12 Best Skyrim Sword Mods

Look, let’s face it:

Axes are brutal, daggers are sleek, and mace-like weapons are powerful, but swords are the real stars of fantasy weapons.

When have you heard a story that was about a legendary mace?

When has an axe helped the brave king rise to fame?

Skyrim is no different. It’s always a sword that kills the dark lord, cuts down the greedy dragon, and points the hero in the right direction.

Skyrim has a lot of great blades that can help you win. But real mediaeval fantasy heroes can never have too many swords, and thanks to modding, you can always get more.

12. Witcher’s Silver Sword

If you are a player who loves to mix things up with other franchises, you will enjoy the Witcher’s Silver Sword mod.

It simply replaces the Skyrim Silver Sword with one used in The Witcher series, providing the unrelenting strength of Geralt in order to kill the mighty foes he encountered during his adventures.

The Silver Sword does not have any particular effects, but it gives you the unique feel of authenticity and spins the world of Skyrim into something different.

It is well-detailed as well, helping to create more immersion!

11. Skyrim Weapons Expansion

There are lots of reasons to play through Skyrim today, but the lack of available in-game weapons is quite a drag.

Thankfully, Skyrim Weapons Expansion helps solve that problem by adding over 100 weapons into the game with a simple installation.

The weapons themselves are injected into both the crafting and leveled lists to maintain balance with the original game, so there may be some incompatibilities with heavily modded load orders.

However, the weapon models themselves are rugged, authentic, and well crafted, making this mod a winner.

10. Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards Redux

Best Skyrim Sword Mods

Before we add new blades to kill our enemies in style, we should take a moment to make the ones that are already in the game better.

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I really like how most of the weapons in Skyrim look. But one thing that has always bothered me is the way most weapons are stored.

Some don’t even have them, and the ones that do just make them look worse.

In two ways, the Greatsword Sheaths and Scabbards mod makes things better.

First, it adds brand-new custom sheathes and scabbards that look better. You can also choose to make all blades a little thinner, which makes them look more realistic and, as a result, better when sheathed.

9. Better Elven Blades

Something else that could use an improvement is Elven weapons – or, rather, Elven swords.

Elven swords in vanilla Skyrim are just too broad.

When I think of elves in combat, I picture swift movements and elegant weaponry – instead, Skyrim gives us goofy and oversized blades that look ceremonial at best.

This Elven Blades mod includes five different styles to replace both the Elven Sword and Greatsword.

Whether you choose the vanilla-like variant, the full replacement, or even the curved version, they’re all much better than Bethesda’s original models.

8. Unique Magicka Sabers

It doesn’t matter what game you’re playing – if there are swords and an active modding scene, it’s only a matter of time before you get a Star Wars-inspired Lightsaber mod.

But this isn’t your average lightsaber mod.

Instead of just adding a rainbow-colored array of sabers with the same model and function, this add-on includes several “unique” lightsabers from all across the Star Wars mythos – from the movies to the Extended Universe.

There are lightsaber pikes, daggers, tonfa – and even Kylo Ren’s crossguard saber, all with customizable colors and effects!

If you want a bit more Star Wars in your Skyrim, you can also teach your character how to use The Force.

7. Hattori Hanzo Katanas

I’ve always been a fan of Samurai and Japanese Katanas.

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They’re elegant, look cool, and they take great skill to wield, which says a lot about any character you see carrying one.

While there are definitely Katanas in Skyrim – as they’re the Blades’ weapon of choice – there’s minimal variety.

That’s where the Hattori Hanzo Katanas mod comes in.

This fantastic add-on introduces eight Katanas into the world, four one-handed and four two-handed.

The blades are exquisitely detailed, the handles are nice and traditional, and the sheaths are bright enough to be seen from miles away.

Let them know what’s coming.

6. Eo Geom Summon Swords Spell

Swords aren’t only for burly warriors with hair on their chests and gigantic biceps.

If you know the right spell, even the frailest wizard can have a swarm of swords at their disposal.

That spell is Eo Geom – the words to control and rule the sword.

Once cast, you’ll gain six floating swords that’ll follow behind you until you’ve used them all. Both regular and charged attacks have custom animations and let you damage enemies in the mid-range.

You’ll find several versions of the spell in the mod’s download page, each corresponding to a different sword. Whether you want Daedric Daggers, an elegant rapier, or wooden swords – it’s up to you.

5. BillyRo Ultimate Swords Anthology

When it comes to equipment mods, I love large packs of new items that overhaul my game’s experience entirely.

BillyRo’s Ultimate Swords Anthology brings you a whopping 60 new swords ranging from medieval steel weapons to mystical blades of glowing crystal.

There are pirate cutlasses, curved falchions, swords with blood notches, golden swords – most of them with stylish scabbards – and that’s just scratching the surface.

4. Sharpen Other Swords

With such a massive variety of swords at your disposal, you need ways to show off your arsenal – and the Sharpen Other Swords mod is a great, immersive way to do it.

Something that’s always bothered many players in vanilla Skyrim is how the animation of sharpening a blade is always done with an Iron Sword – even if you don’t have any in your inventory.

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This mod fixes that by making your character sharpen a blade of the most expensive weapon set you’re carrying.

3. The Witcher 3 Weaponry

Next up, we’ve got one for fans of The Witcher 3.

The Witcher 3 Weaponry lets you conjure up a special forge where you’ll be able to craft a wide array of blades from TW3, including both steel and silver options.

What I like most about this mod (and why I gave it such a high spot on our ranking) are the two upgrade-able blades – the Ursine steel & silver swords, respectively.

Just like in the game, you’ll be able to craft four increasingly powerful versions of these weapons depending on your Smithing level and whether or not you can get suitable materials.

2. Silverthorn Weaponry

The Witcher 3 weapons are definitely appealing and new to Skyrim.

But if you’re looking for something never-before-seen, you have to consider the Silverthorn Weaponry mod.

This add-on introduces a whole set of 26 stylish blades in silver and black, ranging from daggers to spears, including many swords.

These weapons blend a sleek and clean body shape with ornamental engravings near the hilt, giving them a regal and almost ceremonial appeal.

1. JaySuS Swords

If you’re going to download just one of these mods, let it be JaySuS Swords – a legendary weapon pack including 50 distinct weapons to be crafted, looted, or obtained as rewards at the end of a dungeon.

I’ve chosen this weapon pack over others thanks to the vibrant variety of blades and hilts.

I appreciate consistency in themed sword sets, but if you’re looking to shake things up, 50 unique blades will do the trick.

One of my favorite examples is the Blade of Dibella, which has a brass sculpture of a voluptuous lady for a handle.

I’m 100% sure Dibella would favor a champion with such excellent taste in weaponry.