15 Best Skyrim Final Fantasy Mods

In Skyrim, different worlds often meet.

The amazing help that mods gave led to the creation of the most unlikely crossovers, making the game almost like a huge playground where anything is possible.

On the other hand, there are some crossovers that almost seem like they belong in the Skyrim universe.

And Final Fantasy + Skyrim is one of those crossovers where the games seem like they were made for each other. Like PB & J.

So get your hair gel ready, because Square-Enix people are about to have a lot of spiky hair.

15. Final Fantasy 13 Presets for Racemenu

Skyrim Final Fantasy Mods

ArdanCross’s new creation, the Final Fantasy 13 Presets for Racemenu mod has been explicitly made for Lightning and Snow fans from FFX13.

Racemenu face sculpt has been used for the detailed creation and players only require Lightning Body – CBBE and Race-Nord for this mod to work.

Both Snow and Lightning are one of our favorites, so it was especially nice to see the two of them being a part of a single mod. 

14. Final Fantasy 13-2 Serah Weapon Starseeker

People like Serah’s bowswords because they can be used at two different ranges, in two different ways, and in melee.

In the melee mod, when an enemy is close, the weapon changes into a sword. This mod adds a sword from Final Fantasy that is the same as the one in Skyrim.

One of the most popular Final Fantasy Skyrim mods is this one.

13. Zack – Final Fantasy 7 Clothes and Hairstyle

Although a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VII, he was the main protagonist of Crisis Core, its prequel.

Before Cloud Strife, he was the second wielder of the Buster Sword, despite being a minor character.

If you’ve enjoyed this first-class soldier in Final Fantasy, you can download this mod for Skyrim and change your character’s ensemble with his clothes and hairstyle from Final Fantasy 7.

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The set is available as heavy armor and as temperable. However, it is pertinent to mention that the hairstyle and clothes are not wearable for the Beast races.

12. Cloud – FF 7CC Clothes and Hairstyle

Cloud 1st class soldier and a recruited Shinra Cadet, has made several appearances in the Final Fantasy series, including the memorable Crisis Core appearance.

The Cloud – Final Fantasy 7CC Clothes and Hairstyle mod adds this fascinating character’s hairstyle and clothes from Final Fantasy VII, which are inspired by his Crisis Core appearance.

The set is available in the forge as heavy armor and as temperable. You can use the showracemenu to change the hairstyle and use help rookie 4 for easy access to these accessories.

11. Characters and Sephiroth

The Final Fantasy 7 Characters and Sephiroth mod is perfect for a Final Fantasy buff who wants to add some of the most beloved characters from the Final Fantasy series into the Skyrim world.

Some of these characters include Riku, Kairi, Sora, Cid, Vincent, Yuffie, Barrett, and Cait Sith.

The most popular and highly demanded character, Sephiroth, can also be added as either an enemy or a companion. As a companion, he will appear as a Nord Male with Death Knight as his Custom Class at level 25. He is also marriageable as a companion.

In contrast, as an enemy, Sephiroth will appear as the ultimate weapon against you, so you should ensure to create a large group of companions to face him.

Players on the FF6 mod will find him in the same location as Kefka, who will be found finding him. 

10. Final Fantasy X Brotherhood Sword

There are quite a few things that make Final Fantasy X a very remarkable experience.

And no, I’m not talking about that horrible laughing scene.

Tidus’ main weapon in the game is the Brotherhood Sword. It’s that blue watery sword you see on the box art.

And it has become so iconic to the series that it just had to make its appearance in Skyrim, in all of its crystal clear watery glory.

9. Serah Farron Follower

Serah Farron may not be the most popular gal in the Final Fantasy series, but oh boy does she pack a mean punch!

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Now the damsel-in-distress-turned main heroine can join you as a follower thanks to this amazing mod.

It introduces a custom-made model and a moveset inspired by the three roles assigned to Serah in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

This is more than enough to make you forget about the horrible naming conventions of the series!

