Where Do You Get Hawk Feathers in Skyrim?

The best way to get Hawk Feathers quickly is to steal them from hawks that fly around Skyrim.

When killed, these hawks will drop 3 Feathers and 1 Hawk Beak.

The best place to get Hawk Feathers is in the Solitude Docks, southeast of the city, outside the East Empire Company Warehouse.

The most Hawks are flying around at the same time in this area.

You can either use magic like Fireball or arrows from a bow to kill them.

Inside Solitude, especially near Castle Dour, there are also a lot of Hawks flying around.

Make sure to shoot them while they’re flying inside Solitude in this area.

The reason is that their bodies can fall outside the walls, and you can’t loot them if that happens.

You could also buy Hawk Feathers at alchemy shops like Arcadia’s Cauldron in Whiterun or Angeline’s Aromatics in Solitude.

There is a 15% chance that each seller has between 1 and 5 Hawk Feathers in their stock.

You can also find Hawk Feathers in Gallows Rock, Driftshade Refuge, and Dustman’s Cairn, where Silver Hand members carry them.

But keep in mind that you can only find these people in Dustman’s Cairn during the “Proving Honor” quest. So if you want to farm that way, you might want to try Gallows Rock or Driftshade instead.

Overall, though, the Solitude Docks are probably the best place to farm many of these things.

Hawk feathers can be used in alchemy, which is a part of the game. They have the benefits of Cure Disease, Strengthen Light Armor, Strengthen One-Handed Skills, and Strengthen Sneak.


What are Hawk Feathers used for in Skyrim?

Hawk Feathers are primarily used in alchemy. They have the ability to restore stamina when consumed as an ingredient in potions, making them valuable for crafting stamina-restoring elixirs.

Where can I find Hawk Feathers in Skyrim?

Hawk Feathers can be obtained by hunting hawks, which are common throughout Skyrim. You can find them in various outdoor locations, especially near mountainous regions or near bodies of water.

Can Hawk Feathers be used for anything else besides alchemy?

Apart from alchemy, Hawk Feathers do not have any other specific uses. However, they can be sold to alchemists or general goods merchants for a decent amount of gold.

Are there any quests or activities related to Hawk Feathers?

There are no specific quests or activities in Skyrim that revolve around Hawk Feathers. However, they can be gathered as part of general exploration or hunting activities.

Can Hawk Feathers be used to create unique or powerful potions?

Hawk Feathers, when combined with other alchemical ingredients, can contribute to the creation of potent stamina-restoring potions. By experimenting with different combinations, you can create potions that are particularly effective in replenishing stamina, granting you more endurance in combat or other physically demanding situations.