18 Best Modern Clothes & Fashion Mods For Skyrim

Skyrim fashion is all about having a lot of different looks.

When we mod, we open up a world of possibilities.

Still, some styles are more common than others. And the style of Skyrim is often fantastic and old. It’s not all medieval fantasy like Skyrim, but there are always pirates, plate armor, leathery rogues, and frilly princess dresses.

If you’re tired of the usual RPG stuff and want to change things up, you might want to wear clothes from the 21st century.

You might feel out of place if you walk around Whiterun in jeans and a t-shirt, but you’ll still look cool. There must be stranger things than a pair of jeans in Skyrim, right?

18. The Jarls New Clothes

This is a mod for the game Skyrim that adds a sexy negligee and housecoat for the character Jarl Elisif. It is free to use and modify, and does not require a nude body mod.

It only changes yarlclothes03 and can be added to the game using a console command.

The mod author also recommends using another mod if you want to marry or have Elisif as a follower.

17. Mai’s Clothes

This mod adds a new set of clothing inspired by Mai from the fighting game King of Fighters (KOF) to Skyrim.

The clothing is designed to work with the CBBE and TBBP body types. The mod does not provide any other changes or features.

16. DG Leather Clothes

This mod adds new clothing items that can be crafted on any smithing forge specifically for the Dream Girl female body. The mod does not provide any other changes or features.

15. Modern Clothes

If you’ve spent your whole life living under a rock and own literally no clothes, you need to get yourself some jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie.

It’s the basis of the basics!

Barring special events like weddings or fancy Thalmor dinners, jeans and a hoodie are always the appropriate dress code, so it’s the first thing we’ll add to the Dragonborn’s wardrobe.

Modern Clothes by Blaze69 includes a varied assortment of hoodies, jeans, cargo pants, and sneakers that’ll help you be ready for any occasion.

14. Simple Skirts

Next up, we’ve got another essential – the skirt.

Skyrim is a chilly place. So you’d earlier reach for some pants than a skirt.

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But even in these northern lands, there are contexts where you’d prefer less fabric.

Have you seen how many people visit The Bannered Mare during the summer? It must get stuffy in there.

Simple Skirts by Okame28 adds a variety of versatile skirts ranging from solid colors to a plaid pattern so your female (or cross-dressing) Dragonborn can show off those mountain-climbing legs.

13. Shino Bikini Pack

If your Dragonborn is the kind of gal who can bathe in the chilly waters of Skyrim like it’s nothing – or if you’ve found some hot springs – you’ll want a bikini.

Shinoboru’s Bikini Pack will take care of any swimwear needs you might have as a female adventurer. It includes classic two-piece bikinis, stylish one-piece bikinis, and daring sling-kinis!

This is the kind of mod that (I think) most women wish they could install in real life.

Some of these bikinis are true works of art, and they all fit perfectly right out of the box – something most women can only dream of.

12. Modern Korean Fashion

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, we can move to more specific pieces and styles, starting with Modern Korean Fashion.

This fantastic mod by Sunjeong compiles some of her best modern pieces into a single pack inspired by Korean urban fashion. It includes bold designs and remarkable statement pieces with a very slight anime edge.

This pack includes 6 different outfits with a couple of variations, along with useful accessories like a bag, a choker, and boots.

11. High Heel Dresses

Women in vanilla Skyrim are hardy and resourceful – but most aren’t in the least bit attractive.

Luckily, mods have given us many ways to improve the situation. And now you can play as a sexy Nord bombshell.

If you’re playing that kind of character, consider getting Lazman555’s sublime High Heel Dresses. Wear this, and your appearance might draw more attention than your Thu’um.

You’ll need Racemenu High Heels to get it working correctly.

10. Marvelous Attire – Jonata Line

I love outfits that stand somewhere in the middle between modernity and medieval fantasy.

The Jonata Line from Hype1’s Marvelous Attire series includes protective and casual pieces that would work in both Skyrim and the 21st-century.

The plaid fabrics and the cut of these pieces are a bit too modern for Skyrim, but it all looks like it could have been manufactured during medieval times (with a bit of magic, perhaps).

This mod includes several color variations of the everyday adventuring garb, and a more delicate nighttime lingerie set to go with it.

9. Northgirl Armor

Another gorgeous clothing pack walking the line between past and future is “Northgirl Armor” by Anka01.

Individually, each piece doesn’t look out of place in Skyrim – but once you see the whole outfit, you’ll realize it’s designed according to contemporary fashion.

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The lustrous leather pants and comfy knit turtleneck sweater are both very modern. The addition of fur and armor pieces brings it back to Skyrim’s medieval fantasy aesthetic, but the cut is 100% modern.