8. Aerith – Clothes and Hairstyle

Far below the city’s glow lies a flower blooming in the shadow. A flower that hits like a steampunk truck!

This mod adds Aerith’s outfit and hairstyle to Skyrim, so that you can pretty much turn your character into the flower girl from the Sector 5 Slums and save the world armed with the power of the White Materia.

Just make sure to avoid white-haired handsome ex-SOLDIER members, and very long swords. They do not mix well with her. At all.

7. FF13 Blazefire Saber

Guardians of the Skyrim lore, please turn your backs for a couple of seconds. You don’tt want to burst a vein looking at his totally non-lorefriendly mod.

Final Fantasy XIII Blazefire Saber introduces Lightning’s weapon into Skyrim.

Such a weapon would have no right appearing in Skyrim, but we do like mods here… and so we can do whatever we want. Because it looks badass, right?

Ah, the power of freedom! And mods, of course.

6. Masamune Mod

Estuans interius. Ira vehementi. Estuans interius. Ira vehementi. Sephiroth

This little intro should be more than enough to tell every Final Fantasy fan what the Masamune Mod does.

And now you can bring Sephiroth’s sword to Skyrim in two variants that should instill fear into the heart of every creature you stumble upon.

Assuming you can find all the ingredients needed to forge it, that is.

5. FF7 Remake Buster Sword

Wherever Sephiroth appears, you’re sure to find Cloud Strife close by.

The two are linked by destiny, no matter the era, no matter the world!

And this Buster Sword Sword mod is following closely on our list here, too.

It’s among the most detailed modded weapons ever made for Skyrim. Especially being based on another game.

Specifically, this is based upon last year’s Final Fantasy VII Remake model. The sword looks amazingly detailed in all its variants, which include 1K, 2K, and 4K resolution textures.

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Just make sure to clean the blade every now and then: at such high resolutions, you don’t want any dirt showing up.

4. Rikku FFX

Rikku from FFX managed to make a breach into every player’s heart thanks to her cheerful personality.

And for other reasons I’d rather not mention here.

If you’re so enamored with the beautiful blonde Al Bhed and can’t live a day without thinking about her, you’d better install this Rikku FFX mod.

Then you can make her your follower in Skyrim. Easy-peasy!

Sadly you cannot make her your waifu… but hey, at least she’s finally acknowledged your existence.

3. The Ultimate Final Fantasy Playermodel Pack

The Ultimate Final Fantasy Playermodel Pack for Skyrim will help you bring about the ultimate crossover.

Well, the ultimate series crossover, to be precise.

This player model pack includes a Seymour model from Final Fantasy X, a Squall Leonhart model from Final Fantasy VIII, and a whopping three Cloud Strife models from Final Fantasy VII.

No better way to turn the passage of time into a nostalgia trip than by switching from Cloud Shinra footsoldier to Cloud 1st Class Soldier, trust me!

2. Round-Based Combat

Enough with all these modded weapons and character models. It’s time to turn Skyrim into a JRPG.

Or something very close to it, at the very least.

This Round Based Combat mod is an extremely interesting add-on that completely overhauls Skyrim’s combat with a turn-based system.

It comes complete with new menu-based interface, a separate battle arena, and a victory screen.

Protip: Install some music mods, then download the classic FF victory fanfare for maximum accuracy.

1. Final Fantasy Skyrim

The Dragons have returned to Tamriel. And so have the gods of yore.

This massive Final Fantasy Skyrim mod shows what happens to the forces of evil when the Dragonborn teams up with Shiva, Ifrit, Carbuncle, Ramuh, and all the other summons seen in the Final Fantasy series.

Not only that, but you also get some new allies that will help you harness the ancient powers of the summoned spirits, and new spells inspired by the Final Fantasy series.

If (for some weird reason) you can only download a single Final Fantasy inspired mod, this is the one you should snag, period.