12 Best World of Warcraft-themed Mods For Skyrim

We all love to talk about the fact that Skyrim has been out for more than 10 years.

World of Warcraft, on the other hand, has been around for almost twice as long.

Now that both Bethesda and Blizzard are owned (directly or indirectly) by Microsoft, the chances of them working together are higher than ever.

But until then, we’ll use mods to keep playing WoW without having to leave Tamriel.

Here are some great Skyrim mods that everyone who likes Warcraft should check out.

12. Garrosh Bodypaint Racemenu Overlay – Warcraft

The “Garrosh’s Bodypaint Racemenu Overlay” mod introduces a bodypaint overlay inspired by the character Garrosh from the Warcraft universe.

This overlay is specifically designed for male characters and can be applied using the Racemenu customization tool.

It allows players to give their male characters the distinctive bodypaint appearance associated with Garrosh, adding a touch of Warcraft-inspired aesthetics to their gameplay experience.

The mod offers a unique cosmetic option for players who wish to customize their characters with the iconic look of Garrosh’s bodypaint.

11. Warcraft Stormwind Armoury

The “Warcraft-inspired Armor and Weapon Mod” introduces three tiers of high-quality armor and a weapon with a shield into the game.

These new items are heavily inspired by the aesthetics and designs found in various Warcraft games and movies.

The mod enhances the visual aspect of the game by offering players the opportunity to acquire and wear armor sets that resemble those seen in the Warcraft universe.

This addition provides a fresh and immersive experience for players who are fans of Warcraft or simply seeking new and visually appealing equipment for their characters in the game.

10. Warcraft 3 Footman Armor

Footmen are the lowest people on the food chain.

They are the gun fodder who have to deal with being mauled to death by an Ogre or torn apart by an army of ghouls without magic or superpowers to protect them.

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The Alliance must have a lot of money if they can cover even new members with this much armor.

At best, Orcs wear rags, but human footmen look like the royal guard of an ancient king.

This set of Footman Armor by Kurtie is very similar to how the unit looks in Warcraft 3: Reforged. It has two types of armor, one with heavy plates and the other with smaller mail.

Check out the bulky Heroic Footman gear if you want something even more protective.

9. Skyramas – A Death Knight Playerbase

Skyramas, the home of death knights, necromancers, and other practitioners of the dark arts, was clearly modeled after the flying ziggurat Naxxramas, which is known to loyal followers of Kel’thuzad.

After becoming the leader of the Dark Brotherhood and the Thieves Guild, becoming a Vampire Lord, and spreading darkness across the land in other ways, Skyramas is the kind of home you need.

It’s a real bad guy’s hideout that stands as a reminder to the people that they’re never safe.

Skyhoopeer’s creator made sure that it had more than just a pretty look.

The floating necropolis has everything you need to keep your dark rule over Skyrim going, like beds and crafting stations, as well as 22 new Death Knight spells, five unique new perks, and even an animal companion.

8. Frostmourne

Frostmourne is easily one of the most influential and fearsome weapons in World of Warcraft – and that’s saying a lot!

Still, it’s hard to understate its importance, as this rune-bearing blade ultimately led Arthas Menethil to become the dreaded Lich King – leaving a mountain of now-undead bodies in his wake.

Creator Seroux gives the Dragonborn access to the cursed blade (in one-handed and two-handed forms), hoping his dragon’s soul can take the dark influence of this evil weapon.

Its mysterious runes continue to give off an eerie blue glow as the sword prepares to taste the blood of this new land.

7. Shadowmourne

Modder JohnSkyrim is well-known for his impeccable work in the game – remaking items to look a lot better, and introducing new weapons from other franchises into Skyrim.

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Some of these crossover franchises include the Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Everquest, and of course, World of Warcraft.

His take on the legendary blade Shadowmourne is simply sublime.

The blade looks much cleaner and more detailed than it ever looked in World of Warcraft but retains the same iconic design.

Forged from Arthas’ old paladin hammer – Light’s Vengeance – and ominous items like old god’s blood and shards from the Frozen Throne, this weapon’s power has nothing to envy a Daedric item.

6. Sulfuras – The Reclaimed Hand

It’s hard not to think of hammers and fire together, as both are needed to forge any weapon. And images of burly blacksmiths striking red-hot iron with their hammers are a common sight in fantasy media.

Still, no fiery hammer is more iconic than the Hand of Ragnaros – Sulfuras.

This mighty weapon was wielded by the Fire Lord, Ragnaros, a primordial elemental ruling over the Firelands from the depths of the Sulfuron Keep.

Its ever-burning flame will scorch your enemies with every swing.

But first, you’ll have to clear a small dungeon – and find out what happened when the Dwemer tried to harness this otherworldly power.

5. Azeroth in Skyrim (LE)

Azeroth in Skyrim was a massive project headed by creator CelsiuZ to recreate the actual World of Warcraft in Skyrim’s engine.

They never achieved their lofty goals – but they did release an “alpha” version of the mod, including Stormwind, Statholme, Elwyn Forest, Duskwood, and Redridge.

Although some areas and buildings still need fleshing out, exploring them is a beautiful experience nonetheless.

4. WoW Weapons of Skyrim

World of Warcraft has been around for a long time.

And with each expansion, many new weapons made their way into the game, adding to the already enormous collection of legendary arms.

If you want a fraction of this prodigious weapon variety, check out WoW Weapons of Skyrim by L33Nexus.

This mod adds no less than nine new weapons to your arsenal!

That’s four greatswords, two daggers, a battleaxe, and two sets of artifact weapons – Frost Reapers and Ashbringer Swords.

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In addition, all of the two-handed weapons also come in one-handed versions, letting you dual-wield the Greatsword of the Ebonblade or the SoulCleaver if that’s what fits your fantasy.

3. Uther Lightbringer (& Others)

Creator STG1994 has put a ton of work into bringing his WoW idols into Tamriel.

My favorite is the Paladin Uther Lightbringer, a symbol of the Alliance’s resistance against the dark forces and a fantastic follower for anyone joining the Dawnguard.

He’s skilled with one-handed and two-handed weapons and works best under a suit of heavy armor.

As expected of a paladin, Uther wields holy magic like Stendarr’s Aura and Vampire’s Bane to give his fierce melee fighting skills an extra oomph.

So don’t forget to also try out:

  • Grommash Hellscream
  • Thrall
  • Arthas

All created by STG1994 as well.

2. Archmage Khadgar’s Robes

If your Dragonborn has risen up to become the Archmage at Winterhold, they need the armor to look the part.

No matter how well-versed in magic, anyone can see that flimsy cloth robes are insufficient protection for an adventurer.

For something more protective and a lot more regal, try out Khadgar’s robes.

Khadgar is the Leader of the Kirin Tor and easily one of the most powerful mages in Azeroth, constantly leading armies against dark forces and putting his life on the line with the odds stacked against him.

If these robes were enough for him, they’ll serve the Dragonborn just as well.

1. Sylvanas – A Standalone Follower

The most badass and wild woman in World of Warcraft is Sylvanas Windrunner.

Who else but Sylvanas could have led the Horde to total war against the alliance with a paper-thin claim to leadership?

And who else would have been tough enough to destroy the Helm of Domination and open a portal to the Shadowlands above Azeroth?

Not only that, but she also has one of the coolest, hottest looks in video games, which this follower mod by Ilikeawp shows perfectly.

You can have Sylvanas follow you as a bright Blood Elf or as a dark, black-and-white undead banshee, depending on your taste.

Check out this mod if you’d rather play as Sylvanas.