12 Best Skyrim Viking Mods

Skyrim was made to feel like a game about Vikings.

All of the culture is based on Nordic mythology, and the rest of the game’s races are based on their own mythology (apart from the Nords, of course).

And since the area of Skyrim looks like a Viking village, it’s only natural that players think of themselves as Vikings.

We need to stop just thinking about it and start living it in the game. With so many mods out there, I was almost certain I could make a collection that makes Skyrim an even better place for Vikings.

This list has everything you need to take your Skyrim experience to the next level and get one step closer to Valhalla.

So pick up your axe, grow a beard, and get to work!

12. Viking weapons from Midgardr

Best Skyrim Viking Mods

These beautifully crafted weapons are based on those used by the Vikings of Midgardr, and are sure to make a lasting impression in battle.

Whether you’re looking for a new sword, axe, or mace, this mod has got you covered.

11. Vikings Weapons and Armor Set

This mod includes a variety of new weapons and armor, all inspired by the fierce warriors of Norse legend.

With this set, you’ll be able to equip your character with everything they need to take on any adventure, whether it’s taking on a dragon or sailing off to explore new lands.

10. Viking Spawn Axe

Nothing screams “I’m a Viking” louder than having a giant axe.

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The Viking Spawn Axe is the mod you want if you’re aiming to make your character feel like a true Nordic warrior.

You’ll notice that this thing is massive (that’s what she said) and comes with a ton of stopping power. This is no generic axe, it’s one for the record books.

You won’t just look like a Viking while wielding it, but you’ll also kill like a Viking as well.

9. Viking’s Longhouse

Sure, you can call yourself a Viking all you want.

But how much of a Viking are you while living in a metropolis?

Not much of a real one, I’d say. But with this mod you’ll be able to live the life of a true Nordic warrior in a house that pretty much looks like one for the Vikings of old.

You might not be able to live in Norway or Sweden.

But you’ll be able to bring a replica of a Viking house into your Skyrim game. That’s as good as it gets for player homes, right?

8. The Chronicles of Steel

Alright, technically this one isn’t a Viking mod. However it incorporates dozens of new weapons into the world of Skyrim, and it does this in the most lore-friendly way possible.

You can find weapons wielded by bandits and thieves, or you can buy the new versions directly from stores.

Regardless, the Chronicles of Steel mod adds a lot of weaponry that resembles the types of swords and shields that ancient Vikings once used.

You know, to sack towns and brutally murder the innocent.

Now you might prefer to take more of a PG-13 path, but that’s up to you.

7. Viking Weaponry

This mod is a bit more straightforward than the last one.

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Viking Weaponry does pretty much as it suggests: gives you a ton of Viking weaponry, and nothing else.

From swords and blades to the most defensive shields, this mod adds the Nordic component that seems to be missing from the base game.

How will you use these majestic swords in battle? Maybe let your Viking side choose.

6. Early-Middle Ages Helmets

There’s no way you can think of a Viking without first picturing the famous Viking helmet with the spikes.

As a little bit of trivia, let me tell you that Vikings didn’t really wear those weird horns on their helmets. I mean, can you imagine just how uncomfortable it would be to head into battle with a couple of horns on your damn head? Yeah, thanks Hollywood.

But in any case, this mod does add a ton of historically-accurate helmets to the game.

Many of these are actually model replicas of ones worn by ancient Vikings!

5. Viking-Style Ship Sails

Well there isn’t really much to say about this mod, but it is really cool.

It just changes the textures of ship sails so they resemble the types of sails used in ancient Norway by the warriors of old.

A simple mod, but a relevant one nonetheless.

4. Ordinary Weapons for Skyrim

If you’re looking to forge your own Viking weaponry, the Ordinary Weapons for Skyrim mod might be the one to get.

Ordinary Weapons adds over 20 new weapons that you can forge, provided you’re enough of a quality blacksmith.

And these weapons all resemble the type of killing blades that Vikings used in the past!

3. Viking Chainmail Armor

You’ll never look like a Viking until you start dressing like a Viking.

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And they used to dress in chainmail armor that never resembled the ones in Skyrim at all.

With this mod, however, you’ll be able to dress like a pretty little Viking and kill any creature that comes your way with the might of Thor himself.

I have to admit that I think that this set of armor looks a bit ridiculous in some ways… but hey, it might just be the fact that I’m much for medieval fashion, I guess.

2. Skaal Heavy Armor

OK I was lying – I am into medieval fashion, a lot.

And this is the set that I want my character to rock for my Viking playthrough.

The Skaal Heavy Armor set is the best type of heavy armor that you could install. Well, if you want to get the best of protective gear without compromising your cool Viking looks.

I’d argue that this is one of the best sets of armor that I’ve ever downloaded. If not, it’s easily a set that looks coolest.

1. Valkyria

Yeah baby, a damn Viking sword!

This mod comes in two versions, with both being craftable and one of them being a two-handed sword.

The name of the weapon is also pretty damn cool. I mean, Valkyria? Sounds as Viking as I could want.

The weapon model was made by the creator of the mod, and you can actually find an enchanted version of this weapon out in the world, which is powerful enough to be considered an end-game weapon too.