12 Best Skyrim Ninja Mods

The Ninja is, along with the Samurai, one of the most famous characters in Japanese stories.

During the 15th century, these ancient peasant fighters became popular in Japan as an alternative to the Samurai.

They didn’t have to worry about losing their honor, so they could sneak around in the shadows, poison their enemies, and set fire to their houses without shedding a drop of blood.

Even though their skills have always been the stuff of legends, Ninja-themed media like Naruto has turned them into magical fighters who can use arcane magic through Ninja arts.

And no matter what kind of Ninja you want, there are a lot of great mods that will add some of their special badassness to Skyrim.

12. Deadpool Ninjato Mod

This mod adds the Deadpool Blade weapon from the Bonepunk mod, with new textures and blood effects.

It also includes the Carbon SCB (Skeleton Companion Blade).

11. Black Ninja Suit

This mod adds a Ninja suit made from existing armor meshes and textures from the game.

There are two versions, one enchanted and one not, both craftable under the Leather category at any forge.

The armor doesn’t offer much protection compared to other armors, but the enchantments compensate for that.

It requires the Dragonborn DLC and is only compatible with humans and elves. The mod creator thanks Bethesda Games for Skyrim and looks forward to the next release.

10. Akaviri Race

There are no “Ninjas” in Skyrim – but if there were, they’d come from Akavir.

The Akaviri are a mysterious race inspired by ancient Japanese culture.

There’s little-to-no information about them other than the fact they’re powerful and mysterious. But their influence is evident in the Emperor’s personal protectors – the Blades.

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Vardens’ Akaviri Race takes a lot of inspiration from Ninjas specifically.

Among its special abilities, there’s Akaviri Blood (which makes them 50% resistant to poison), and Assassin’s Subterfuge, which helps the caster escape danger by becoming invisible, silent, and able to see in the dark.

If you’re making a Ninja in Skyrim, they’ve got to be an Akaviri.

9. Dark Brotherhood Armor

Many outfits in Skyrim can do the trick for stealthy Ninja characters.

But if you’re looking for an ideal armor that looks both roguish and lore-friendly, this Dark Brotherhood Armor is the way to go.

This add-on by 4thUnknown is a sleek redesign of the Dark Brotherhood’s Shrouded Armor.

The original goes a bit too hard with the BDSM vibes, making it look goofy rather than menacing or stealthy.

But this new model, on the other hand, looks both functional and stylish.

The more subdued reds and browns will help your character erase their presence in any situation.

8. Wa Masks

There are many dark yet discreet clothing sets in Skyrim. And the modding scene can work wonders for a Ninja, but something is missing to give your build that Oriental edge.

Here’s an excellent addition to your Skyrim wardrobe that will turn any roguish attire into authentic Ninja garb: the Wa Mask set by creator Higeyosi.

These bad-ass Japanese masks come in several traditional designs you might have seen in anime, manga, or Japanese video games.

These include the red-nosed Tengu, the crow-like Karasu Tengu, black and white Kitsune foxes, and a demonic Hannya mask.

7. Ninja Gaiden’s Momiji Follower

Once you’ve got your Wa mask-clad Akaviri Ninja, you need a worthy follower to take on your adventures.

After all, I don’t think Lydia has the necessary training for skulking around in the shadows without suddenly becoming enraged and charging your target.

On the other hand, Momiji has trained all her life as part of the Hayabusa Ninja Clan.

On top of her warrior training, she has strong spiritual powers – and she looks incredible in any of the many Ninja outfits creator JackGa included with the mod.

6. Grand Scarlet Kunoichi Outfit

Once you have an Akaviri Ninja wearing a Wa mask, you need a suitable follower to go on adventures with you.

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After all, I don’t think Lydia has the training to sneak around in the dark without getting angry and charging your target out of nowhere.

Momiji, on the other hand, has been training as a member of the Hayabusa Ninja Clan her whole life.

She has been trained as a warrior and has strong spiritual skills. She also looks great in any of the many Ninja outfits that mod creator JackGa gave her.

5. Katana Crafting

No Ninja is ready for battle without a worthy Japanese blade that’ll cut through armor and flesh as delicately as the Ninja cuts through the enemy’s defenses.

There are some pretty good options in the vanilla game. But if you’re looking for a mod that’ll supercharge your Ninja armory, Katana Crafting by Lautasantenni is a must-have.

This mod includes short Tanto and Wakizashi blades that won’t burden your Ninja as they climb on ceilings or crawl through tight spaces, as well as Katanas and Dai-Katanas to defend themselves when push comes to shove.

What I like the most about this specific Katana pack is that you can craft them in every weapon style available in the vanilla game, including Steel, Dwarven, Elven, Ebony, Stahlrim, Glass, Daedric, and Dragonbone!

4. 2H Katana Attack Animations

If you liked the two-handed Dai-Katanas from the previous mod, you’ll love these custom attack animations by Pickelsturn.

It’s simply not immersive to see your Japanese Ninja warrior swing his Dai-Katana precisely the same as the average Nord swings any big sword.

With this mod, both their stance and slashes will match their elegant weapon.

The slashes are faster and more precise, and heavy attacks no longer show your character “charging” their swing, which only makes sense with heavier blades.

3. Sekiro Combat

Getting your character to look like a Ninja is one thing.

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But what about fighting like a Ninja?

It’s not enough to swing your Katana in a realistic fashion.

Ninja fight like lightning, with swift moves, skillful parries, and mystical techniques that let them narrowly escape death.

This Sekiro Combat mod by Inpa replaces many aspects of Skyrim’s somewhat uninspired combat to resemble that of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which focuses on one-on-one duels where parrying, staggering, and posture play a vital role.

You can even parry arrows!

It doesn’t get any more Ninja than that.

2. VR Shuriken

Ask anyone you know what item they most associate with Ninja, and Shurikens will come up 90% of the time.

Some people even call them “Ninja stars”!

These unique projectiles have been a part of the Ninja mythos for decades, and anime like Naruto have only made them more notorious.

The VR Shuriken mod by Seroux lets you craft them from iron ingots.

They’re designed to be thrown, so they do a ton of damage.

You’ll have to keep yourself from using them as regular knives to protect your immersion.

Regrettably, they only work in Skyrim VR – but if you’ve got the equipment, nothing will make you feel more like a Ninja than this.

1. Shinobi Tools

Kittytail’s Shinobi Tools is by far the most creative and immersive Skyrim mod for Ninjas.

It’s not about the size of the mod or how flashy it is, but about how much it can elevate your Ninja roleplay.

Sure, you could’ve just learned some Destruction spells and used your imagination.

But having non-magic craftable Ninja tools is just extraordinary.

These tools include two types of firecrackers with stunning effects, special Shuriken that stagger your opponents, and even a secret Ninja technique that lets you vanish in a mist of feathers that distract your opponent while you skulk away to safety.