12 Skyrim Superhero Mods: Batman, Superman, Iron Man & Thor

Skyrim got a lot of mods that let you be almost anyone because it was one of the most mod-friendly AAA games ever made.

From historical conquerors to super heroes. But becoming the second is much more exciting.

And Skyrim modders have something for you no matter which superhero you like best.

This list ranks some of the best mods for TES5 that have to do with superheroes.

Now, we might have missed your favorite character here, but since the game has more than 50,000 mods, I’m sure you can find it with a quick Google search.

But let’s take a look at the best superheroes Skyrim has to offer.

12. Heart Of Thunder – Ragnarok Edition

Skyrim Superhero Mods

“Whoever holds this hammer, if they are good enough, will have Thor’s power!”

Mjolnir and Stormbreaker are two sets of Asgardian armour that will be added.

11. The Bat Of Skyrim

This gives the player the chance to become The Bat, with a new homestead big enough to store and show off all their treasures.

A cave built with everything one would need to fight evil and corruption, a set of gear to become a legend, and a bit of lore and story to give the player context and, most importantly, the promise of more.

10. Cloaks of Skyrim (Cape Mod)

Any real “super” hero needs a long, beautiful cape to be called a “super” hero.

Even in The Elder Scrolls’ world!

With this Cape Mod, you can put on a beautiful red cape that moves and looks great on any character. Plus you get male and female variants.

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The only bad thing about this place is that you need to have the Dawnguard DLC installed because the cape was taken from the content that this DLC added to Skyrim.

But what you get in return makes a little DLC seem like nothing.

9. Kryptonian Race

There are so many dangerous creatures in the world of Skyrim that I’m not sure I want to get close to Kryptonians.

But this Kryptonian Race mod is great for anyone who likes Superman.

It adds a full-fledged version of the famous race, with custom skills, bonuses for carrying weight, and laser vision.

Compared to the other dragons, the Last Dragonborn doesn’t look like he has much power, does he?

8. Deadpool

No mod will ever be able to copy Deadpool’s witty comments and dry sense of humour.

One of them, on the other hand, can easily turn you into a Marvel Comics superhero.

This fancy mod adds a new set of armour that looks like the famous costume of the foul-mouthed superhero.

This armour can be upgraded, which means you might be able to use it to finish the game.

And you might even show the world that a sharp mind and a quick tongue are more dangerous than any Fus-Roh-Da.

7. Thor Follower

The powerful Norse god of thunder doesn’t care about anyone.

Unless we are talking about Skyrim.

With this awesome Thor Follower mod, Thor can do everything in Skyrim. As a follower, well.

The character, who can be found outside of Riverwood, will level up with the player.

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He often uses weapons that only require one hand to cast the most powerful thunder spells anyone has ever seen outside of Skyrim.

6. Catwoman

I don’t know what Catwoman can do to help Skyrim’s Last Dragonborn. But I think she might be able to do something.

If you’re like me and want to know what the DC Comics character can do for Skyrim, you should definitely download this mod.

Catwoman is added as a follower.

She also levels up with you, just like some of the vanilla followers. So at least she shouldn’t have a hard time keeping up with you.

5. X-Men Mutant Races

People say that the X-Men are some of the most powerful superheroes ever.

They are so strong that even the most dangerous creatures in Skyrim don’t bother them.

And this X-Men Mutant Races mod adds a lot of new races with their own unique abilities. It also gives us a version of Wolverine’s claws that actually works.

Can you already tell your enemies are scared?

I sure can.

4. Ghost Rider Follower

Johnny Blaze has a lot of different names.

The Horse.

The Soul of Revenge.

Or just “The Ghost Rider.”

And with this Ghost Rider Follower mod, you can get Johnny Blaze to help you in Skyrim.

You can make him your follower and let him use his powerful fire-based magic spells to burn all your enemies.

And if you want to look like the most powerful pair Skyrim has ever seen, you can get a set of armour and an enchanted sword that will only leave ashes in your wake.

3. The Secret War # 2

Secret War is much more than just a superhero mod.

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It’s a party for a bunch of different series that are coming together for the first time in this crazy crossover.

A lot of characters from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, and a few other places show up in Secret War.

And don’t think that the mod is done when it adds heroes with unique skills, because it isn’t.

There are also a lot of bad guys in Skyrim who can’t wait to cause trouble and get kicked in the behind.

This is where different worlds meet, and nothing will ever be the same again.

2. Captain America

To bring Captain America into Skyrim in a good way, we have to cheat a little.

We don’t have much of a choice here, because Captain America wouldn’t be anything without his famous shield.

By installing these two modes, you not only get a great-looking Captain America costume, but also a version of his shield that works.

This will keep you safe from all kinds of attacks while you beat up enemies from afar. The same as in the movies!

1. Batman

Without a Batman mod, no list of superhero mods would be complete.

But this one has a lot more to it than just a Batman look.

We get a new player home, as well as a new race, a new set of armour, a new enemy, a new style for NPCs, and a few new spells that are all related to Batman.

What’s the best part of all this?

It fits Skyrim’s story very well, so it will feel like the Dark Knight has come to life in the world of The Elder Scrolls.