Where Do You Get Yellow Mountain Flowers in Skyrim?

In Ancestor Glade, which is east of Falkreath, there are a lot of Yellow Mountain Flowers. This cave is the best place in the game to find a lot of these flowers. In-game, it takes 10 days for them to come back.

After you finish the main quest in the Dawnguard quest line, there are also two flowers in the courtyard of Castle Volkihar.

The Dawnguard DLC added these yellow flowers, which have the alchemical effects of resisting poison, boosting healing, boosting health, and repairing damage to stamina.

Yellow Mountain Flower is harvested from the rare yellow-flowered variety of mountain flower.

Other varieties of mountain flower yield blue mountain flowers, purple mountain flowers, and red mountain flowers, but the four flowers have different alchemical properties.

How To Get To Ancestor Glade?

The Dawnguard DLC added the Ancestor Glade as a new place to visit.

This area has a lot of things that can be used in alchemy, like Hanging Moss, Dragon’s Tongue, Red and Blue Mountain Flowers, and, of course, the Yellow Mountain Flower.

Inside Ancestor Glade, you can pick 27 Yellow Mountain Flowers. But if you have Skyrim Special Edition installed, you can find 55 flowers here.

The entrance to Ancestor Glade is at the top of a mountain.

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You’ll need to go to Pinewatch, which is east of the city of Falkreath, to get here.

Then, go south of Pinewatch to find a bandit camp by a waterfall.

If you follow the winding path to the right of this camp, it will lead you to the snowy mountains and into Ancestor Glade.

Inside Ancestor Glade

If you haven’t started the “Unseen Visions” quest yet, you’ll find three powerful Spriggan Earth Mothers in the first cavern.

They’re always level 30, no matter what your level is, and if you’re too low level or don’t have good gear, they can kill you in one hit.

Bring a follower to take the damage or just try to run past them to get to the main part of the cave.

When you get past the Spriggan Earth Mothers, you’ll find the Ancestor Glade, which is one of the most beautiful places in Skyrim.

There are no enemies here, and you can pick Yellow Mountain Flowers and other ingredients like Blue and Red Mountain Flowers whenever you want.

You can find these things all over the cave, so take your time and look around to see what you can find.

Most Yellow Mountain Flowers are along the path that leads down to the hot springs. Around the rock formation in the middle of the Glade, you can find a lot of samples.

On the left side of the waterfall, there is also a path with stone steps that leads to more Yellow Mountain Flowers.

In Ancestor Glade, you should be able to find 27 Yellow Mountain Flowers in one trip (or 55 total with Skyrim Special Edition).

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The flowers are also easy to find, since most of them are in the middle of the area and along the dirt paths nearby.


Where can I find Yellow Mountain Flowers in Skyrim?

Yellow Mountain Flowers can be found growing on rocky terrain throughout Skyrim, particularly in mountainous areas. They can also sometimes be found near waterfalls or other sources of flowing water.

What are Yellow Mountain Flowers used for in Skyrim?

Yellow Mountain Flowers are an alchemical ingredient that can be used to create a variety of potions, including Fortify Restoration, Fortify Health, and Resist Poison.

Can Yellow Mountain Flowers be farmed in Skyrim?

Yellow Mountain Flowers cannot be farmed in the traditional sense, as they do not regrow once harvested. However, they can be found in multiple locations throughout Skyrim, allowing players to collect them over time.

Are there any quests in Skyrim that involve Yellow Mountain Flowers?

There are no quests in Skyrim specifically focused on Yellow Mountain Flowers, but they may be requested as part of general alchemy-related quests or by certain NPCs who are looking for specific alchemical ingredients.

Are Yellow Mountain Flowers affected by any Skyrim mods?

Yellow Mountain Flowers are affected by some Skyrim mods that alter the spawning or growth of flora in the game world. Additionally, some mods may change the effects of potions created using Yellow Mountain Flowers, or add new crafting recipes that use the ingredient.