring mods using resources from the Hoddminir Flowers mod.

It has three download options with different levels of flower diversity, and may require the flora/grass textures/models from Skyrim Flora Overhaul to be installed first.

It has options to improve FPS for extreme diversity, and conflicts with no other mods. It should be loaded at the bottom of the load order.

7. Tropical Skyrim – A Climate Overhaul

The Tropical Skyrim mod changes the climate of Skyrim from a snowy wasteland to a tropical paradise, with new areas, animals, lighting, and weather.

It also encourages players to endorse their favorite mods.

6. Tropical Equipment – Less Armor More Shields

Before we start making Skyrim like a tropical place, we need to take care of the people who live there.

You don’t want them to have to deal with hot weather while wearing all of that armor, do you?

This custom Tropical Equipment mod gives Bandits, Imperial Soldiers, and Stormcloak Soldiers new gear that can be seen. Now that they have lighter clothes, they can handle the intense heat of the tropics.

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Still, an arrow to the knee is enough to kill them.

5. Tropical Islands Reloaded

Want to go on a relaxing vacation to a tropical island but don’t have enough money?

Don’t worry, the Tropical Islands Reloaded mod will take care of you.

This turns the world of Skyrim into a beautiful island paradise with breathtaking scenery, clear skies, blue seas, and even a Dwarven ruin. You know, just in case you can’t imagine spending a single second of your life without going on an adventure.

This mod doesn’t add much to the game itself, so it’s mostly for the atmosphere.

But this is the one you want to install if you want to take some nice screenshots.

4. Tropical Skyrim – More Textures

Without these extra textures, you can’t play “Tropical Skyrim” all the way through.

This mod is a must-download if you want to start over with a new setting for the whole game.

It gives Steel Arrows, Bard’s Tools, Forsworn Armor, and Conquistador Armor new textures that make them feel more at home in a breezy tropical setting.

It’s not a complete pack by any means, but it’s still a great choice for your new, faraway home.

3. Project Rainforest

There are some Skyrim mods out there that are way more than just simple mods.

They’re so big that they would rightly deserve to be called expansions.

Project Rainforest is definitely among them.

This mod is a complete overhaul that turns Tamriel, Dawnguard HQ, Falmer Valley, and parts of Solstheim into a tropical rainforest – complete with unique climate change, customized ambient sounds, and lots of other little tweaks.

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And here’s the funny part: the game’s actual content isn’t touched at all.

So you should consider this mod as a starting point for your tropical dive into Skyrim.

2. Whiterun Paradise City

Despite being so amazing, mods aren’t always perfect.

And sometimes, other modders take the time to fix those issues.

Ah, the power of the community!

Whiterun Paradise City improves the way the city looks in the Tropical Skyrim Enhanced mod (which I’ll mention next!)

So this add-on makes it look more like a proper luscious tropical city with new trees, flora, improved lighting, multiple insect spawn points, and more.

But here’s the real blue ribbon winner for this category…

1. Tropical Skyrim Enhanced

Truly the best environmental alteration mod ever made for Skyrim.

And that’s not a small feat at all, considering how many mods have been created for Skyrim since its release!

Tropical Skyrim Enhanced is an improved version of the original Tropical Skyrim mod, bringing the same amazing enhancements the original mod offered, alongside some amazing new features.

These new features include new LOD that makes the scenery look glorious, plus new textures and lots of recolors, new plant models, and a hundred other changes.

Check the mod description for more, but suffice to say this mod is basically the epitome of “Skyrim in paradise”.