12 Most Useless Skyrim Characters

The game Skyrim is great. But let’s be honest: it’s easy to dislike some characters.

From characters who don’t do anything to NPCs who are just plain annoying, I’ve made a list of the Most Useless Skyrim Characters who might as well not be in the game (or at least make you wonder what they’re doing…)

I’ve made a list of the characters you don’t care about and the ones who make you want to kill a kitten when they talk or move.

Remember that these are just people’s opinions, so you might not agree with all of them.

In any case, I checked online forums to make sure I wasn’t too biased, and a lot of people seem to agree with me here.

So, with that out of the way, let’s jump in!

12. Heimskr

Most Useless Skyrim Characters

Heimskr is one of the first characters that players dislike, even if they don’t know his name. The more they play, the more they dislike him.

This is because all Heimskr does in Whiterun is stand by the statue of Talos and preach.

Every time a player goes to see Jarl Balgruuf, they have to walk past him and listen to his nonsense. This means that they will always hear him say the same couple of lines over and over again.

His point isn’t completely wrong, since the White-Gold Concordat, which started the civil war in the province, made it illegal to worship the Skyrim god Talos. However, he needs a break or a new speech.

11. Erikur

Elisif the Fair, the Haafingar jarl, is a good woman. Erikur, one of her Thanes, is not. He only cares about himself and openly despises others.

He uses his money and Thane status to show off. At a Thalmor party, he behaves badly.

After a Bosmer slave rejects him in “Diplomatic Immunity,” he may send her to the Thalmor’s torture chamber. He is only satisfied when he gets what he wants and has no remorse.

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“Boethiah’s Bidding” worsened him. The Daedric Prince Boethiah ordered the player to kill Elisif, allowing Erikur to become jarl. His unused quotes suggest he planned the assassination for power.

Sacrificing a follower for Boethiah’s Calling was bad, but installing Erikur would be disastrous. In the final game, Solitude’s court listens to Falk Firebeard instead.

Erikur’s only benefit is that he’s expendable. His essential status will deactivate after completing his missions, allowing the player to punish him. If the player kills Erikur, his sister may write to thank them, showing how much he was hated.

10. Nelkir

Do you hate characters who do nothing?

What about spoiled kids?

If you said “yes” to both, it’s likely that you dislike Nelkir.

The fact that this child has a serious problem shows that his father didn’t do a good job of raising him.

How can the son of a Jarl treat travellers this way?

I hate it when want tobe communist kids call me a bootlicker in online forums, so I won’t put up with the same crap when I play Skyrim!

9. Braith

By far, this girl is the most rude child in the game.

Even when she talks to the Dragonborn, she doesn’t show any fear.

What gives?

She just walks around the streets being rude to adults and being an overall bad person.

I think Bethesda made Skyrim to make us hate children and slow down the growth of the world’s population.

Based on what other TES players have said, they seem to be doing well.

8. Olfina Gray-Mane

Olfina Gray-Mane does nothing but talk about how women are better than men in every way.

She’s not even an activist; she’s just a random Skyrim resident who feels the need to take out her anger on the player.

She’s not the worst character on the list, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason to listen to her nonsense.

7. That Annoying Chicken in Riverwood

If you think the fight between Skyrim and The Empire is bad, just wait until you attack a roaming chicken in Riverwood.

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When this animal is killed, it will make everyone in the town angry. This starts a killing spree that will probably kill you if you don’t run away quickly and don’t look back.

I’m not sure if Bethesda meant for the chicken to cause such an event to happen (most likely).

But if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you’ll go crazy trying to either escape the murderous townspeople or kill them all.

6. Children in General

What do you know?

Don’t care.

If this keeps going, this list will be full of NPC children, so I’m just going to add “children” as a useless character.

Most kids in Skyrim aren’t useful at all, and many of them are also bad-mannered, rude, and annoying.

The worst part is that you can’t kill them, which is probably why they aren’t very useful.

I think Bethesda thought that would be wrong, though. Who are they to judge how we talk to kids?

Children are some of the most annoying characters in the game, and I haven’t been able to come up with a good reason why they’re useful.

5. Hermaeus Mora

I’m glad the main quest only requires us to talk to Hermaeus Mora once.

He is both useless and a pain. All he does is talk and get on my nerves.

I’m sure that either you agree with me or you’re a sociopath. There’s no other option.

One would think that a character who is so annoying would at least have lines that can be skipped. Nope.

If you want to finish the game, you have to listen to all of Hermaeus Mora’s sermon. There’s nothing else to do.

If you have to talk to this crazy person, I think you should put on some Spotify or something.

4. Lydia

Lydia means well, but she’s a complete waste of time.

I dare you to play the whole game of Skyrim with her by your side and have her live through more than five quests. I’m sure you won’t be able to do it.

How can a fighter with so much experience be so bad at her job? She’s pretty good with a sword, but that damn warrior will almost certainly walk into every trap in the game.

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Lydia is your go-to follower if you want someone who will make your life harder than ever and only act as a meat shield.

God knows why you’d want that when there are so many other great things to do. But hey, that’s up to each person.

3. Delphine

Delphine is on this list for two reasons. The first is that she is completely useless and annoying.

But the second and most important reason is that she is the one who sends you on your way to kill Paarthunax.

Man, that quest is driving me completely crazy.

You have to kill one of the best characters in the game to get help from an order that might as well not exist. C’mon.

I hate what Delphine made me do and hate her.

2. Nazeem

Decapitating Nazeem is one of the best things in life.

He is by far one of the most hated characters in the history of the Elder Scrolls. Players of all types hate him the same.

Imagine making a character with all the bad traits you dislike most in other people, and you’d get Nazeem. I don’t know what Skyrim would be like if he wasn’t there.

This man has gotten under my skin more than any other character in the game, with the exception of my favourite.

1. Belethor

Belethor is a Skyrim character who is everything that is wrong with salespeople today.

Since I’ve worked in sales before, I might dislike him more than Nazeem. But man, it really bothers me that he doesn’t thank you for anything you do for him or his store’s business.

This guy doesn’t seem to care much about you being there. I never go into his store if I can help it.

He does nothing but complain and work as a shopkeeper. He’s about as useless as a character can get, if I’ve ever seen one.