15 Best Poison in Skyrim

Poisons are things that can be put on weapons in Skyrim to make them do different things.

Most of the time, these effects are very bad for your enemies and are meant to do a lot of damage to them.

Please don’t drink any of these poisonous things. Yes, you can do it!

No, that’s not a smart choice.

Now, I’ve made a list of the best poisons you can find and buy in Skyrim, so you can choose which ones to get to make your weapons more dangerous.

I do suggest using some kinds of poisons in certain situations, though. For example, a battlemage who is good at spells that destroy fire might be the best person to use a poison that makes enemies more likely to get hurt by fire.

In any case, most of these poisons work pretty well in a lot of situations. Use them wisely, and be careful with your poisoned weapons. Their effects don’t last forever, and your allies can also be hurt by them. Swing with confidence, but try to hit the right spot!

Pro tip: Try to reach level 40 in pickpocketing and learn the Poisoned perk. This will allow you to poison enemies directly by pickpocketing them and placing the poison in their inventories. That way you don’t have to worry about missing – especially if you’re accustomed to poising your bows!

Pro tip 2: All of the poisons listed here are the best in the game because they are the strongest versions of each kind of poison that exists. However, all of the following poisons also have weaker variants which are easier to obtain, cheaper to purchase, and far simpler to craft.

15. Deadly Trio

Though a bit macabre, the combination of imp stool, human flesh, and scatheclaw makes for a wicked poison that sends enemies reeling. This deadly poison is a good one to know for any adventurer.

This poison has a triple effect of paralysis, damage to health, and lingering damage to health, a wickedly wonderful trio that can make create a turning point in the battle.

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Adding this poison to a weapon or arrow is a sure way to stop an enemy in its tracks, buying the player precious time to plan their next attack.

14. Frightful Dose

Combining a poison bloom, a deathbell, and Namira’s rot, ingredients that can be sourced through exploring some of Skyrim’s best quests, players are able to brew a poison that will have the target fleeing in fear.

This potent poison can be helpful when the Dragonborn is feeling overwhelmed in battle, as it will slow the enemies, damage their health and cause them to be afraid, slowly fleeing in terror while their HP takes a hit.

This trifecta of effects is great to have on hand when dungeon crawling or taking on a large enemy like a frost troll.

13. Stop and Drop

Sometimes players need their enemies to simply stop attacking for a moment, and the poison they can craft by combining a canis root, an imp stool, and a scatheclaw will do just that.

Gather these gross ingredients to start brewing.

This poison ravages the health of its unlucky target while also paralyzing them, making it the perfect poison for a well-planned attack.

By applying this poison to a weapon and hitting an enemy with it, players will have an opening to deliver more blows that may be enough to take them out, as the ravaging health effect can be very impactful.

12. Stat Attack

This poison requires a nightshade, a human heart, and a chicken’s egg, an odd pairing that makes a great combination against many different enemies.

Head to the nearest town, find the chickens, and start leveling up the Dragonborn’s alchemy skill to reap the benefits of this poison.

This poison has three effects: lingering stamina damage, Magicka regen damage, and damage to the target’s health.

While up against a powerful mage or a weapon wielder, this makes for an effective poison that goes after the core stats of the target while lowering their HP.

11. Slow Going

Though it’s one of the hardest skills to level up in Skyrim, this poison is accessible to newer players.

Combining a deathbell, a river betty, and a salt pile makes for a good poison with a layered effect that will buy time to plan the next attack.

Salt piles are abundant in barrels while deathbells may require looting the alchemy shop.

This poison features ingredients that can be obtained pretty easily across Skyrim, making it a great one to start practicing poison crafting with.

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It will slow enemies down while simultaneously causing them poison damage, a tactic that would work well for archers or weapon wielders needing extra time to deliver the ending blow.

10. Malign Vigor Poison

When fighting a strong enemy that depends on their stamina, the Malign Vigor Poison is a real killer.

This poison makes it so that the enemy can’t get any more stamina for 60 seconds, so use it when they look like they need it.

You’ll be able to attack them over and over again, and when they’re too tired to fight back, they won’t be able to do much.

Don’t forget that you have to poison the weapons while they are equipped, no matter what kind of weapon it is. Also, if you put poison on a bow, only one arrow will be affected.

9. Deadly Fear Poison

Now, this poison is the most dangerous fear-inducing poison in the game, and if you’re not a wizard, it’s one of the best poisons you can have.

Depending on the situation, not being able to use spells to scare your enemies can be a problem. The deadly fear poison, on the other hand, will make all of your nearby enemies run for their lives for 30 seconds.

Be careful, though, because this poison only hurts enemies below level 23. Foes who are stronger are not as easy to frighten.

8. Deadly Frenzy Poison

Use the Deadly Frenzy Poison to poison one of your weapons and send your enemies on a wild rampage.

This potent mixture will make any enemy level 23 or lower go crazy and attack everything in sight, whether it’s a friend or foe.

It’s a good poison to bring with you, but you should only use it when a group of enemies is giving you trouble.

7. Deadly Aversion to Magic Poison

Ah, the Deadly Aversion to Magic Poison, also known as the best poison a battlemage can carry.

This poison is so powerful that it makes your enemies 100% weaker to magic damage.

Put it on any of your weapons, hit an enemy with it, and then use your destruction spells to turn them into ashes. As bad as taking candy from a child.

6. Deadly Paralysis Poison

There’s nothing more dangerous than getting hit with a big battle axe and then stopping moving for 30 seconds.

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And that’s exactly what the Deadly Paralysis Poison does to your poor enemies (providing that you apply it to a battle axe, of course).

If you use this poison on a bow, aim as if your life depended on it. Poisons that cause paralysis are hard to find.

5. Unceasing Magicka Poison

If you think taking someone’s stamina is bad, imagine hitting a wizard with a poisoned weapon and causing him to lose 3 points of magicka every second.

This is a great poison to use against wizards, spellcasters, and battle mages, especially if you don’t want to deal with all of their magic tricks in battle.

Right?! Screw their spells that call atronachs into battle, right?!

4. Deadly Lingering Poison

Ah, at last, a classic poison.

The Deadly Lingering Poison kills enemies slowly by taking 3 health points from them every second.

It’s dangerous and a great way to slowly kill anyone (beast or not!) while still having time to get away before the crime is done.

This poison must be an assassin’s best friend, and it’s also a favourite of the Dark Brotherhood.

3. Deadly Stamina Poison

If you poison a weapon with the Deadly Stamina Poison, one hit from that weapon will drain 130 points of stamina from the unfortunate enemy who takes the hit.

With this poison, that’s as simple as it gets.

This poison will stop your enemies from attacking or even running away. Hard to find, but well worth the trouble.

2. Deadly Magicka Poison

This is another poison you’ll want to have on hand if you’re having trouble beating wizards.

It drains 130 magicka points with a single hit, making it one of the best ways in the game to get rid of a troublesome spellcaster.

Even if you can cast spells yourself, you’ll love this. It might be dirty to fight against your own family, but in love and war, all is fair.

1. Deadly Poison

This is a bad MF’er that really stops the show.

If someone drinks one sip of the Deadly Poison, they will take 65 points of poison damage.

If you’ve already reached level 40 in pickpocketing and unlocked the Poisoned perk, this is one of the best poisons you can keep on hand.

Two of these babies will make people fall over.