15 Best Weapons in Fallout Shelter

We’ll show you the top 15 guns in the game in this Fallout Shelter best weapon guide.

Your play style will determine the perfect weapon for you, but we have everything you could need covered here. You won’t ever have to be concerned about the security of your vault.

The weapons in Fallout Shelter are excellent. Some of these are more appropriate for people who are out in the desert, while others are more appropriate for your home’s Vault Dwellers.

As you review this list, keep this in mind and be selective about which Vault Dwellers possess certain weapons.

15. Outsider Blaster

A technologically advanced weapon that explicitly uses the ability of others to deliver its ammunition.

It is a powerful, unusual weapon that is far more astounding than the extensive variety of alien weaponry in the Fallout shelter.

This weapon deals an average of 18 to 19 damage in a single blow. With the help of the Destabilizer alien blaster, it can reduce the maximum damage dealt by an attack by up to 23.

14. Rail Route Rifle

Rail route Rifle regularly employs rail line spikes to fasten rails. It projects spikes using compressed gas.

The Rail Route Rifle got its name from the train noise it makes when it fires. This is a clip-fed, self-loading rifle.

It produces a lot of strain in order to discharge the spikes quickly. With just one attack, this weapon deals 14 to 15 damage.

In terms of harm yield compared to the large variety of different energy barring weapons, it gets the best ranks.

13. MIRV

The MIRV is an extremely intriguing and potent weapon. It’s a variation of the Fat Man, whose name you might recall from earlier Fallout games.

It resembles a catapult for mini-nukes and even has a distinctive animation of its own.

This weapon bombards the enemy with radiation and does enormous quantities of damage. It’s perfect for eliminating squads of adversaries like Raiders.

It’s not too helpful when dealing with certain foes, so you want to keep it for when you really need it.

This weapon was intended to deal with stronghold enemy positions, according to Fallout lore.

The plan was for the initial explosion to do a lot of damage, but the radiation would be what finally eliminated the adversary.

12. Charon’s Shotgun

Nothing makes you feel safer in the wild, wild Wasteland like a shotgun, and Charon’s Shotgun will do the trick with average damage of 15.5.

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It is called after the horrifying ferryman from Greek mythology who transports souls across the Styx River and into the underworld.

It makes sense given that one shot from this fully automatic boomstick will deliver you directly to Hades’ realm.

A dweller with a high Strength stat can make this legendary shotgun at a weapon plant. Three shovels, two gold watches, two military duct tapes, and 18,900 bottle caps are required according to the recipe.

11. Vengeance

Vengeance is a special Gatling Laser that cuts through foes like paper. It’s actually the most potent version of this weapon kind, so if you manage to get your hands on one, consider yourself lucky.

Look no further if you want a weapon that looks excellent on your vault dwellers. It’s also quite stunning to see someone use this item to ignite a bunch of adversaries.

In all honesty, I don’t think Fallout Shelter contains anything more horrifying and lovely.

This might not be the ideal weapon for a Vault Dweller to carry about when exploring. Yes, it deals a lot of damage, however when moving about, you should be causing damage to a larger area. The Vault defense is best suited for Vengeance.

10. Fire Hydrant Bat

The best melee weapon in Fallout Shelter is the Fire Hydrant Bat. There isn’t a competitor in the damage department.

Due to the fact that it needs Vault Dwellers to get up up and personal, we didn’t include it among the top three. That can sometimes result in catastrophe.

Even while this weapon is very potent, it has several drawbacks. Future patches may fix these, however for the time being, some Vault Dwellers employing this feature may begin to disregard adversaries who have been shot.

Another smart move is to affix this to a vault dweller as they investigate. If you have two or three of them out there, it will help to keep them well-defended and give some variety to your team.

9. Mr. Miss Launcher

That’s not a typo, either. Miss Launcher is the name of this missile launcher. Out of all the Missile Launchers in the game, she packs the greatest damage and harms all nearby foes.

This is an excellent weapon for Vault Dwellers to carry into the wasteland so they can totally demolish all of their foes.

Having said that, it’s also ideal inside the Vault. If a Vault Dweller fires this in there, it will destroy a room full of Radroaches or Molerats.

The fact that this weapon is difficult to obtain is its lone drawback. If you’re lucky, you might encounter one or two in a single playthrough.

