13 Best Vampire Appearance & Beauty Mods For Skyrim

Any open-world fantasy game worth playing has to have vampires.

Many of them have whole additions that are all about the creatures that live at night.

Blood & Stone is an expansion for The Witcher 3, Festival of Blood is an expansion for inFamous, and Dawnguard is an expansion for Skyrim.

This adventure with lots of fangs is one of the best add-ons for Skyrim, and it makes Vampire Appearance much more visible all over the province.

Even a vampire waifu exists!

But if you want more and better vampire material and can’t get enough, you’ll have to look into modding.

13. Cara The Mediterranean Beauty

Vampire Appearance

This mod provides a high-polygon head preset for Nord characters in a game, aimed at enhancing their attractiveness.

The preset offers detailed facial features and improved visual quality.

Additionally, the mod includes a body preset named “Cara The Mediterranean Beauty,” specifically designed for CBBE 3BA body type, which allows players to customize the body shape of their character. Overall,

12. Lamenthia’s Marks of Beauty

This mod offers over 50 face overlays designed for female characters in a game. These overlays include freckles, moles, age spots, birthmarks, and other similar features.

While primarily intended for female characters, some of these overlays can also be suitable for male characters, providing additional customization options for both genders.

11. The Eyes Of Beauty SSE

This mod is an official port of “TEOB” (The Elder Scrolls Online Books) to Skyrim Special Edition (SSE). The port has been authorized by the original creator, LogRaam.

TEOB adds a collection of books from The Elder Scrolls Online game into Skyrim, allowing players to enjoy additional lore and storytelling within the SSE version of the game.

10. Ruby Red Vampire Eyes

Vampires and the color red go together like bread and butter due to their distinctive diet, comprised chiefly of human blood.

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Traditionally, you’ll see vampires depicted as wearing subdued colors like black or dark brown with some bright red detail, like a cape or lipstick that contrasts their pale skin for an otherworldly appeal.

In Skyrim, they even have red eyes!

Or, they did until the Dawnguard expansion was released. This changed the universal vampire eye color to bright golden-orange.

Well here’s a convenient mod by Achintyagk that brings back the red hue in eight all-new variants.

These include black and white sclera, and human and feline (slit) iris options.

9. Underworld Awakening Hybrid Vampire Eyes

There isn’t a single “right” way to depict vampires.

Just as they can have red or bright orange eyes and still look decidedly vampiric, an icy blue may work just as well – especially if they’re Skyrim vampires who have an affinity wirh frost magic.

Based on the half-lycan, half-vampire hybrids in Underworld: Awakening (2012), these clear blue eyes with jet black sclera by Achintyagk are a great way to switch things up your vampire-hunting experience.

It’ll make Skyrim feel like you just crossed from GoT’s Seven Kingdoms into White Walker territory.

8. Fangs and Eyes – A Vampire Appearance Mod

If there’s one thing I could never get over in Skyrim, it’s how female vampires have no fangs.

What’s the justification?

Is this sexism or plain laziness?

Either way, it’s a bummer.

Many mods are looking to fix the situation, but my favorite has to be “Fangs and Eyes” by Aipex8.

This mod doesn’t just add sharp fangs to female teeth – but it also introduces a wealth of new eye color options for vampires as well.

There are 10 haunting eye colors to choose from, ranging from “relatively human-looking” to absolutely terrifying.

7. Humanoid Vampires

In recent times, a new type of vampire has become more popular:

The one that looks exactly like a regular human.

Long past is the time of the hideous monster Nosferatu or even Bram Stoker’s somewhat decrepit Dracula. Now the medium is dominated by stuff like Twilight, where vampires sparkle under the sun’s rays.

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And this Humanoid Vampires mod by Darth Sidious will make sure not to break your attractive vampire fantasy by removing the uglier parts of the vampiric transformation.

Now, vampires (including the player character) will use regular human faces and Serana’s less menacing version of vampire eyes.

6. Supreme Vampire Lords

Vampire Lords in vanilla Skyrim are badass.

It’s the final stage of the vampiric transformation, which turns the individual into a hulking gray demon ready to eat the flesh of their victims.

But everything can be improved, and creator Rogueshot found a spook-takular way to elevate these ghoulish creatures by enlarging their wings.

It’s clear that the Vampire Lord’s thin flappers aren’t capable of flight – that’s handled by some kind of blood magic for sure – but they might be helpful as weapons to tear their enemies apart.

5. Bat Travel Vampire Power

Becoming a vampire sounds rough.

Not only do you turn ugly and decrepit, but you need to constantly hunt human beings to survive, and you’re forced into isolation by severe sun allergies.

Why be immortal if you can’t enjoy sunbathing at the beach once in a while?

The one thing that might convince me to become a vampire is the ability to nope out of any situation by snapping my fingers and exploding into a cloud of bats.

Talk about leaving on a high note!

Bat Travel Vampire Power by DidymusEi lets you do just that in Skyrim.

You simply activate the Cloud of Bats ability to become a cauldron of bats!

This temporarily changes your image to many bats and some ominous black fog, so I’m counting it as an appearance mod.

4. Beast Race Vampire Fang Removal

Remember how I complained about the lack of female fangs in vanilla Skyrim?

Well, there’s one place where I’d rather have the fangs removed…

Have you any idea how ridiculous a Khajiit looks with longer fangs?

Honestly, it’s hilarious. But it’s a definite turn-off from playing a Khajiit.

What if I get Sanguinare Vampiris and turn into a prehistorical saber-tooth Khajiit?

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This simple mod by Skywyze fixes the issue by removing vampire fangs from Khajiit and Argonians.

3. The Eyes of Beauty – Vampire Eyes

One of the most delicate and detailed eye style packs for vampires is The Eyes of Beauty by LogRaam.

This is the mod you need if everything else about your vampires is of the highest standard.

If everyone in Skyrim, including vampires, is stunningly beautiful, with silky-smooth skin and chiseled features… then these are the eyes they should have.

They come in two colors – red and blue – to fit all kinds of vampires.

You also have the opportunity to make the Dragonborn’s vampire eyes glow in the dark. The eyes are the windows of the soul, so maybe it’s their dragon’s soul shining through.

2. UHD Dawnguard Vampire Eyes for Argonian, Khajiit & Human

Those who liked the new golden-orange vampire eyes introduced in the Dawnguard expansion will love this unnecessarily HD version created by Willock.

In addition to making regular vampire eyes incredibly detailed, this mod adds custom eyes for Argonians and Khajiit that bridge the gap between their unique iris shapes and Dawnguard-style vampire eyes for a piercing gaze.

Why Bethesda didn’t take the time to do this is beyond me.

But it’s almost fortunate, since this mod is way better than anything included in vanilla.

1. Humanoid Vampire Lord

If you’re out here looking to overhaul the appearance of your vampires, you’ve most likely spent a while getting your Dragonborn to look just right with some mods & hard work in the character creator.

It’s a shame you have to lose all of that when reaching your maximum potential as a vampire and transforming into a Vampire Lord.

But modder Aipex8 offers a solution with the Humanoid Vampire Lord mod, which lets you keep your beautiful human form while wielding these dark powers.

In addition, you can actually set a different vampire outfit to the one you’re currently wearing, so it’s equipped whenever you transform.

The mod is super easy to use and a massive improvement for those who like to keep things good-looking.