12 Best Skyrim Pirate Mods

One of the best things about The Elder Scrolls is that players can make their characters however they want.

They can choose their background, skills, and equipment to fit whatever roleplay they want to do.

But you can only put so much in a fantasy game.

You can be a dark lord, a brave ranger, or a weaver of words and spells who solves problems through negotiation and the occasional illusion, but it’s hard to get too far away from these classic fantasy tropes.

I’ve always wanted to play an Elder Scrolls game as a pirate.

I want to be a sailor, and thanks to the Skyrim modding community, I can do everything I want to do in Skyrim.

12. Pirate Island

Pirate Mods

The mod is about Kevin VanNord discovering a pirate island where a group of pirates collects treasures for a Daedric Lord.

Kevin befriends some pirates who are sick of the Daedric Lord’s greed and learns of a heavily guarded treasure deep within the mountains.

He plans a heist with a small crew of mercenaries and the pirate friends he made to steal the treasure guarded by the lord himself. The mod revolves around the heist and collecting loot.

11. Pirates of The North SSE

This mod adds four villages, an estate, and a pirate base along the northern coastline, which cater to the low rent trade and smugglers routes.

Additionally, two islands and some other locations have been added to the game.

10. Pirates of the Caribbean + Skyrim Main Theme

Few songs make me feel more like a pirate than the main theme to Pirates of the Caribbean.

It’s an exciting tune that reminds us of the eccentric pirates of the series, their adventures, and the perils that lie in wait deep beneath the waves – or aboard enemy ships.

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Creator Riftley thought it was a good idea to give Skyrim’s epic main theme a bit of a Caribbean edge by mashing it up with the Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

It’s surprisingly good, and you can make it your Main Menu music with just a couple clicks.

9. Realistic Boat Travel

Fast Travel is one of the most divisive subjects in Skyrim.

Some people, myself included, couldn’t live without it – while others think it breaks your immersion and defeats the purpose of crafting such a large fantasy world.

One way to restrict Fast Travel to make it more believable and balanced is through the Realistic Boat Travel mod, which litters coasts and riverbanks with boats you can use to get around by Fast Sailing to other boat locations.

The mod also makes Fast Travel a bit of a privilege, as you must repair and upgrade most boats before you can use them to get around.

I’d also recommend getting a boat beauty mod to refine your sailing experience.

8. Sahra the Pirate – Custom-Voiced Follower

If you’re looking to become a pirate, you’re going to need someone to show you the ropes – someone like Sahra the Pirate.

This beautiful lady corsair is a custom-voiced follower created by Dama Karmelowa to be the sassiest swashbuckler the province of Skyrim has ever seen.

Apart from her lovely face, bountiful proportions, and sleek pirate garb, Sahra shines for her funny dialogue.

She’s also unusually hostile toward Jarl Elisif of Solitude, which can be hilarious.

7. Nereid Pirate Outfit

Something else that’s absolutely necessary for any self-respecting man or woman of the sea is an outfit that screams “I’m a pirate.”

The Nereid Pirate Outfit by BBDrac is a fantastic option that’ll fit any female Dragonborn or sea-loving follower and give them a sexy and dangerous look.

As expected of a female-only Skyrim outfit, it can get pretty revealing.

Take away the pants and white shirt, and you’re basically left with sexy leather lingerie – though it still looks quite pirate-y.

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If the sexy part draws your attention, you’ll be happy to know it’s also available for the CBBE body type.

6. Pirates Wield Cutlasses

Every time I had to fight someone aboard a ship or deep within some cove used by smugglers, I was deeply disappointed to find them wielding identical swords to any inland bandit.

Aren’t pirates supposed to wield cutlasses?

Skyrim may have overlooked this trope – but this mod by Tate Taylor is here to fix it.

With Pirates Wield Cutlasses, every sea lion in the game comes equipped with a stylish cutlass – even those that used to wield scimitars.

If you like it, make sure to check out these alternate textures as well.

5. Be a Skeleton Ghost Pirate

If the Pirates of the Caribbean series has taught me anything, it’s that there’s only one thing more bad-ass than a pirate: an undead pirate.

This mod by Skinnytecboy allows the user to Be a Skeleton Ghost Pirate by equipping a set of interchangeable armor pieces.

In addition, it includes enchanted rings that’ll make you untouchable – as any pirate specter should be – and a custom spell to summon a crew of three ghostly buccaneers to help you pillage and loot.

4. Pirates of The North

One thing I never liked about Skyrim is how little there is in the way of settlements.

There’s the capital of each hold, a couple of villages, and the odd hut in the forest… but that can’t possibly be all of it, right?

Pirates of the North by Agerweb reveals the location of several smaller settlements all across the northern coast of Skyrim, where smugglers and all sorts of shady characters can trade and resupply.

The mod also grants you access to a couple of small islands that are the Skyrim equivalent of Tortuga in Pirates of the Caribbean – complete with modest player homes for the pirating Dragonborn.

Altogether, the mod includes 37 small quests, 130 voiced NPCs, new crafting options, and a set of pirate-themed weaponry.

3. The Scarlett – A Buildable Ship

Every great pirate needs a great ship.

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And although boarding and commandeering one by force is proper pirate etiquette, building your own is also acceptable.

The Scarlett is an improvable ship created by Ld50365 as a mixture of a player home and the Fast Travel system. It’ll let you dock in Dawnstar, Windhelm, Solitude, Winterhold, Solstheim, and the Lostport Cavern – which is a new location introduced by this mod.

There’s a fantastic quest to obtain the ship, and another one to rebuild Lostport Cavern into a bustling pirate hideout with traders, taverns, and even some security to keep everyone’s cutlasses sheathed.

The mod also includes over 200 upgrade options for the Scarlett, allowing you to build up your ideal vessel bit by bit.

2. Practical Pirate Outfit

Pirates live dangerous and rough lives spent mostly at sea, getting blackout drunk, eating fish, and trying to scrape off their enemies’ blood from their clothes.

But that’s no excuse to look shabby.

If you’re looking for stylish garb that’ll please the discerning pirate’s eye, this Practical Pirate Outfit by QuarantineCouture is the way to go.

It respects classic pirate materials and staples, like leather belts and white undershirts, but it introduces appealing patterns and ensures every piece perfectly fits the wearer.

The result is a clean but adventurous look that’ll stun your rivals at court and on the deck of a galleon.

1. LVX Magick’s Boats

At the tippy-top of the mast, we find one of the most surprising mods to come out in the last couple of years: LVX Magick’s sailable boats.

You read that right!

This mod introduces 100% fully functional boats you can sail through Skyrim’s river-ways and shallow coastlines, making your way from hold to hold like a true pirate.

Once installed, you’ll be able to build 9 different boat models with space for cargo, custom designs, and even the possibility of fishing from aboard the boat.

I’ve been dreaming of this ever since I first saw a river in Skyrim. It only took 10 years…