10 Best Sylgja Skyrim Mods

It’s not easy to be the Dragonborn’s wife, but Sylgja isn’t afraid of a little hard work.

This Nord woman from the small mining town of Shor’s Stone works in the mines for most of the day, getting dirty and breathing in dangerous dust.

She has a good work attitude, but she doesn’t have any skills other than mining. She doesn’t know how to fight and can’t take care of herself.

The Dragonborn (and us) are lucky that there are a lot of mods that can make Sylgja a high-value wife.

10. Bijin Sylgja with High Poly Vanilla Hair


The mod you’re referring to is a patch specifically designed for rxkx22’s Bijin Sylgja mod. It replaces the KS (Kalilies Stealthic) hairdo of the character Sylgja with her high-poly vanilla hair.

It is important to note that this patch requires the original mod (either Bijin Wives or Bijin Sylgja) to be installed for it to function correctly.

This mod provides an alternative visual option for Sylgja’s hairstyle within the Bijin Sylgja mod framework.

9. Sylgja ENB

The mod “Immersive Performance ENB” enhances the gaming experience by providing optimized graphics settings, particularly focusing on creating atmospheric and immersive dark nights.

It also includes a quality Bokeh Depth of Field effect, adding depth and realism to the game’s visuals.

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This mod aims to improve performance while delivering a visually captivating and immersive gameplay environment.

8. Lillemiir’s Vanilla Followers – Sylgja

Sylgja isn’t made for adventure. Instead, she prefers to look after the house and raise your adopted kids.

Well, not anymore.

Tell Sylgja you need her toned miner arms to help fell Draugr and Dragons with Lillemiir’s Vanilla Followers.

Once installed, Sylgja will accompany you on your heroic journey. She becomes essential and will level with you up to level 75 – so don’t worry about the safety of your beloved.

7. Sylgja No Pickaxe

Despite being married to the Dragonborn and ostensibly wanting to remain at home, Sylgja never gets rid of her pickaxe.

Maybe it’s a reminder of her past, or it makes her feel safe around her husband’s collection of Daedric artifacts. Whatever the case, that pickaxe is not going anywhere.

This mod will help you feel safer in your home by convincing Sylgja to lay down her pickaxe when you’re around.

6. Improved Sylgja Clothing & Inventory

Going from a simple miner in Shor’s Stone to the wife of the Dragonborn has perks.

Not only is the Dragonborn thane of several holds, but he has enough money to buy houses and improvements – along with rare artifacts and all sorts of curiosities.

With this mod, the Dragonborn will also provide better clothes and a replacement for Sylgja’s trusty pickaxe.

She still likes to dress like a commoner – with a simple barkeep gown – but the Ebony Dagger dangling from her waist reveals she’s a woman of means, at least at the Shor’s Stone level.

5. Nice Clothes for Sylgja

In time, Sylgja will get used to the whole “married to the Dragonborn” thing.

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Maybe she’ll take over some administrative functions, meet with Jarl envoys while you’re out murdering dragons, and become the oil that keeps the Dragonborn industrial complex running.

Nice Clothes for Sylgja help her look the part of a significant power player in Skyrim by stuffing her into the female version of Ulfric’s clothes.

4. Wodo’s Sylgja

So far, we’ve focused on improving Sylgja’s attitude and clothing – but it’s time to hit the plastic surgeon and make her into the biggest beauty in all of Shor’s Stone.

Wodo’s Sylgja gives this hard-working miner toasty tan skin, flowing black hair, and intriguing facial features that definitely have some Akaviri in them.

When I say “flowing black hair,” I mean it.

Her long mane is animated, allowing it to sway as she moves.

If this Sylgja was waiting for me back home, I would never leave the house.

3. Wives of Skyrim – High-Poly NPC Replacer

Fans of old-school musical comedies might know Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953).

If you count yourself that kind of gentleman (or lady), consider Wives of Skyrim for your Sylgja makeover needs.

This mod turns the miner girl into a glamorous blonde that looks much more fitting in a fancy dress from Apachii Divine Elegance Store than any miner’s outfit.

It features both long-haired and short-haired options, so make sure to check this out.

2. Bijin Wives

One of the most iconic and beloved appearance overhaul mods available for Skyrim is the Bijin series by Rxkx22.

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Bijin Wives brings healthy skin and a beautiful high-poly look to every marriageable woman in Skyrim (that isn’t also a Warmaiden).

This includes Camilla Valerius, Ysolda, Taarie, Grelka – and, of course, Sylgja.

Despite looking irresistible, Bijin Sylgja’s design respects her origins as a miner and her hard-working personality.

Her hair is bundled up in a bun to not get in the way of her work, and she has a determined look on her face that shows Sylgja is ready to work for what she wants and won’t take no for an answer.

1. Pandorable’s Marvelous Miners

The changes Pandorable makes to her characters are the gold standard by which all other changes should be judged. That’s how good they are.

Marvelous Miners gives Sylgja and her mother, Annekke, the gift of beauty (and high-poly models).

With these looks, they’ll be acting in theaters and fashion shows all over the province in no time.

Keep in mind that they will use the body type and skin type you have loaded. For the best results, get UNP Female Body Renewal and Fried’s Female Skin Textures.