Where Do You Get Troll Fat in Skyrim?

The easiest way to get a lot of this ingredient quickly is to steal it from The East Empire Company Warehouse in Solitude. This is where there are the most sure samples to steal.

You can also find some trolls in a cave called Darkshade, if you don’t want to steal their fat. Or you could just go to the alchemy shop near you and see what they have.

At least one piece of Troll Fat is dropped by every kind of troll.

You can find these trolls in the wild, in caves, and in old Dwarven ruins.

The East Empire Company Warehouse

Troll Fat

This place has 17 pieces of Troll Fat that can be found and stolen.

Just keep in mind that the door is always locked and guarded.

So either try to sneak past him or kill him, and then try to open the door by picking the lock.

Once you’re inside the warehouse, go to the boat, which is on a platform on the northeast side of the building.

There will be guards here who will be against you, so sneak around or kill them. On both sides of the ship, there are 3 bowls of Troll Fat.

Follow the wooden path from the ship past a set of wooden stairs. Here is a shelf with a lot of Troll Fat.

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If you’ve already taken everything, this gives you 17 bowls of Troll Fat.

Darkshade Farming

Inside the Darkshade cave, which is east of Valtheim Towers, there are five trolls.

The cave is pretty simple, and as you move through it, you’ll run into the trolls one after the other.

Just get rid of them so you can get more fat.

Uses For Troll Fat

Resist Poison, Fortify Two-Handed, Frenzy, and Damage Health are all things that Troll Fat can do.

It is one of only three (or four with the Dragonborn add-on) items that has a Fortify Two-handed effect.

Also, the quest “The Cursed Tribe” can’t be finished without a sample of this item.

Trolls are pretty hard to beat, and they can hit you quickly and hard, so be careful if you’re farming in battle.

You could bring a friend with you or use fire magic to fight them.


What is Troll Fat used for in Skyrim?

Troll Fat is a valuable ingredient in alchemy in Skyrim. It is primarily used to create potions with fortifying effects, such as Fortify Two-Handed, Fortify Carry Weight, and Fortify Health. It can also be used in certain quests or given as a gift to certain characters in the game.

Can Troll Fat be bought or sold in Skyrim?

Yes, Troll Fat can be bought and sold in Skyrim. It is considered a valuable ingredient, and you can often find it for sale at alchemy shops or from traveling merchants. Additionally, some characters may be interested in purchasing Troll Fat if you have it in your inventory.

Are there any quests related to Troll Fat in Skyrim?

While there aren’t any specific quests that revolve solely around Troll Fat, there are quests in Skyrim where Troll Fat may be required as part of an alchemical ingredient or as a quest item. For example, in the quest “A Return To Your Roots,” you need to gather various ingredients, including Troll Fat, to create a powerful alchemical concoction.

Can Troll Fat be used for anything other than alchemy?

In Skyrim, Troll Fat is primarily used for alchemy purposes. However, it’s worth noting that there are no unique or special uses for Troll Fat outside of alchemy. Its main value lies in its alchemical properties, allowing you to create potions that enhance various attributes or provide beneficial effects to your character.