18 Strongest Rings in Skyrim (Updated)

In Skyrim, Strongest Rings can do a lot of different things. Among these effects are some very useful skills that will help you on many adventures.

Over time, you’ll find pieces of silverware or goldware that aren’t enchanted and can only be sold for money or used as luxuries.

But you’ll also find some magical rings that could help you turn into a werewolf more than once a day (no joke).

Some rings can be more useful than others, as you might expect. It depends on what you want to do, but rings are usually a great addition to any type of armor.

There are a lot of rings that can help you become a better Dragonborn. Which one will you choose?

Let me help you decide by putting in order my top choices for the best rings you’ll ever find.

18. The Best Ring For A New Character

Strongest Rings

One of the most fun ways to push yourself in Skyrim is to try out new builds.

But when you leave Helgen after making your character, you will need strong gear. There are many different kinds of rings and other jewelry to choose from in Skyrim.

The Enchanted Ring is the best ring you can get when you start a new game. You get it during one of the first few quests in the College of Winterhold storyline.

The Enchanted Ring gives you 20 more health, so it’s useful no matter what kind of combat build you make. You’ll also get a head start on the College Of Winterhold questline.

17. The Best Ring Enchantments

Unlike enchantments for specific types of weapons, it’s hard to know which ring enchantment is best because every build can use rings, and each build has different needs.

But Fortify Health, Fortify Stamina, and Fortify Magicka are the most powerful enchantments you can put on a ring.

All of these enchantments raise your stats, so any type of character can use at least one of them.

If you can’t choose a more specific enchantment, put one of the Fortify enchantments on your ring to boost your stats.

16. Muiri’s Ring

Muiri’s Ring is a powerful accessory because it is one of the few pieces of clothing in Skyrim that makes you better at crafting.

You get this ring as a reward for killing Nilsine during the “Mourning Never Comes” quest for the Dark Brotherhood.

Alchemists who are willing to break the law in Skyrim should try to get Muiri’s Ring. It doesn’t give any combat bonuses, but it gives a 15% boost to potions you make, making it one of the best items in the game if you have a high alchemy skill. At last, alchemists have their own special thing.

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15. Enchanted Ring

Even though it doesn’t have the most creative name, the Enchanted Ring is a very useful piece of silverware that can help you in many ways, no matter what class you play.

The ring has a quirk that adds 20 points to your health bar, and getting this small item is easier than you might think.

During the College of Winterhold questline, you will find the Enchanted Ring. You can choose to keep it or give it back to the mage who gave you the quest.

If you choose the second option, the ring will be taken out of your inventory, but you’ll get a small amount of gold in return. I’ll let you choose which option is better.

14. Silver-Blood Family Ring

The Silver-Blood Family Ring has been in the Silver-Blood family for many generations, as its name suggests.

That means that you can’t get this ring until you’ve finished a quest for the family. And, if you happen to kill Madenach while helping the family, you get this ring as a reward.

This ring makes smithing 15% better, which makes it one of the best items for smithing in the game.

You can also wear it with other items that make smithing better, so if you’re heading to the forges of Skyrim, make sure to stack these buffs.

13. The Bond of Matrimony

This is the ring you get when you get married in the game, whether to a wife or a husband.

Note that you will only get one of these rings. The other will go to the person you choose as your spouse.

The ring gives healing spells a 10% boost, but it’s mostly used to show that you and your partner are married.

Every spouse in the game will wear the Bond of Matrimony from the moment you get married to them until they die. ‘Til death do us part and all that jazz.

12. Hircine’s Ring

Hircine himself owns Hircinie’s Ring, which is a Daedric Artifact.

You can change into a werewolf as many times as you want with this ring, but you need to finish the Companion’s questline first if you want to do it on your own.

A ring is a cursed object, so if you have lycanthropy, you have a 10% chance of turning into a werewolf whenever you wear it.

You can get this ring from a werewolf in Falkrath. The werewolf will give it to you if you promise to give it back to Hiricine. We all know, though, that you might just “forget” to do that.

11. Ring of Pure Mixtures

The small shop in Dawnstar called “The Mortar and Pestle” is usually run by Frida.

Regardless of how many years ago it was, her husband was still around and helped her run her business.

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The man had a very unusual goal in life: he wanted to find a special ring that gave apothecaries the power to make potions that were stronger than the ones they usually made.

As you probably already know, Frida’s husband had already died when she found this ring.

