25 Best Skyrim Beauty Mods

The appearance of the characters is one aspect of Skyrim that hasn’t aged particularly well.

Sometimes I get the impression that both men and women could seem considerably shallower than they do now, which would make playing Skyrim much more comfortable for the eyes.

In any case, there doesn’t seem to be enough reality. Even the presets you see when you first create your character reflect this.

The game is unexpectedly improved upon from what it already is because of the various mods that enhance character looks and make characters look like genuine people.

I haven’t added any mods that make the game look more pornographically obvious, but I have added one or two that make the characters’ bodies look much better.

Which is fantastic whether you want an attractive husband or a beautiful wife. here are some of the best Skyrim Beauty Mods.

25. The SkySight Skins

Skysight Skins creates men in Skyrim who resemble Norse gods.

It does appear enormous in the game.

This mod’s very high-resolution textures easily match those of its female counterparts, making it easy to see all the complex details of the body.

24. New Closed-faced Helmets

The days of removing your helmet to show your character’s face are long gone.

You wouldn’t want your character’s face to be always hidden if you were going to spend so much time on it, right?

This mod is crucial if you want to retain your character’s appearance while also taking advantage of your helmet’s stat-boosting abilities.

Additionally, since this mod just alters the helmet meshes, all texture replacement mods are compatible with it.

22. Wolfpaint

Choose a modest pattern in light colors like this one, or go wild and colorful.

There are a few nice war paint possibilities in the base version of Skyrim, but having more options can’t hurt, can it?

Wolfpaint is a sizable mod that offers characters of all races a ton of new face paint possibilities.

The designs are arranged into groups that each have their distinct styles. You’re likely to discover some new favorites here if you’re getting sick of the war paint available in Skyrim.

Over 200 fresh face paint overlays, divided into 12 different character-specific categories
Finding the design you want is simple thanks to Racemenu’s in-game search feature.

You can use these face paints on any character since the mod now supports both male and female face shapes.

21. Racemenu

Character creation is improved in practically every manner thanks to this fundamental component of character look mods.

When I’ve tried to play vanilla, Racemenu has always been a need. (SKSE is needed for this modification.)

Redesigned character creation, with practically everything having RGB color pickers, including hair color

Character rotation, camera options, lighting choices, save/load appearances, and the capacity to load or store your character presets

You can instantly modify your character’s appearance by using the console command “showracemenu”20.

20. Extension for CharGen

Due to how fantastic it is, even though this mod has already been discontinued and is now part of a different package, the standalone version still merits a spot on our list (and how good of a tool it also is for modders).

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If you use this mod to get to the character creation menu, you can change characters better than ever before, even if you do it through commands.

19. Excellent Hair for Lore (HD Textures)

The hair in Skyrim just doesn’t look nice, let’s face it.

It would seem like hair is only one texture on its own and that you can’t see each hair when moving about, thus there’s something quite strange about the way textures seem to function.

Every hairdo in the game now looks a lot better thanks to this mod, which also makes Skyrim seem more realistic. After all, taking care of your hair is crucial.

18. Two Freckle Manias

This mod made me realize how gorgeous freckles may be, as well as how much more natural redhead characters appear when such a mod is loaded.

The game’s characters can have overlays of freckles added by the mod, and it works great for those who have freckles all over their bodies.

However, infort to function properly, you must also have the RaceMenu mod loaded, just like the CharGen Extension does.

17. Reautiful Elves

Typically, elves are regarded as the most exquisite beings in most fantasy settings.

Since most elven women are said to be among the most beautiful in the nation, it is virtually inconceivable to conceive that any female elf might be ugly.

Sadly, Skyrim doesn’t seem to support this.

Some elves are simply unattractive, and they don’t really suit the goal of their history.

Fortunately, this mod tries to change that by giving all elves a new look.

When making a new character, you’ll see that Elven ladies have gained ten times more attractiveness. You’ll have enough defaults from this to build the ideal female elf.

16. New KS Hairstyles

Have you ever thought that the default hairstyles in Skyrim are a bit boring?

I agree, which is why I intentionally searched for a mod to fix this problem.

One of the most comprehensive sets of hairstyles you’ll discover on the Nexus, this mod provides over 600 different hairstyles for ladies and a little under 100 for men.

After this mod is installed, there are several options available when making a character.

15. The Beauty’s Eyes

The Eyes of Beauty seeks to address the blandness that is apparent while gazing into a character’s eyes, much to the problem with hairstyles.

The fact that everyone’s eyes are so alike is utterly absurd.

The entire setting of Skyrim seems to be lacking in variation.

Everything looks as wonderful as you can possibly imagine (or even better!) thanks to this update, which introduces a variety of different colors and eye shapes to the game.

14. KJ Tattoo

This mod would make Skyrim feel a hundred times more realistic when combined with a better body mod.

The fact that Nordic warriors only have a few options for face paint when creating their distinctive insignia actually defies logic.

Thanks to the new and altered meshes this patch inserts and modifies in the game files, your character can now have a whole body of tattoos.

13. Hairstyles for Women with Physics

The time when you had to watch your female avatar walk about with what looked like a synthetic wig is over.

