12 Best Elden Ring Mods for Skyrim

Fans started calling Elden Ring the Game of the Year 2022 in less than 24 hours after it came out.

Even though skeptics in the gaming industry might think otherwise, Elden Ring was able to get players excited about AAA games again after years of big budget flops like Fallout 76 and Cyberpunk 2077.

It didn’t take long for material inspired by the Elden Ring to start showing up in the modding community of a Game of the Year that people still play almost a decade later.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is, of course, what I’m talking about.

If you’ve already become Elden Lord and visited all of the Lands Between but can’t stop thinking about this great game, you have to check out this ER-themed content for Skyrim.

12. Elden Ring Modpack

Elden Ring

This mod adds new spirits to the game without replacing any existing ones, removes the need for FP to use spirits, allows weapons to use all types of ash, makes all stats scale linearly, removes stat requirements, provides a wider field of view (FOV), and includes additional features.

11. Elden Ring Ascended Mod

This mod for Skyrim makes various changes and additions to the game, including altered enemy physics and AI, new effects for armor, talismans, and weapons, new enemy debuffs, customizable armor effects, stackable buffs, and changeable weapon arts.

10. Elden Ring Boss Defeated Sound

You know that characteristic sound you hear as the words “ENEMY FELLED” flash through your screen after a tough battle in Elden Ring?

It’s an ethereal sound I can only describe as the enemy’s soul bursting free from its flesh, rushing to return to the Erdtree.

The soul of your enemies in Skyrim also wishes to go somewhere – whether that’s Sovngarde, the Hist, or Hircine’s Hunting Grounds – so adding the Elden Ring boss defeat sound to your game seems pretty immersive.

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This mod makes this sound play when defeating the final boss of a dungeon, much like in Elden Ring.

9. Elden Ring-Inspired Main Menu Replacer

The moment I booted up Elden Ring for the first time, I knew I had made a good investment.

Elden Ring’s main menu is basic, but the presentation is top-notch. The bright gold font and Golden Order/Elden Ring symbol look incredible against the black background, and the game’s main theme couldn’t be more epic.

This Elden Ring-styled main menu replacement for Skyrim brings that same epic BGM and a renewed background featuring the Golden Order symbol and a redesigned Skyrim logo based on the two-headed Dragonlord Placidusax.

8. Elden Ring HUD

One thing that can’t be missing from a FromSoftware game – including Elden Ring – is the characteristic HUD that lets you manage your equipped weapons, spells, and items in real-time.

If you want your Skyrim to be more like From Software’s latest hit, the Elden Ring HUD mod is the way to go.

With this mod, you’ll be able to monitor your Health, Stamina, and Magicka in the upper left corner and check out your equipment and quick-access items on the bottom left.

7. Maiden Melina – High-Poly Preset

Melina is a mysterious woman that first approaches your Tarnished warrior shortly after beginning your romp through The Lands Between.

She offers you an accord:

You’ll take her to the base of the Erdtree, and she’ll play the role of Fingermaiden and help you channel the power of runes – also known as leveling up.

As one of the few non-maimed, non-rotten, non-doll women in the game, she quickly became a favorite waifu among the fans.

With the Maiden Melina preset, you can play as this maiden in Skyrim, or have her as a follower (with a little help from this mod).

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Keep in mind that this is a very idealized version of Melina – as modded Skyrim followers tend to be – meaning she wears a bit more make-up and lacks Melina’s characteristic sealed left eye.

6. Melina – High-Poly Preset

Consider this alternative high-poly Melina preset if you can’t stand idealized followers and prefer a more “natural” look.

This version is vastly more accurate than the previous one, though it’s also less attractive.

My favorite part of this preset is the sealed left eye, which looks remarkably like its Elden Ring counterpart.

I won’t spoil the events of Elden Ring, but let’s just say it’ll be nice to see Melina live a less dramatic life in Skyrim, away from the Erdtree, Marika, and the Lands Between.

5. True Directional Movement

One of the most significant differences between Skyrim and Elden Ring is the combat system.

Whereas Skyrim is primarily a first-person game where combat is pretty straightforward, Elden Ring is played entirely in the third person, which is key to its sophisticated combat system.

True Directional Movement offers a new way to experience Skyrim’s third-person gameplay.

You can move and attack in any direction (not just directly in front). It also supports target lock – which is crucial in Elden Ring – and minor additions like target head tracking and enhanced projectile aim.

Make sure to also check out Better Third-Person Selection to make picking up items as easy as it is in Elden Ring.

4. TK Dodge

After you’ve loaded TDM, it’s time to add more Elden Ring-specific combat features.

One of the most important skills for a Tarnished to learn is how to dodge roll, which the Dragonborn can also do with the TK Dodge mod.

This mod adds a dodge roll like we see in action RPGs from From Software, complete with invincibility frames at the beginning of the motion.

Tip: Make sure to get this patch if you want this to work with True Directional Movement.

3. Elden Counter

From Software Action RPGs have always relied on some sort of counter mechanic, such as parrying, or “gun parrying” in the case of Bloodborne, to give players a chance against the demonic beasts they face.

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Elden Ring made the Parry into an Ash of War, meaning not all shields can do it – but you can always do a “Guard Counter.”

This mechanic allows you to follow a successful block with a debilitating strike that deals more damage. It’s a bit less rewarding than parrying, but it’s also easier.

The Elden Counter mod simply adds this mechanic to Skyrim.

And check out the Shield-Only patch if you think doing this with two-handed weapons is OP.

2. Building Bridges

Easily my favorite mechanic in the entirety of the “Soulsbornering” series is the ability to leave behind messages for other players who might be going through the same part of the game.

These can range from helpful tips like “enemy ahead” to devious attempts at getting people to jump off ledges searching for treasure. They’re definitely a great source of humor that keeps an otherwise dark and grim game relatively upbeat and fun.

Building Bridges adds a similar form of asynchronous multiplayer to Skyrim.

Anyone using this mod will be able to leave behind messages for other players and read what they’ve left behind themselves.

These are a little bit better than the ones in Elden Ring, as you’re allowed to write your own messages rather than choosing from preset options.

1. Elden Rim – Weapon Arts

My favorite part of Elden Ring combat is weapon arts, which are special moves you can do depending on what Ash of War your weapon has equipped.

Installing Elden Rim – Weapon Arts introduces a wealth of new abilities to your Dragonborn’s arsenal, allowing them to pull off powerful moves with custom animations inspired by Elden Ring.

Some highlights include the Lion’s Claw’s forward somersault and the Moonveil katana’s Transient Moonlight heavy attack everyone loves to abuse in PvP.