Frida, on the other hand, would be happy to see her husband’s dream come true. That’s why she sends you on a mission to find this ring.

And, believe it or not, it’s a dream that can come true. You can get the Ring of Pure Mixtures back and keep it so you can make potions that are 12% stronger than usual.

10. Ring of Namira

The Ring of Namira is a very strange and dangerous thing.

It lets you eat the bodies of the sick, which is good for your health.

Not only that, but the ring gives you an extra 50 points of stamina.

Skyrim’s guards think it’s wrong to eat dead people, so don’t do it when they’re around.

Namira is the Daedric Prince of the Dark, so wear this ring with pride to represent the interests of those who roam the plains of Oblivion.

When you wear the Daedric Artifact, you’ll also have a random encounter, but if you’re a werewolf, it might not work right, so be careful.

9. Ring of Bloodlust

Scary thing: The Ring of Bloodlust. It lets werewolves do 50% more damage with every attack, but you take 50% more damage in return.

It’s a kind of “all-in” item that gives up health and resistance in exchange for raw power.

If you’re an Orc, you can also get the most out of this ring by using Berserk. This will remove the debuff of 50% resistance and add 100% more damage to the mix.

Every werewolf in Skyrim should try to get their paws on the Ring of Bloodlust as soon as possible.

8. Ahzidal’s Ring of Necromancy

Look at Ahzidal’s Ring of Necromancy, both Necromancers, and Conjurers.

This powerful piece of goldware makes every undead creature you summon explode in a ball of ice when it takes damage, dealing 50 points of frost damage to any enemies nearby.

When you finish the “Unearthed” quest, you can find this item in the Kolbjorn Barrow. It’s also the best necromancy ring in the game, so I think it’s worth looking for.

7. Ahzidal’s Ring of Arcana

This ring can be found on the same quest and in the same place as Ahzidal’s Ring of Necromancy, but you have to solve a small puzzle in a room full of pressure plates before you can get it.

After you walk into the room, the Ring of Arcana will be waiting for you on a pedestal.

This amazing ring adds the spells Freeze and Ignite to your list of Destruction spells.

You can’t learn these two powerful spells, and you can only use them when the ring is on.

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So, if you’re a mage who wants some destruction and chaos, you should find this.

6. Nightweaver’s Band

You can get Nightweaver’s Band by doing all of the Dark Brotherhood quests.

The small but powerful ring gives you 10 more points in both your Destruction magic skill and your Sneak magic skill.

This makes it perfect for quiet magicians who need to sneak more than anything else.

5. Ring of the Erudite

So you can only get this ring if you finish the Bloodline quest and become a Vampire Lord.

It lets you heal your Magicka faster and gives you 100 more points of Magicka. What an amazing deal!

Without a doubt, this is one of the best magic rings in the game. You don’t have to be in Vampire Lord form for it to work, but you do have to be a Vampire Lord to get it.

4. Ring of the Beast

As with the Ring of the Erudite, a Vampire Lord can only get the Ring of the Beast when the Bloodline quest is done.

This ring is better for unarmed combat than magic, as it adds 20 points of damage to unarmed attacks while in Vampire Form. It also gives you 100 more health points, which is a nice extra.

It’s better for warriors than mages, unlike the Erudite version, but it’s worth a try if you like boosts like this.

3. Ring of the Moon

The Ring of the Moon is one of the best items for werewolves in the game because it makes their howls last 25% longer.

The ring is one of a kind and can’t be melted down or lost its magic.

It’s also one of the most expensive rings in Skyrim, with a base value of over 2,000 gold coins.

You can only get it if you’ve already been turned into a werewolf, and Majni at Frostmoon Crag is the only person who sells it.

Now, it’s important to tell you that this is a very powerful ring, so be careful when you wear it… and hopefully with other rings that help werewolves.

2. Ring of Instinct

The Ring of Instinct makes a werewolf pay attention to everything around it.

If you wear this ring and turn into a Lycan, the world will slow down for 20 seconds while you are at your most focused.

This is a great plan if you’re stuck or just want to get away smartly.

1. Ring of the Hunt

The Ring of the Hunt is the best in the game, and it also costs the most.

If you’ve already been turned into a werewolf, Majni will sell it to you at the Crag for 3500 coins.

When you’re in werewolf form, the Ring of the Hunt makes your health come back. If you limit the damage you take, it can become almost impossible to stop.