8 Resident Evil Mods For Skyrim

Some games are so good when they come out that they leave a mark that can’t be erased.

Resident Evil and Skyrim are both games in this top group.

They helped define each of their genres, and they’ve kept making us happy ever since.

Skyrim has been re-released so many times that it’s hard to keep track.

Resident Evil has done it with a lot of great sequels.

We can make this even better by combining our favorite series.

Thanks to modders, we don’t need Capcom and Bethesda to work together to add some RE magic to Skyrim.

8. Evil Eye

Resident Evil Mods

This mod adds five types of evil eye spells to the game Skyrim: Paralysis, Confusion, Death, Necromancy, and Fear.

When activated and used on a target, the corresponding evil eye effect is applied for a duration of 60 seconds, except for the Death effect, which lasts only 1 second.

The spell tomes for these spells can be found in front of The Serpent Stone, along with a Black Soul Gem. The mod author notes that it may be difficult to use the spells in third-person view.

7. Awkward RE Lines Replace Sneak Attack

At their core, mods are about tampering with the fabric of reality for fun.

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When people first started modifying games, they didn’t want to make them better – they just wanted to leave a mark.

This mod follows the same principle.

Rather than contributing anything of real value to your adventure, this humble mod is content with making it absurd in a way only people born before 1994 can understand.

That is, replacing the sneak attack sound with poorly acted lines from the original Resident Evil.

A “Jill Sandwich” must be some kind of imperial delicacy…

6. RE3R Jill Valentine Character Preset

Speaking of Jill…

How about playing as her in Skyrim?

Some people like spending ages creating a character.

But importing a favorite from another game is fine too.

This character preset will make your Dragonborn look like Miss Valentine does in the Resident Evil 3 Remake – without the lore-breaking outfit.

Personally, I think Jill would make a terrific rogue. Or perhaps a peace-keeping knight wielding a two-handed sword.

If you’re the ironic kind you could even make her a necromancer.

5. Rebecca Chambers Follower (But Not Really)

I’ve been a die-hard fan of Rebecca Chambers since I first saw her kicking ass in Resident Evil 5’s Mercenaries mode. So much firepower on such a cute face!

If you’re as obsessed with this classic RE waifu as I am, then this Skyrim follower is for you.

It’s based on Rebecca’s look in the 2017 animated film Resident Evil: Vendetta – but that’s where the similarities end. Don’t come looking for extra healing potions on Becks – the girl is a walking flamethrower.

4. Resident Evil Beauties

Here we’ve got a value pack including the three most well-known and celebrated gals from the Resident Evil franchise.

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Resident Evil Beauties introduces Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, and mysterious double-agent Ada Wong to Skyrim through presets for Race Menu.

You can play as them in-game, or use them as followers thanks to Phenderix’s Project Proteus.

These girls have been in the heart of Resident Evil fans for decades now, and I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to see the girls adapt to a less zombie-filled life.

I mean, at least the Draugr don’t make more Draugr.

3. Alcina Dimitrescu High-Poly Preset

If you’d prefer a new Resident Evil lady rather than going for the classics, consider Alcina Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village.

Lady Dimitrescu has made a name for herself on the Internet thanks to her generous proportions – and I’m not just talking about her ample bosom.

This lady is just shy of three meters tall – almost as tall as Skyrim’s giants – and people are crazy about it.

This preset will cover the facial features and hair, but her height is up to you to determine. A little tinkering with RaceMenu should suffice.

Once you’ve gotten her afflicted with vampirism, Lady Dimitrescu will be complete.

2. Accurate RaceMenu Series Jill Valentine

We’ve already covered one mod providing Jill’s appearance for your character or a follower.

But while that one uses the RE3R version as an inspiration, this one is an exact replica of the original STARS member.

It really doesn’t get any better than this.

No matter what outfit she’s wearing, nobody would doubt this is Jill “Sandwich” Valentine in the flesh.

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And you’ve got two options now:

You either get this bombshell into a suit of armor and show her where she can find some Draugr to kill, or send her somewhere nice like Whiterun to live free from Umbrella’s dark influence.

1. The Evil Mansion

The first time I explored the Spencer Estate in the original Resident Evil, I couldn’t help but wonder just how much money you’d need to live in a mansion like that.

Well thanks to this mod, all you need is the courage to brave its horrors.

The Evil Mansion is a lore-friendly reproduction of the Spencer Mansion as a player home in Skyrim.

To fit into TES lore, high-tech facilities and firearms give way to arcane rituals and blades – but make no mistake, this macabre mansion remains just as dangerous.

As you delve deeper into this adventure you’ll encounter diabolical puzzles, fearsome boss fights, and more than a few traps.

But you’ll also meet new companions and vendors who’ll help you push through.