How To Get Charred Skeever Hide in Skyrim?

Charred Skeever Hides can be taken from skeevers that have been burned while cooking on campfires. Most of the time, these are cooked at Giant Camps.

More exactly, you can pick up six charred skeevers from Stonehill Bluff in Hjaalmarch Hold.

Even though you can see this cooking over fires in the game, you can’t cook skeevers to make Charred Skeever Hides.

Charred Skeever Hides are sometimes sold by alchemy merchants, so be sure to check your neighborhood alchemy shop every once in a while.

Stonehill Bluff Location

Stonehill Bluff is right next to Loreius Farm, to the northwest.

When you get here, you’ll find six skeever hides that have been burned and are roasting over a blaze.

Just remember that there are two giants in this camp. One is guarding the door, and the other is near the campfire at the end of the camp.

There are painted rocks and a single giant at the door.

You can avoid this giant by climbing the hill to the left of the entrance.

This will also put you in a place where you can get a good view of the whole camp.

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The first campfire has two skeevers that have been burned, and the other, which is watched by a giant, has four that you can take.

Red Road Pass

The “Red Road Pass” giant camp is north of the Hall of the Vigilant and close to Dawnstar.

When you reach the camp for the first time, thieves will appear and fight the giant there.

If you can make the trip, you can get 3 burned skeever hides here.

Guldun Rock Cave

Inside Guldun Rock Cave, which is south of Valtheim Towers, you can be sure to find three pieces of burned skeever hide.

This is also a big camp, but unlike other camps, there are no skeevers roasted over the fire.

The cave isn’t very big, and the charred skeever hides are on the west side of the cave, near the huge cheese bowl, under a dead skeever.

Silver Hand Members

Members of the Silver Hand sometimes have Charred Skeever Hides (and other ingredients) in their inventories. This gives farmers another choice.

The Companions questline is where you can meet them.

Charred Skeever Hide Uses

When mixed with other materials, these skeever hides can be used to make potions.

More exactly, these different potions have the affects of Cure Disease, Resist Poison, Restore Health, and Restore Stamina.

Also, these hides are considered food, so you can sell them to traders and innkeepers if you need some extra gold, but you won’t get much.


Where can I find Charred Skeever Hide in Skyrim?

Charred Skeever Hide can be obtained by looting the bodies of Skeever creatures after defeating them in combat. Skeever enemies can be found in various dungeons, caves, and sewers throughout Skyrim. They are small, rat-like creatures with a distinctive appearance.

Can Charred Skeever Hide be bought or sold in Skyrim?

Yes, Charred Skeever Hide can be bought and sold in Skyrim. It is considered a relatively common ingredient, and you can often find it for sale at alchemy shops or from traveling merchants. Additionally, some characters may be interested in purchasing Charred Skeever Hide if you have it in your inventory.

Are there any quests related to Charred Skeever Hide in Skyrim?

While there aren’t any specific quests that revolve solely around Charred Skeever Hide, there are quests in Skyrim where it may be required as part of an alchemical ingredient or as a quest item. For example, in the quest “Repairing the Phial,” you need to gather specific ingredients, including Charred Skeever Hide, to restore a powerful artifact.

Can Charred Skeever Hide be used for anything other than alchemy?

In Skyrim, Charred Skeever Hide is primarily used for alchemy purposes. Its primary value lies in its alchemical properties, allowing you to create potions that enhance various attributes or provide beneficial effects to your character. It does not have any other unique or special uses outside of alchemy.