12 Best Stalhrim Armor Mods For Skyrim

One of the main additions in the Dragonborn DLC, along with the ancient Dovahkiin dragon priest Miraak and the entire island of Solstheim, was the armor and weapons of Stalhrim.

This stunning and mesmerizing crystal is referred to as “enchanted ice” by the ancient Nords. It was fashioned into armor for powerful leaders and utilized in religious rituals.

This ice-like substance makes for a lightweight, durable, and perfect catalyst for frost-resistant enchantments armor suit. In other words, it’s the ideal armor for the tundra in Skyrim.

If you already knew all of this and avoided Stalhrim, it was probably due to how it seemed.

I do not blame you.

However, I can assist you by directing your attention to some incredible Stalhrim Armor Mods that will alter the way you perceive this Solstheim export.

12. Stalhrim Crossbow


This mod introduces a craftable Stalhrim Crossbow and bolts into the game. The crossbow and bolts come with a unique model and texture, giving them a distinct appearance.

While the mod claims that the model and texture are 99% unique, it likely means that there may be some minor similarities or inspirations from existing designs.

Players can create and use this Stalhrim Crossbow, along with the accompanying bolts, as a new weapon option in the game.

11. Brand New Light Stalhrim Armor for CBBE HDT-BodySlide

This mod is specifically designed for users of the UNP body type in a game.

It replaces the armor meshes of certain pieces of Stalhrim armor, namely the cuirass, gauntlets, and boots.

Unfortunately, there is no replacement for the helmet in this mod.

In summary, this mod provides UNP users with a replacement for selected Stalhrim armor pieces and allows them to further customize the appearance through the Bodyslide tool.

10. Heavy Stalhrim Shield

Stalhrim Armor

Even while a shield isn’t technically considered “armor,” I believe it perfectly matches the list’s theme because its entire purpose is to defend its user from oncoming blows.

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Additionally, I couldn’t pass up the chance to show off Fallen01135’s Heavy Stalhrim Shield to you all.

Look at this gem, for instance!

Since most heavy (and light) shields in Skyrim are either entirely circular or heater-shaped, the design is distinctive. The shield in this instance is shaped like a rounded rectangle.

The modder attributes their primary influence to the Ice Shield from Morrowind. When you place them side by side, it’s simple to see.

9. Glass Stalhrim Weapons & Armor

I’ve never liked the Glass armor set all that much.

Something about it looks out-of-place – like it’s trying to fit into Skyrim, but the concept of Glass armor is so stupid that it just doesn’t.

Creator Haladoon gives the Glass weapons and armor a new lease on life by infusing them with Stalhrim ore.

At the very least, this would make the armor strong enough to protect someone. It also doubles down on the Glass armor’s weirdness, making it look almost alien and abandoning any desire to “fit in.”

8. CC’s UHD Stalhrim Weapons & Armor

If you like the base game’s take on Stalhrim but still want an improvement, ClearanceClarence’s UHD Stalhrim Weapons and Armor is the way to go.

This mod replaces the Stalhrim textures for higher-resolution versions in 2K, 4K, and 8K, respectively, so there’s an option for every system.

By upscaling them with neural net software and applying some finishing touches by hand, the author created a vanilla-accurate enhancement with a more realistic, rustic appeal.

7. Stalhrim Extra Crafting

I’d have loved to see more crafting-exclusive items in Skyrim.

Stuff that only the Dragonborn could make, instead of just copying the Empire-approved designs everyone is wearing.

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Stalhrim Extra Crafting gives you just that with five all-new craftable Stalhrim items, including a heavy armor set and a new two-handed greatsword.

Creator Lautasantenni started this project because they didn’t like how the vanilla Stalhrim gauntlets left so much skin exposed. Realistically, anyone wearing that in Solstheim should lose their fingers to hypothermia.

This set offers much more protection from the elements – at least in appearance.

6. Outlandish Stalhrim

Creator Billyro is famous for their custom weapons and armor, and the Outlandish Stalhrim set is definitely one of the best.

Stalhrim is a mysterious material nobody understands completely. The only thing we know for sure is that it reacts positively to Frost enchanting – and that it looks a bit like glacier ice.

Outlandish Stalhrim doubles down on that connection and makes the mysterious material lighter-colored and more similar to ice.

5. Amber Stalhrim Weapons & Armor

There aren’t too many creative recolors of the Stalhrim armor set available online – but what there is, tends to be really good.

One of my favorites is the Amber Stalhrim Weapons and Armor by SpnPhoenix92, because it replaces the mysterious ancient material with another enigmatic material from ages past: amber.

Amber is essentially fossilized tree resin.

Its color and beauty evoke the idea of it being the crystallized essence of life – and the way it can keep small insects perfectly preserved for millennia is similar to how Stalhrim was used to preserve Nord corpses in antiquity.

The Stalhrim armor set looks gorgeous in these new warmer hues.

4. Refractive Stalhrim Armor

As the nerds among you will surely know, glaciers and icebergs look blue because of how light is refracted as it passes through these ancient formations.

Stalhrim’s blue color seems somewhat inspired by this idea – and so is this mod by MusicAndSilence.

Refractive Stalhrim Armor is a complete reimagining of these armor and weapons to make this mysterious crystal look more like ice.

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This add-on stands out for how much depth it manages to give these textures. I feel as if I’m really looking deep into the Stalhrim, much like you’d feel sailing a boat around an iceberg in Antartida.

3. Stalhrim Refrozen

Another fantastic option closer to vanilla is Stalhrim Refrozen by Jelidity.

This mod works with the vanilla color palette but changes a couple of crucial details that let you appreciate the vanilla style much better.

Reducing the excessive brightness of Stalhrim under direct sunlight was a masterstroke. You’ll spend half your time walking under the sun – and looking like a disco ball can get annoying.

It also improves the textures with a parallax effect to mimic the look of real-life ice.

These changes apply to all Stalhrim – not just armor and weapons! It’s a nice little detail that keeps the game immersive.

2. Justice Stalhrim Armor

My favorite type of armor for a female Dragonborn is sexy but not ridiculous. I want something closer to a superhero costume than a steel bikini.

Justice Stalhrim Armor is a compact but highly protective set that brings together the immense strength of Stalhrim with the fashion sense of the average gacha game character designer.

One of my favorite aspects of this set is how warm it looks.

The original already has a lot of fur, but seeing it directly in contact with my character’s skin makes me feel it on a deeper level.

1. Stalhrim Paladin Set

For something more badass than sexy, I recommend the Salthrim Paladin armor by Mmccarthy4.

This armor set looks like something taken straight from Elden Ring and placed in Tamriel.

There’s something evil-looking about it – probably the spikes – but it retains a heroic beauty I can’t get enough of.

I find this perfect for some kind of Daedra-worshipping anti-heroic knight or a Nine Divines fanatic coming to Skyrim to rid it of its sinful paganism.

Either way, you’ll look very intimidating.