15 Best Maces in Skyrim

Oh, swords.

If you’re here, it’s likely that you like games that are hard to play.

Maces are some of the scariest one-handed weapons in Skyrim, whether you use them with one hand and magic with the other or you’re a weirdo and use them with a shield.

Even when they aren’t enchanted, many of the maces you’ll find in the game are pretty useful. Even though some enchanted maces are on my list just because of how they work.

Either way, this list should help you find the right mace for your play style in less time. Let’s dig in!

15. Steel Mace

Best Maces in Skyrim

How To Get: The steel mace can be found by looting random enemies in the early levels of the game.

The steel mace is a pretty weak mace in general, but it can prove to be a trusty skull-crasher during the early stages of your save.

It’s good enough to kill weak opponents and holds its own against most enemies under level 7.

If you’ve been advancing in levels and you still use a steel mace, though, you might want to rethink your life’s choices. Go and upgrade your weapon, dammit!

14. Orcish Mace

How To Get: Much like the steel mace, you can get your hands on orcish maces in the early game by looting enemies or chests

Orcish maces have a pretty cool design, although I wish that they were as useful as they are awesome to look at.

It’s a pretty heavy weapon and rather useless if you’ve gone past level 10.

Much like its steel counterpart, it does a good job at keeping foes away during the first few levels of Skyrim. But it’s worth moving on once you’re ready.

13. Lunar Iron Mace

How To Get: Can be found at the Silent Moons Camp, near the Lunar Forge. You must be at least level 2 before it’ll spawn.

The Lunar Iron Mace shares the same attributes as a regular iron mace, but there’s a good reason why it’s taking a better spot.

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Whenever the moons are out, this mace does an additional 20 points of extra damage to your enemies (burn damage, to be more specific).

Let’s just say that this is a fantastic mace to run with when the moon’s out.

If you’re using it during the daytime, chances are you’re going to hate it.

12. Dwarven Mace

How To Get: Found in chests and as loot after level 12. Enchanted versions appear after level 13 and up.

Much like every other weapon of Dwarven design, the Dwarven mace is a brass-colored piece of weaponry that does a fantastic job of keeping all sorts of enemies out of your way.

It’s not a late-game weapon by any means. But with a total damage of 12, it’s a better weapon than its Orcish counterpart.

I could describe the appearance of this mace for days, as it has a lot of gorgeous detail. But just have a look for yourself and see what you think.

11. Lunar Steel Mace

How To Get: Can be found at the Silent Moons Camp, by the Lunar Forge only after level 4

This mace has basically the same effect as the Lunar Iron Mace, with the only exception that it does a bit more damage.

And it’s found at a higher level.

It still hits you for extra points whenever the moons are out though, which is handy for sure.

A useful weapon during the early stages of the game, though I have to admit there are far better maces the further you go into your gameplay.

10. Horskbane

How To Get: Loot the mace near the corpse of Saden in Horker Island. This comes with the Dragonborn DLC.

I have to admit, I’m only adding this mace to this list because it has a special effect.

However this effect isn’t as much useful as it is ridiculous.

This bad boy does extra damage when fighting horkers (those giant sea lion-looking creatures). Picture that for a moment.

Basically, if you’re not to keen on marine mammals, you’re going to want to get your hands on the Horksbane. Otherwise it may feel a bit like a Skyrim novelty.

9. Elven Mace

How To Get: The Elven Mace can be found by looting enemies and chests after you’ve reached level 20. Enchanted versions appear after level 21.

The Elven mace is one of the best basic maces you can get, which might not have as much swag as its counterparts like the Daedric or Dragonbone maces… but it does a fantastic job during a good portion of the game.

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Aside from how useful it is, check out its design style.

The mace itself looks pretty cool, as most things designed by the Elves tend to look. And that’s a big factor in its ranking.

8. Prelate’s Mace

How To Get: This mace is actually unobtainable without hacking the game, but it’s a custom version of the Elven mace so I think it gets a spot on my list!

Prelate’s Mace is wielded by Knight-Paladin Gelebor.

It’s an Elven mace with slight modifications, which makes it just a bit better than its regular counterpart.

However it does get a spot on my list because of its totally unique style..

You can actually get your hands on the Prelate’s Mace if you don’t mind being a damn cheater and using the console to spawn it. That’s on you, though.

I only did that to try the mace out. I swear I didn’t save my game afterward.

7. Nordic Mace

How To Get: Found with the Dragonborn DLC installed, the Nordic mace spawns after level 25. Enchanted versions of the mace show up after level 26.

A powerful weapon made using quicksilver, the Nordic Mace is a trusty ally that will crush a lot of skulls.

As useful as it is, the mace itself looks pretty cool too.

But you will have to level quite a ways before you’ll find it out there.

6. Glass Mace

How To Get: Glass maces spawn after level 27 & enchanted versions after level 28

Glass maces allow one-handed in gameplay, but they might as well be wielded using both.

These imposing maces deal a ton of damage, and most importantly, look good on almost any type of character build that you’re looking to have.

5. Ebony Mace

How To Get: Ebony maces start spawning after level 32, but you’ll commonly found them after you’ve reached level 36. Enchanted versions appear after level 37.

The imposing Ebony mace doesn’t only deal 15 points of base damage(which it totally does)

But it’s also the first mace which has an unenchanted cost of 1000 coins.

Powerful and valuable, it’s easily a mace worth seeking out when you’re high enough level for it.

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4. Stalhrim Mace

How To Get: The Stalhrim mace can be found in the wild, but you can also craft it after reaching level 80 smithing. It requires the Dragonborn DLC like other Stalhrim weapons.

With a base damage of 16, the Stalhrim mace is one of the most formidable weapons in the game by far.

You can also enchant it with the frost damage enchant, which would also be 25% more powerful thanks to its Stalhrim nature.

Weapons in this class are usually pretty great and I’m always a fan of Stalhrim gear. Check it out!

3. Daedric Mace

How To Get: Daedric maces start spawning after level 46 and enchanted versions of the mace start showing up after level 47.

Daedric maces have been around for generations. And they have remained cool throughout the years for good reason!

With a weight of 20 and base damage of 16, they’re still some of the strongest one-handed weapons in the game – even with all DLCs installed.

But the level requirements are tough, so keep that in mind.

2. Dragonbone Mace

How To Get: You can find the Dragonbone Mace if you have the Dawnguard DLC installed

Dragonbone is the strongest material in the game, only surpassing Daedric after the Dawnguard DLC was released a few years ago.

Like most Dragonbone weapons, it has quite a unique look and a different feel to most other maces in Skyrim.

Those dragon bones sticking out of it really give a terrifying look. Which is one reason I love this mace even more than others!

1. Mace of Molag Bal

How To Get: Finish Molag Bal’s quest and get the mace as a reward

Finally, a special mace that is worthy of the first spot on my list.

This was to be expected, though, as the Mace of Molag Bal is a Daedric artifact.

And by far the most unique mace in Skyrim.

It might not be as strong as its Dragonbone counterpart, but it still takes the first spot on my list because of its significance – it has appeared in almost every Elder Scrolls game since Daggerfall! Talk about history.

Every single time you land a blow with this sucker, foes lose 25 stamina and 25 magicka on top of the damage the mace deals.