How To Get Dwarven Oil in Skyrim?

All of the Dwarven Automatons might drop Dwarven Oil. In most dwarven sites across Skyrim, you can find a lot of them there.

Dwarven Oil can also be found in these ruins as normal loot. One example is Mzinchaleft.

If you don’t want to explore the dwarven ruins, you can also buy Dwarven Oil from traders.

There is a 15% chance that all alchemy dealers, like Arcadia in Whiterun, will have a few pieces of Dwarven Oil in their stock.

So, if you want to get drops by farming, let’s look at what your best options are.

The Dwarven Automatons

Dwarven Oil

All of the dwarven robots in the ruins have a chance of having one Dwarven Oil on them when they are killed.

Spiders are the easiest to kill, followed by Dwarven Spheres, and then the Dwarven Centurion, which is one of Skyrim’s strongest enemies.

If you bought the Dragonborn add-on, the Dwarven Ballista in Soltsheim will also drop Dwarven Oil if you have it.

Also, a Dwarven Centurion and its variations, the Centurion Guardians and Centurion Masters, will always have at least one jar of Dwarven Oil.

They are hard to beat, but this is one way to make sure you get some oil.

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Mzinchaleft is a ruin southwest of Dawnstar that was built by dwarves. It has a lot of Dwarven Automatons and Dwarven Oil.

Bandits, falmer, and Dwarven Automatons like Spiders and Dwarven Spheres live in this area. So, this is a good place to farm for drops.

Dwarven Oil can also be taken from a lot of dead automatons in this area.

Dwarven Oil is also on some tables here, along with other things.

You can also find them on a few tables in the second area where falmers are.

In the last part of this spot, called “Mzinchaleft Gatehouse,” there are a few tables where you can steal Dwarven Oil and other items made by dwarves.

Dwarven Oil Uses

Dwarven Oil can be used in alchemy to create potions that have Fortify Illusion, Regenerate Magicka, Restore Magicka, and Weakness to Magic effects.

You can make a potion of Restore Magicka by combining Dwarven Oil and a Red Mountain Flower.

Or add a Garlic to create a Regenerate Magicka potion that increases your magicka regeneration rate.

Either way, magic casters will benefit from all these potions & will enjoy having some extra oil lying around.


Where can I find Dwarven Oil in Skyrim?

Dwarven Oil can be commonly found in Dwemer ruins, particularly in areas where Dwarven machinery and constructs are present. It is often found in containers or as loot from defeated Dwarven automatons.

Can Dwarven Oil be obtained through other means besides looting?

Yes, Dwarven Oil can also be purchased from blacksmiths, general goods merchants, and alchemists throughout Skyrim. It is a relatively common and accessible item in the game.

Are there any unique properties or effects associated with using Dwarven Oil in Skyrim?

While Dwarven Oil does not possess any special properties or effects when consumed directly, it is highly valuable for its crafting and alchemical applications. It is essential for enhancing and maintaining Dwarven equipment.

Can Dwarven Oil be obtained through smelting Dwemer metal scraps?

No, Dwarven Oil cannot be obtained by smelting Dwemer metal scraps in Skyrim. It is a separate item that is typically found or purchased in its pre-refined form.