12 Best Skyrim Paladin Mods

Fantasy books, movies, and video games are full of paladins.

These warriors who carry light are loyal to good gods and see themselves as their tools in the real world.

In exchange, they are given power against darkness and evil, whether it comes in the form of unholy monsters, vampires, werewolves, or the risen dead.

In the world of Skyrim, gods are mysterious and many, and enough of them are on the side of good that any person who wants to be a paladin can choose.

You can become an armed acolyte of Akatosh, Stendarr, or even Dibella and worship them by killing scum and bad people all over the province and spilling their blood.

But first, you’ll need a few things. You know, armour, weapons, and tests to show what you can do.

So, let’s see what the Skyrim modding community has to offer for building your own paladin.

12. Stalhrim Paladin Armor

This mod adds a full set of high-quality armor made from a material called stalhrim steel plate. The armor set is designed to look more high-end than the original stalhrim armor set and provides slightly better stats.

The mod requires the player to have access to the stalhrim material to craft and temper the armor set.

The armor set is compatible with all races, both male and female, and can be crafted and tempered by the player.

The mod is intended to provide an improved and more visually appealing version of the stalhrim armor set.

The mod author welcomes feedback in the comments section and recommends checking out their other files if you like this one.

Overall, this mod provides a new and improved option for players looking for better-looking and higher quality armor in the game.

11. Artifacts – The Breton Paladin

This mod adds a Paladin armor set, an extra helmet, sword, mace, warhammer, and ring.

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It includes 5 new shrines, high-quality models, and a lore-friendly quest to obtain the items.

The mod is compatible with all races, genders, and weights, and includes unique custom enchantments for the items.

10. Elven Archangel Knight Armor

Best Skyrim Paladin Mods

Whenever I hear the word “paladin” two different types come to mind: the faithful believers, and the wielders of the light.

This armor belongs to the latter.

It’s easy to fight for the light when you’ve been blessed with magical armor as glossy and glorious as this one.

To make it even more over the top, creator KiraxSkyrim chose to include a pair of angelic wings. At this point, you’re not even a paladin – you’re a warrior saint.

9. Stendarr Paladin Armor

On the other hand, you find the faithful believers – the kind of light-serving knight who fights darkness wherever he finds it with faith, steel, and maybe a couple healing spells.

The Vigilants of Stendarr belong in this group.

They’re an order of pious warriors fighting under the banner of Stendarr – God of Righteous Might and Mercy – against daedric forces and anything else that preys on humans.

Their numbers have dwindled since their founding after the Oblivion Crisis. But thanks to this mod by creator NordwarUA, you can take up the fight by donning their heavy armor.

8. Female Elf Paladin Armor

Knowing the Skyrim modding community, a high-quality armor for a sexy paladin couldn’t be missing.

Can a paladin fight in the service of Dibella?

If they can, this is how they’d look.

Jokes aside, the Elf Paladin armor by RyanReos is simply fantastic if you favor aesthetics over functionality.

It looks phenomenal – and barring the unnecessarily exposed thighs, this should keep your bodacious paladin safe.

7. Lorkhan Moonlight Greatsword

Once you’ve clad yourself in God-serving armor, you need a worthy weapon capable of striking down Daedra and other hellspawn that threaten humanity.

Paladins aren’t known for their subtlety.

In general, you want a big shiny sword that’ll remind everyone of God’s fearsome might with every swing.

The Soulsborne series is known to feature a Moonlight Greatsword in every installment.

These glowing blades are the epitome of the “shiny holy sword” trope. And thanks to modder FunkyFandalfCat, you’ll get access to all of them.

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On top of the swords featured in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, and Bloodborne, you get a custom-made Moonlight Greatsword based on Lorkhan – the lost God who created Nirn.

6. Simple Paladin Casting

Other than swinging colossal holy swords in service of the divines, paladins are known for their light-based powers of healing and purification.

The problem is, how are you supposed to cast them if you’re wielding a two-handed weapon?

To make a true paladin build more viable without changing your equipment in the middle of battle, modder Sable17 created this Simple Paladin mod.

It gives you access to several Restoration spells in the form of Lesser Powers, so you can cast them without equipping them.

To compensate for the instantaneous casting, these powers cost more Magicka – but it’s a small price to pay for on-the-go Restoration.

5. Dawnbreaker Reborn

Aside from magic you could also let go of your pride (not a very pious emotion) and switch to a one-handed weapon.

That way you can protect yourself with a shield or cast regular spells with your off-hand.

Even in vanilla Skyrim, there are great light-themed one-handed weapons like Dawnbreaker that totally fit the bill for what a paladin needs.

Except… Well, vanilla Dawnbreaker is kind of underwhelming.

I like the tiny sun just above the handle. But does the shape of the sword have to be so… boring?

Thank to creator FavoredSoul’s reworked Dawnbreaker, it doesn’t have to be.

This fantasy blade is perfect for a paladin – especially if your idea of what paladins are comes from Warcraft.

4. The Breton Paladin

Paladins and crusaders are much alike – sometimes they’re even one and the same.

And the Breton Paladin armor set certainly reflects that.

This Paladin armor’s helmet is shaped just like a stereotypical crusader’s (much like the famous Solaire in Dark Souls) and the rest of the armor’s golden decorations just remind you (and your enemies) that your character is a holy warrior.

Whereas the Stendarr Paladin armor was functional and subdued, this suit of gilded plate is more about projecting the image of a mighty champion.

It’s available in three colors, plus it comes with an alternate helmet and three glorious weapons fit for a paladin.

3. New Day Rising – Enchantments of the Paladins

A great way to supercharge your demon fighting is through holy enhancements to protect you from dark forces and speed up their demise.

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The New Day Rising mod by XunderXDosedX introduces seven paladin-themed enhancements belonging to an ancient paladin felled by a mighty dragon.

Slay it and claim this magic of old for your own order.

Two of my favorites are Champion’s Justice, which adds extra damage against undead, werewolves, and vampires, and Champion’s Resistance, which makes you more resistant to their attacks.

2. Regal Paladin Armor

We’ve covered several unique paladin-themed armor sets already.

But I’m a fan of variety – and this Regal Paladin Armor is way too good not to share.

It’s a bit reminiscent of the Faraam set seen in Dark Souls 2’s promotional material – mainly thanks to the fur above the shoulders, which must be a godsend in the cold northern lands of Skyrim.

That said, the golden highlights and bright red fabric of the fauld give this set a brighter, more energetic look.

Very befitting of a glorious paladin hero on his way to slay yet another untold horror without looking goofy or cartoonish.

1. The Grand Paladin Storyline

Now that you’re finally a full-fledged paladin with some suitable armor, great weapons, and custom abilities, it’s time to go on an adventure worthy of your lordly caliber.

The Grand Paladin mod by Kittytail is a tale of ancient heroes, unimaginable power, and the darkness that lurks beneath the surface in all things.

Over the course of two hours of playtime, you’ll enter an ancient paladin order’s corrupted fortress, face 5 challenging bosses, and claim the Blade of Akatosh that once sealed Alduin – if you can survive the dark arts that hide it.

The best part about this custom story mod is that this storyline fits neatly into the vanilla campaign, so it feels totally lore-friendly and you can retrieve the sword and go back to hunting Alduin, making the legend of the Dragonborn just a little more epic.