18 Funniest Skyrim Mods

People are really at their best. If you don’t believe me, it’s because you haven’t seen these crazy funniest Skyrim mods.

What else is there to talk about?

I usually make lists of mods that make your Skyrim saves better, but this time I went in a totally different direction.

And I don’t know how None of these mods have ever been around before. But holy crap, people have way too much free time.

When NPCs fart while swinging their weapons at you, it will be hard to take Skyrim seriously. You can’t even keep a straight face when using “My Little Pony” tools to kill enemies.

Stop getting mad when you die at a troll’s hands and become a troll yourself.

Skyrim is a lot more fun when mudcrabs swear at you for no reason (or for a good reason, which is half the fun!)

18. Immersive Indigestion

Funniest Skyrim Mods

Yes, this mod does exactly what its name suggests.

It gives indigestion to every NPC in the game, which means you can hear a lot of farting and burping while discussing random stuff with peasants around the streets.

Or whenever you get attacked by an angry barbarian.

With Immersive Indigestion, you’ll have to deal with enemy swords, axes, arrows, magic spells, and burping and farting noises.

What’s not to love about this ridiculously hilarious mod?

You won’t be able to hear about the ongoing Civil War from your friendly neighbor without having him burp right in your face!

17. Animated Fart Shouting

The dragon tongue is not something that can be truly described as “fancy”, and even less so after you install this ridiculous mod.

With Animate Fart Shouting, you’ll notice that your shouts are now a bit… different.

In fact, you’ll notice that your character no longer “shouts” them at all. Instead, as the Dragonborn, your shouts will now come straight out of your arse.

That’s right: someone decided they weren’t happy with Skyrim shouts and changed the whole animation, as well as the sound effects, to make the Dragonborn look like they were farting them into existence.

A truly fascinating mod that shows how far we’ve come as the human race.

16. Inappropriate Cell Names

Alright I know that I have the sense of humor of a 12-year old, but these small changes to the names of certain locations just make me giggle every time I read them.

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The only requirement for you to download this mod, apart from having all the Skyrim DLCs, is to have a terrible sense of humor.

Or perhaps, the highest sense of humor of all.

15. The Official r/TrueSTL Mod

If you’ve been on the Internet for long enough, you probably know by now that Reddit is the birthplace of some of the weirdest stuff you’ll ever encounter.

The TrueSTL community, a subreddit dedicated to shitposting about games written by Lawrence Schick, has put together a fantastic mod that makes some of the strangest modifications to The Elder Scrolls that I’ve ever seen.

I encourage you to check out this piece of work. It’s truly something else.

14. My Little Pony Weapons and Armor

Wear a pony costume, beat up your enemies with ponies, or ride the most badass rainbow pony you’ll ever see.

This mod has it all.

Out of all the works of art that I’ve come across while writing this article, I can guarantee you this is the one that truly makes me laugh just as much as it disturbs me.

There’s just some creepy vibe around the whole brony world, you know? And this mod feels like it encompasses that vibe pretty well.

Sadistic grown-ups beating innocents while dressed like ponies? Yeah, that’s as close of a representation of the brony community as you could get in Skyrim.

13. Crimes Against Nature

No, this mod isn’t about environmentalism. You’re free to support climate policies if you wish – I do as well.

But the Crimes Against Nature mod is about creating the ugliest mofo that you’ll ever see in Skyrim.

CAN introduces a handful of new races to the game, which range from creepy bear people to some creatures that I’d rather not describe.

Install this with Animated Fart Shouting and behold what it feels like to never be able to see Skyrim the same way ever again.

12. Loading Screens with Extra Sarcasm

Loading Screens with Extra Sarcasm combines the wittiness of anon posters, with the kind of crap that you usually see on Twitter, creating the weirdest pieces of advice that you’ll ever come across.

The mod changes all of the vanilla dialogues that you see in loading screens, which tend to be particularly boring (to be fair, we’ve been reading them for many a years).

Instead it creates something completely out of the box. This is one of those mods that you don’t need, but love to have. Check it out.

11. Uncle Sheogorath’s Really Helpful Tips

If you thought the last mod was good, wait until you check out this set of tips that come straight from Sheogorath himself.