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If you receive one, utilize it wisely because it might mean the difference between your Vault’s survival and eventual destruction.

8. Virgil Rifle

A weapon used by the Institute, Virgil’s Rifle is a variation of the Institute Rifle. It is quite beneficial to have both inside and outside of your Vault because it does rather steady damage.

In one blow, the harm it deals will render a foe helpless. When you’re being overwhelmed, which may happen quickly if you’re not careful, that’s a significant advantage.

Remember that this is a legendary weapon, so don’t anticipate using it too frequently. When you do, place it on a Vault Dweller and place them at the door of your Vault.

I always experience a massive raid here that wipes out the majority of my vault dwellers. It might save you if you can disable a few Raiders here.

7. Technician’s revenge

The strongest Junk Jet weapon in Fallout Shelter is called Technician’s Revenge. These weapons are designed to merely fire junk at opponents. hurling toilet paper, scrap metal, and rusty cans in their way.

Fortunately, obtaining this weapon is not too tough. You are more likely to find it the longer you play. When you do, don’t throw it away. Keep an eye out for the plans and put them into action as soon as you can. You can craft it inside your Vault.

I believe the Vault is where this weapon will work best. It’s the ideal tool for door defense or for simply getting rid of any bothersome infestations when they appear.

6. Constant Battle Sword

This item resembles the Bumper Sword from Fallout: New Vegas quite a bit. It is one of Fallout Shelter’s most potent uncommon melee weapons, though.

One of the game’s two legendary melee weapons is what you can see here. If you do, slap this on a vault dweller and send them off to explore right away. All of their adversaries will be cut in half.

This weapon needs to be used; it shouldn’t be wasted or kept a secret. If you frequently get raided, you could find it more beneficial on the Vault doors, which is how I’ve found it to work best in a group of explorers.

5. Destabilizer

You’ll be glad to know that this alien weapon is in the list of the best weapons in Fallout Shelter. Your adversaries will undoubtedly sense the increased power of this Alien Blaster edition.

These are among of the rarest weapons in the game, so you probably won’t find too many of them. But when you do, be sure to put it to good use.

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A weapon of this caliber has to be utilized in the wasteland; I wouldn’t waste it inside your vault. Get a vault dweller and use it to kill as many super mutants as you can.

4. Gauss Rifle

Since it is a rare Fallout shelter cover weapon, most players give up on looking for it. It has the capacity to shoot metal shards at a rapid rate and at a specific moment.

Miniature combination cells that have been accelerated by electromagnetic induction are used to control this weapon.

The curled coil creates stable electromagnetic fields when current passes through the barrel. Metal shards are quickly discharged as a result of this.

The Gauss gun can do up to 16 damage in a single shot. It places as the weapon with the most harmful yield and the greatest shot.

3. Junk Jet

An incredibly rough garbage projector, Junk Stream. Any junk fed into its container is fired. The Junk must be manually stacked before being fired.

Additionally, extra pieces from the junk fired can be picked up and piled into the container.

As a result, the Junk Stream is now a weapon with an endless supply of ammo. Each shot normally causes about 21.5 harm.

Most gamers, whether novices or advanced players, can actually access this weapon. The weapon’s narrow range of discharge is a drawback. When used in long-range attacks, it is useless.

2. The M42 Fat Man Launcher

The M42 launcher is a sling weapon that complements strategic atomic ordinance well. primarily designed to be used by troops on the ground. It is more straightforward to destroy entrenched enemy positions because of how convenient it is.

When it was first made, it only had one nuclear weapon that was smaller than expected and used rail rifle technology. This caused problems.

The Multiple Independently Targetable reemergence vehicle underwent a significant improvement. This new Launcher has the capacity to simultaneously launch up to 8 scaled-down nukes. It deals incredibly high damage to all of your target enemies.

1. Dragon’s Maw

By far, this is the most effective weapon in the Fallout shelter cover. It has the highest normal harm among all Fallout shelters covering weapons, with a normal harm of 25.5.

The Plasma Caster layout is on the Dragon’s Maw. It is an improved version of the classic Winchester P94 weapon. This incredible rifle gets its energy primarily from Microfusion cells.

Furthermore, it pulls plasma from numerous cartridges. The enemy is attacked by the toroid of plasma that has been drawn down and fired down the barrel. It works best against enemies with high energy resistance.