Unlike most other entries in the ranking, the Northgirl Armor will actually offer some protection against the dangers of Skyrim.

It’s the kind of thing a modern human would wear if they were transported to Skyrim and had to figure things out.

8. Osare Dress Armor

In the same line of modern-looking armor you can actually wear in combat, here’s Anano’s Osare Dress Armor – a modern one-piece dress with some bad-ass additions for the Skyrim adventurer.

This dress has a laid-back gothic lolita style that looks soft and comfortable.

There are frills, bows, and the perfect jewelry for a feminine Dragonborn.

Usually this would be utterly impractical for an exploring hero, but the addition of steel leg guards will at least protect you from the underbrush.

Admittedly, the materials and manufacturing techniques needed to create this dress probably exist in Skyrim – but the design is undeniably from a later era.

7. Converse Shoes

Whenever you’re not out in the wilds hunting spriggans and running from angry giants, you can make any dress more casual with some classic Converse sneakers.

Almost any modern clothes can be toned down into chilled-out urban wear through Vyxenne’s Converse Shoes.

These low-top Converse sneakers come in 15 versatile colors.

But still, I’d recommend sticking to timeless white, black, and red for the most part.

6. Sleepwear Clothes

A lot of fashion in the 2020s centers around leaving behind the past’s constrictive rules in favor of comfortable clothes.

Few things are more comfortable than an oversized cotton t-shirt – the kind you wear with no pants and try to pass off as a dress.

Sleepwear Clothes by Xtudo offers the Dragonborn a comfy modern t-shirt to wear around the house at Breezehome or another of the more cozy and relaxed player homes.

The gray color palette helps it blend in nicely despite its modern design.

5. Osare One Piece

Imagine you’ve finally saved the world from Alduin, ended the civil war, become the Archmage of the College of Winterhold, and crushed the Volkihar with the Dawnguard.

After so many adventures, you’ll want to retire.

You’ll have accumulated enough gold to buy any land you wish to, so you find a (modded) lakeside cottage, furnish it, and spend the rest of your days enjoying the view.

I’m sorry to break it to you, but relaxing in a full suit of Daedric Armor just isn’t possible.

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This Osare One Piece dress by Anano is the perfect modern garment to lounge leisurely on your porch, enjoying the sun on your skin and looking out at a tranquil lake.

4. DX Commonwealth Shorts

Despite taking place hundreds of years in the future of an alternate reality, the Fallout franchise has always maintained a reasonably modern clothing aesthetic.

The more comfortable and practical parts of “modern” fashion continue to sway the Wasteland residents centuries after the bombs fell.

And that makes this port of a classic Fallout 4 mod a perfect addition to your modern Skyrim wardrobe.

DX Commonwealth Shorts by DeserterX brings a wealth of Fallout-styled short + tank top combos in different colors to supercharge your streetwear.

3. Keeping Warm – Scarves and Mufflers

The least immersive part about some of these outfits is not the modern style, but how little protection they offer from the cold.

We’re not all playing Survival Mode – but wearing shorts and a tank top in Skyrim’s weather is just suicidal.

One way to dress sharp and while staving off the cold is accessorizing with scarves and mufflers – like the ones provided by Netrve’s Keeping Warm mod.

It offers a staggering 108 scarves and 34 mufflers, and distributes them immersively among the NPCs.

These warmth-giving accessories can look very modern or very classic depending on the color and pattern you choose to wear, making it a must-have mod even in lore-friendly settings.

2. Sweater Dresses & Accessories

Following the same logic, the ultimate quasi-lore-friendly modern clothes would have to protect you from the cold and be made from materials you would have available in medieval times.

RedurbMadness’ Sweater Dresses and Accessories mod checks every box.

This fantastic clothes pack includes two kinds of sweater dress, legwarmers (with and without heels), stilettos, ankle boots, and accessories like necklaces and press-on fingernails.

The Dragonborn is already a magical reincarnated hero with the heart of a dragon. I don’t think anyone in Skyrim will think the fake fingernails are the weird part about you.

1. Clothes Pack #4

DonEb14n’s fourth Clothes Pack for the CBBE body type is great for people who like to keep Skyrim looking hot.

The Dragonborn is busy with a lot of things.

She talks about politics with the Jarl one minute and clears out a bandit camp the next.

This mod adds more than 53 great pieces of athleisure clothing, so you can look good while still being comfortable.

Some of the best outfits in this pack are the Adidas tracksuits with a slim fit, which go well with other sporty basics to fill out your wardrobe. It’s the Skyrim influencer starter pack, in a way.