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I mean, one could barely call them tips… but one thing’s for sure: they’re exceptionally funny.

The creator seems a tad wittier than the Loading Screens with Extra Sarcasm maker, but both mods will get a laugh or two out of you – especially if you’ve been drinking while playing.

10. “Now You F*cked Up” Mudcrabs Sound

There’s not much to explain here. This mod literally makes every mudcrab in the game play the “Now you f*cked up sound” whenever you attack them.

Combine this mod with Posh Mudcrabs (further on my list) and let the hilarity ensue.

9. Inigo

The Inigo mod has been on many of my lists, and although I was a bit reluctant to add a follower mod to this article, I couldn’t help but let Inigo to take a spot here.

This hilarious Khajit comes with over 7,000 lines of dialogue. And many of them are as engaging as they are hilarious.

Inigo is an occurrent Khajit that will happily stand by your side regardless of the type of playthrough you intend to partake.

He’ll be alongside you during your quest to save Skyrim, or during your murderous rampage with the Brotherhood.

8. Draw – A Dueling Mod

Hold on to your hats, incels – get ready to tip off your fedora and challenge your enemies to a duel where the only one that will keep their honor will be the one that manages to walk away alive.

This fantastic mod allows you to engage in a 1v1 combat against almost every NPC in the game, challenging them to a duel.

You know, like how we used to settle things back in the olden days of who knows when.

This mod isn’t made to be particularly funny, at first.

But dueling an old lady to the death certainly is. I fully recommend this one if you have a terrible sense of humor and even worse in-game morals.

7. Immersive Poop

So, this mod basically makes every creature in the game prone to taking compulsive poops.

Every poop looks the same, so you’ll be unable to tell whether it was donated by a horse or by a chicken. Sounds compelling, right?

It isn’t. But go ahead and download it anyway.

6. Every Mudcrab is Zoidberg

Thinking of downloading another ridiculous mod? Why not Zoidberg?

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Yes, this mod turns every single mudcrab in the game into Zoidberg from Futurama.

And I knew I would eventually get to make a Futurama meme reference, after all these years! And now you can remember the classics of animation too, by adding this sad penniless lobster doctor into your playthroughs.

5. Posh Mudcrabs

Ello, gov’na. Ya havin’ a laugh?

This mod adds top hats and monocules to all of the mudcrabs on Skyrim.

If turning all of the mudcrabs into Zoidberg is just a bit too over the top for you, then try this one out.

It’s still as ridiculous, but it keeps things a bit more… what’s the word? Credible? Realistic?

Eh, let’s just go with “less ridiculous”.

Granted this mod is as ridiculous as they get. And I love it.

It’s perfect for a light-hearted Skyrim playthrough and it’s subtly noticeable enough that you might forget it’s turned on after a while.

4. Musician Bears

So… yeah. This mod literally adds musician bears to the game.

Who wouldn’t love to see a bear playing the lute?

This makes zero damn sense, and that’s why I freaking love it.

Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I’d ever recommended such a ridiculous mod to my readers, but alas, here I am.

Do yourself a favor and get this one installed. You won’t regret it.

3. Macho Dragons

You need a little excitement? Snap into a Slim Jim! YEAH! If this isn’t on a list of one of the best/funniest/awesome mods, it’s not a true list of Skyrim mods.

The mod changes the dragon texture and sound files, causing the dragons to look(ish) and sound like Mach Man Randy Savage.

If you’re looking for immersive gameplay or simply hate to laugh, don’t bother with this mod. For the rest of us, this is a must have for anyone looking to be a tad silly in their playthrough.

2. Katamari Dovahkiin

While working on a new mod, user Verteiron discovered the effect this mod gives was found completely by accident.

Serving no real purpose, casting the spell causes all NPCs to fly toward you at high speed, gathering in a ball Katamari style.

Just remember that, along with any other mod, this mod can cause stability issues should you have it enabled for too long or gather too many characters and will cause a crash to desktop.

1. Really Useful Dragons

Don’t let the name fool you, these guys are far from useful… or even dragons. Live your nightmare by having Thomas the Train bring down a fiery apocalypse of train cars and the train whistle of doom!