10 Best Illia Mods for Skyrim

Already, meeting Illia is the best part of finishing Darklight Tower, but with the right mods, everything can be even better.

Illia knows how to protect herself because her mother was a witch who worshipped Hagraven.

In fact, she’s one of the few people with enough experience to stay calm in a catacomb full of Draugr or in front of, well, Hagravens!

Still, it can be scary to travel with Illia. After all, the way she is made is just awful.

All of the following changes improve Illia in some way, whether they fix AI bugs or make her look better.

Let’s look at them.

10. Juniper’s House for Illia

The “House for Illia” mod is a modification created for a video game, likely Skyrim. In the game, after completing Illia’s quest, she expresses a desire to leave the tower she resides in.

However, due to a bug or oversight in the game, she continues to stay there. This mod aims to fix that issue by providing Illia with a new house once her quest is completed.

The mod introduces a dedicated and suitable residence for Illia, giving players a more immersive and realistic experience.

It addresses the inconsistency between Illia’s dialogue and her actual behavior in the game, ensuring that she moves to a new location as intended after the completion of her quest.

9. Pandorable’s Wicked Witches – Illia Selveni

The small visual replacer mod for Illia and Selveni Nethri is a modification created for a video game, most likely Skyrim.

This mod aims to enhance the appearance of two characters named Illia and Selveni Nethri within the game.

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By using this mod, the original visual design of these characters is replaced with new and improved visuals, potentially making them look more realistic, detailed, or aesthetically pleasing.

The mod focuses solely on the visual aspect of the characters and does not affect their abilities, dialogue, or any other gameplay elements.

8. Illia Redone (LE)

Illia has the right dark background to become a fearless hedge mage, but there is something sinister about the way she looks that can’t be denied.

If you want Illia to go on adventures with you but don’t want people to think you’ve turned to the bad side, Illia Redone is the way to go.

With this mod, Illia’s face goes from being pale and horrifying to looking young and healthy, with only a scar from a Hagraven’s claws to remind her of her dark past.

It also changes her usual Black Mage Robes into Apprentice Robes of Restoration to show that she is now looking at life in a more positive way.

7. GLAM Illia

You don’t have to change the color of Illia’s face or take off her heavy eyeshadow to change how you see her.

She needs to go to the hairdresser for a short time… a plastic surgeon, maybe.

GLAM Illia gives this frost mage an extreme Glam Girl makeover. With just a few clicks, she goes from being “scary and creepy” to “sexy and mysterious.”

Growing up in a Hagraven cult has left her with faint lines that look like snakeskin under her eyes. Even though the character’s looks change, her background stays the same.

6. Chao’s Improved Illia (LE)

Try Chao’s Improved Illia for a change that is much more subtle.

This mod helps Illia get rid of her old self by making her wash off her makeup and spend time in the sun to get her color back.

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Like many other makeovers of Illia, this one keeps the scar under her left eye to show what she has been through.

You’ll also notice that it fixes some AI bugs in the original Illia, makes her able to get married, and gives her some new perks, like changing Ice Storm to Icy Spear.

5. A House for Illia

After killing Illia’s diabolical mother and finishing her quest, she’ll mention that she intends to “leave everything from this cursed place behind.”

And yet, whenever she’s not following you, she keeps hanging around Darklight Tower for the remainder of the game.

Juniper’s A House for Illia fixes this small narrative oversight by placing a modest cottage around the mid-point between Darklight Tower and Snow-Shod Farm.

Now, she’ll live there comfortably whenever you don’t need her. You might also bump into her shopping at Riften from time to time.

4. Juliada – High-Poly Illia Replacer

A person who is being trained to become a Hagraven wouldn’t know anything about how to look good.

But who cares if things are real?

Juliada is a custom Breton Necromancer servant who can also take the place of either Serana or Illia if they have a high poly count. It will make the ugly damage mage look like Resident Evil 4’s Ada Wong.

She comes in two different forms, one with BD’s Vampire Royal Armor and the other with DX’s Necromancer Armor. The second one is perfect for Illia.

3. Illia the Frost Witch – Unique NPC Overhaul

Once her blood ties to the Hagraven group are broken, Illia will be able to do what she loves most: frost magic.

Illia the Frost Witch looks like she can fight as well as she can. She looks like a practitioner of the cold dark arts who is a little off her rocker, which fits her character exactly.

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This mod works on its own, so you don’t need any other mods to make Illia look the way it was meant to, other than your chosen body type mods like UNP or BHUNP.

The mod also boosts her magic, which lets her quickly call Frost Atronachs and makes her a much better follower in general.

2. Gothic Illia (LE)

Even though Gothic Illia isn’t the most high-poly replacement for the Darklight witch, it fits the character’s style in vanilla Skyrim the best.

This mod makes Illia the best version of herself by changing the shape of her face and giving her help with her makeup.

She’s still pale and wears a lot of lipstick, but it looks like she used a mirror this time when she put on her makeup and did her hair.

Now, she’s a goth icon like Elvira, Mistress of the Night or Morticia Addams.

1. Faithful Companions – Illia

If Gothic Illia is the best way to change Illia’s look in Legendary Edition, then Faithful Companions is the best way to change Illia’s look in Special Edition.

This mod totally changes Illia by giving her a face that makes her look exotic.

She reminds me of Sibel Kekilli, who played Shae on HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Even though this new look doesn’t look much like the old Illia, it’s perfect for someone who lives in a Hagraven group and is cut off from the outside world.

She might have been taken from a foreign ship as a child, or she might have been made that way because she was with Daedra. No matter what, this Illia is much prettier and more interesting than the first one.