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This expands the game’s hairstyle options significantly. All of which may move as your character walks or runs and are fully animated.

The game appears more natural as a result and makes women look much nicer to the eye!

12. HD Seductive Lips

The author of this mod has really worked hard to make the lips of Skyrim’s female characters resemble real female lips.

As you may have already observed, there aren’t many noticeable changes between a woman’s and a man’s lips. maybe a little bit of shape.

This mod completely changes how women’s lips appear, bringing the game much closer to reality and enhancing your immersion with Tamriel’s female characters.

And I assure you that some of them have luscious lips.


I tell you what. With these beauty tweaks, realism isn’t always necessary.

In order to keep things as natural as possible, I’ve avoided some very exaggerated tweaks because I’ve been quite devoted to realism thus far.

It wouldn’t be fair to leave out the Eyes of Aber mod, though.

You’re likely to like something like this because a lot of effort was put into making the eyes as attractive as possible.

It’s a mod that will genuinely offer any character to whom you choose to apply these a distinctive look.

10. Northborn Scars

How cool would it be if some characters had massive scars covering their entire bodies?

It seems like something Bethesda should have taken into consideration while designing Skyrim, as it would make sense for people to be as terrified as they are in a place where everything assaults you.

The Northborn Scars mod, which adds scars to the game, is the finest one because modders have thankfully taken note of this.

This will take the place of every scar that appears in the base game and add a ton of new, more detailed scars that look far nicer than the old ones. Folks, the threat is genuine.

9. Improved vampire eyes and fangs

Nothing is more terrifying than a vampire. At least some people seem to believe that.

However, Skyrim rarely portrays anything like this.

The main reason why vampires in the game don’t appear realistic enough must be their fangs.

They simply appear so unimpressive in the game that it is quite difficult to enjoy yourself.

With this mod, speaking to vampires will cause you to immediately experience intense terror.

Vampires will appear better as a result of their fangs being much more obvious.

8. Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul or WICO.

You’ll notice that things are taking a serious turn now and that mods seem to be getting better and better going forward.

The majority of the characters in the game, including those that come with the DLCs, have undergone a complete revamp thanks to the Windsong Immersive Character Overhaul.

Everything now appears far better than it did in the standard game.

It genuinely lives up to Skyrim’s reputation and renders reality as you’ve never seen it.

One of the most thorough retextures I’ve ever seen is this one.

This mod is just what you need if you prefer things to look generic while still filling in any gaps.

7. Brows

When compared to conventional facial hair, HD facial hair makes everything look much more lifelike, and eyebrows are no different.

People would actually appear far better than they do in the main game if you simply included this fantastic Brows mod while keeping the vanilla body textures.

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If you want to immerse yourself and have the most realistic characters possible, this mod plus the Beards mod are essential.

6. Beards

As was stated in the previous mod, this adds a magnificent range of intricate beards to the game and is a necessity.

particularly if you want respectable masculine characters to be seen roaming.

Because this Beards mod was created by the same guy who created the Brows mod, they are not only compatible on paper but also have a very comparable appearance in the game.

5. Skyrim Glow In The Dark

When it comes to eye mods for Skyrim, this is undoubtedly a popular favorite.

Although the mod is no longer being updated, it remains one of the best eye modifications in the Nexus community and one of the most popular Skyrim beauty mods available online.

With the addition of a variety of glowing eyes, Skyrim Glowing Eyes gives the game more dimension and transforms characters into either terrifying or beautiful silhouettes at night.

4. Character Makeover

You’ll see changes as soon as Total Character Makeover is installed.

The changes made by this mod affect every player in the game, not just your player’s character

. The skin textures for every race have been replaced entirely by this mod, along with a ton of other enhancements.

If you’re serious about having attractive characters in your game, you’ll need this.

3. ApachiiSkyHair

For those who believe that the base game is missing hairstyles, here is another fantastic mod.

Not only does it provide humans access to cool new hairstyles, but also gives Orcs and Elves the option to choose new hairstyles when making a character from those races.

If you’ve played The Sims, The Witcher, or even Oblivion, you could notice that some of these styles look familiar.

The majority of the hairstyles that this mod adds are conversions from those that already existed in other games. Oh, right.

2. Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Edition

Okay, I had to put this one NSFW mod in this article.

Since this is so specific, it would not make sense to ignore it.

Both the male and female characters in the game now have nude textures.

It also adds new sliders that you may easily adjust as you like, making both sorts of bodies entirely customizable.

With this mod, you may design realistic, bespoke bodies that go as far as your heart wishes.

It takes the game to a whole new level, and if you don’t mind some NSFW content thrown in, you should definitely give it a shot.

1. Overhaul of the Ethereal Elf

The most widely used mod to change elves’ appearance is by far Ethereal Elven Overhaul.

Elves play a significant role in Skyrim, and several characters builds advise choosing an elf race to gain stat bonuses.

However, using the default parameters to make a good elf character is difficult. Elves frequently appear overly angry and sharp.

Try trying this mod if you’ve previously let these complaints prevent you from creating elf characters. Follow the installation instructions carefully; the SE link only contains the fixes.

There are new nose and lip possibilities, as well as new head shapes for each elven race and gender (for both your character and the elves across Skyrim).